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  1. I prefer newer ships. However, if the itinerary is good (a port or two that I haven’t visited yet) I am willing sail on an older ship.
  2. This is what I fear and why I’ve never sent laundry out. I’m glad they fixed it. 🙂
  3. On my December 2023 Jade sailing, when the servers came around they informed us of how the meat was cooked, and we were told that other servers would be circulating with meat cooked to our preference.
  4. It seems like every other month or so my password stops working and I have to change it. It’s quite annoying.
  5. I have a cruise booked for May 2025 that stops at GSC. Looks like I’ll need to book another to see the improvements.
  6. Thank you once again for the most entertaining Live Cruise review ever. I cannot wait until the next one.
  7. I am looking forward to following your cruise. I love cruising out of Tampa.
  8. I was just thinking, wow, Port Canaveral sure has changed since I last sailed from there. 😂
  9. I will most definitely follow your Greek Isles adventure. I want to do one.
  10. They recommended the buffet but we headed to the MDR and were seated immediately.
  11. I like her name. And your first post did not disappoint Dupable. 😂
  12. Nassau is replacing Labadee on the May 4th Symphony sailing.
  13. Symphony of the Seas May 4th sailing, Labadee has been replaced by Nassau 😕. I just received the notification this afternoon.
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