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  1. OP, in any of your main dining room menus do you have lobster any nights that isn't an upcharge? We board next week and only see it as an upcharge 😕
  2. As per a vlog that I regularly watch (from a member of the staff on SOTS), the staff stayed on the ship for the dry dock, and worked semi-regular days in other positions that pertained to being in dry dock (like ensuring safety etc with the contractors). Certain people also brushed up on skills and re-certified for specific things where they could.
  3. Our first two cruises we rarely used the balcony. For us continuing to book balcony cabins wasn't going to be worth it. We spend very minimal time in the cabin, especially in the mornings and the afternoons and in the evening sitting out there starring out into total darkness is kinda creepy. Our next two cruises we have opted for an interior balcony for one and an interior promenade view for another. We always have a nightlight with us, no matter what kind of cabin we're in.
  4. For what age does the US require that children have to be vaccinated to enter? Does anyone know of have experience with kids flying. My child is 4 BTW.
  5. Wasn't sure if to ask this here or in the RC board - but, can we use our Starbucks App, loaded with CAD on Royal ships for Starbucks? Specifically SOTS? Does anyone know if this works?
  6. For our cruise in April 2023 we had originally decided on MTD, but since we have a little one (3 years old), we decided to switch to traditional. The 1st seating on our cruise is 6:30, a little later than his usual dining time, but at least with traditional we know for sure we are guaranteed to be eating at the same time every night. We didn't want to risk MTD and having to wait too long for a table, in case that would happen on our cruise.
  7. Wondering the same thing. Anyone know? Also, where does the shuttle go (or did it used to go, if its no longer an option)?
  8. Anyone have any recent knowledge about how much games are these days? Does $2.50 still seem accurate? We'll be on SOTS in April, and I do realize the arcade is small, but for an almost 4 year old, he will LOVE it, especially skee-ball and air hockey (two of his favourites). We're from Canada and right now the credits are $109.23 for $100, which isn't great, but not horrible either.
  9. Seems like I may have to call them. Seems silly, and unfair, that it isn't an available option for us non US residents
  10. There is no such option in my planner for Chops +1 We're sailing on Symphony in April 2023 - Med Cruise. Done!
  11. Reservations recently became available to book for Hooked for our upcoming cruise and lunch is showing at $65 and dinner at $30 (these are in CAD), is that correct?
  12. We were on a cruise during the last World Cup and would watch matches at our table during dinner. We were the most popular table in our area every night 😉
  13. Hello fellow Canucks, Has anyone ever purchased gift cards for Royal Caribbean? The information I'm finding on line seems a little all over the place before I call to inquire I wanted to check here first. Can the gift cards be purchased using a CAD credit card or debit card? Can they be used as OBC (to be pre-loaded to account before sailing)? I wanted to gift some to a friend going on a cruise, but won't do so if: 1. I can't buy them and 2. She won't be able to use them as OBC. Any advice/experience would be most helpful.
  14. Have you had Covid? I've read and spoken to people who say their taste buds take forever (if at all) to return to normal.
  15. Thank you everyone! This is a big help and our little guy definitely will be able to eat pizza and chicken fingers the whole week 😐
  16. We currently use the Joovy Kooper at home which we find lightweight (I can carry it with one hand), very easy to use and when folded is pretty small (can stand upright and narrow-ish when folded) It doesn't have the "chunkiest" wheels, but we're confident it will be fine for Europe. It reclines, has a decent size shade, and a snack tray. Don't really want to have to buy something else for 10 days overseas.
  17. Hello, Just wondering if anyone has a pic (from any sailing, any ship) of a kids menu from a MDR. Our little one is very particular, and just trying to think ahead about how to plan our our meals so everyone is happy. TIA
  18. We stayed at Hotel Delle Nazioni last time we were in Rome (5 nights) and we really liked it. The breakfast buffet was good enough to carry us through to lunches and the hotel is located right around the corner from the Trevi Fountain and within walking distance to many of the "must-see sights" Also ... cars can drive up to this hotel and drop you off right at the door.
  19. Are people carrying on other beverages besides the permitted wine? Like rum and vodka? Find it strange they would be so adamant about not brining liquor on board and then sell it right before you board.
  20. We stayed there a couple years pre-pandemic and thought it was great. Nothing fancy, but clean and the staff were friendly and helpful. For our cruise early next year out of Barcelona we opted to stay a bit further from the port and booked El Avendia Palace, which is closer to more of the sights we want to see this time around.
  21. We will be cruising early next year with our 3 year old for the first time and as a practice run (since we've never travelled with him) we just did an All-Inclusive to Punta Cana. My suggestions for flying: 1. Pack enough entertainment for the plane. We took a kaleidoscope, an old digital camera we don't use anymore, mess free markers and colouring books, fidget toys that he had never seen before and of course a tablet loaded with shows he loves (if you little one is a tablet user and has never used headphones, I would recommend getting them used to a pair) 2. Make sure to take a pillow or something soft for your little one to rest their head. We we lucky that our flight was during nap time, so he was out for almost half the flight. 3. Layers of clothing. Planes can be really cold. 4. Snacks - we took applesauce pouches, dry cereal, mini cookies, granola, quinoa crackers 5. Lollipops to help with cabin pressure (we're lucky he didn't feel anything, neither did we actually - there and back) If you've got any beach days planned: 1. A collapsible pail is great. Saves you so much space in your luggage. 2. Puddle jumpers for the water are great, but also a pain to pack. We got a Speedo Child's Vest (available on Amazon) that was much easier to pack because it was flatter Sorry I can't offer any suggestions for being on a ship, but would love to hear about your experience on the ship with a little one if you're down for sharing. Have a great time!
  22. Yeah, I realize that - but a change of scenery would be nice now and again. I think my son, especially, will be in the arcade a lot.
  23. We've heard a few people say similar. Which is why for our upcoming cruise we've been buying RCCL Gift Cards (on days when we like the exchange rate - which is rare) and we will load them to our account as onboard credit 10 business days before sailing (as their website mentions). We don't have a USD CC or account, so this way we already know how much we've spent and will have no surprises.
  24. Thanks everyone! Would it be ok, to have a non alcoholic cocktail from elsewhere and bring it in with me while the kids play?
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