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  1. Hello! Because we do get wifi, and I love live from threads, I'm going to do another one. So far, 100% on X, although I've yet to stay live, I have always finished. So here goes another one. Tomorrow (Wednesday) at oh dark thirty, we are heading to Houston with a 9 hour layover and then onto Buenos Aires. First, a bit about me. I'm a very experienced Princess cruiser, who tried Celebrity for the first time in 2017. My first Celebrity cruise was an Eastern Caribbean with my sister, followed a month later with an eastern Med on the Reflection with my husband, who will henceforth be known as Glen, because that's his name. In July of 18, my sister and I did Western Caribbean. So this is my fourth X cruise, and first time on the Eclipse. We booked this while on the Reflection. We'd done the Antarctica drive by in 2010 on the Star Princess, and loved it, so we thought it would be fun to do again. So we booked on board. About a year earlier, we'd interested some friends in cruising, and had done a coastal cruise with them earlier that year. We thought it would be fun to have company so we convinced them to join us. They will be known as Mike & Kathy (and if they want they can add their thoughts here too, since they are both members of Cruise Critic). So the plan was that we would go to an airport hotel tonight, Tuesday, because nobody was willing to drive us up here (we live about 25 miles south) at 4:00 am. So here we are in our room, getting ready for what will amount to a power nap before our 4 am wake up call. We're a little concerned about TSA times, but so far things seem OK. Mike & Kathy are flying non stop from LAX to EZE, and we will meet them in the hotel there. We're in Business class, and I was hoping to see the new Polaris Lounge in SFO but apparently not this time, as we board 5 minutes after they open. We will see the new one Houston tomorrow. More tomorrow, when I have lots of time.
  2. I'm in the same situation next year, and this brings up a question. My sister also has the premium drink package. So wouldn't the card load become a non issue, ie if she has the package can't she drink as much as she wants (which is probably one drink, but there you go)?
  3. I've bought iphone cables (though they carry Belkin only) and a mouse. Planning to buy another mouse next week (technically week after) so I can keep one in my backpack, as I left it on the couch last month. Hopefully, they'll have some. They did on the Equinox.
  4. I've been getting that intermittently since yesterday. My first thought was "did CC forget to pay their licensing fee for 2019".
  5. Actually, it's there, but not obvious. If you click the dot next to the title of the thread (in the thread list) it will take you to your last unread. The old one never worked for me - it always just took me to the most recent post and I had to scroll back to figure out where my reading had stopped, much like you do now. The dot seems to work well.
  6. I seem to remember that because they knew the website was flawed that they'd hold it regardless of how many signed up before.
  7. I've been on a lot of roll calls, mostly Princess. I've noticed that often very short cruises have a quiet roll call, as do Alaska cruises. That said, in recent memory I've had an exception in both cases. I also think the new format hasn't helped. I manage a google doc for one of my roll calls, and so many people, when joining, mention how difficult it is to post in the roll call now.
  8. I'm on in 3 weeks for my first Eclipse cruise. I really have enjoyed the Equinox and Reflection, so I'm excited for the Eclipse. Thanks for this!
  9. Watch prices after final payment. Last year, we were able to move from a concierge to an S2 for 525.00 total, and that included buying back the Go Best. For about 100 we could have foregone the perks.
  10. I was on the Reflection cruise that Rick showed - he seemed to be having a good time (in fact in the scene where he's at the Full Moon Party the guy he's high-fiving is DH, and you can briefly see me). I thought the cruise tips were on the whole pretty balanced, but I do think it's clear in his books etc that land is his thing. I recently heard him speak and he did indicate he regrets writing up Cinque Terre, since his books made it too popular. And finally, I've been to a few restaurants in Paris he recommended and they were good and not overrun by tourists. And we used his Berlin book to score a great tour of the Riechtag.
  11. My nieces are GF (Celiac) and I cruise with my sister. As I recall they usually have macaroons or something like that.
  12. I've sailed in both Concierge and Sky suites, and I think I suite can be worth it depending on price, of course. We really enjoyed Michael's Club, and the dining experience in Luminae was great. Because of the location of Luminae, you can order off both it and the main dining menu. (Although I don't know if that will change with the Edgeification). On my first SS cruises, we didn't take advantage of the butler much, but we did on my second. It was nice to have him. Hope this was at least slightly useful.
  13. Bumping this. Since the big move, I've occasionally had to log in explicitly. Prior to a few days ago, when I clicked through on an email notification, it would take a few seconds to log me in, but I didn't have to do anything. Lately, I've had click the login button to post in a subscribed thread, and I'm now getting "not authorized" (or whatever it says) when I click through on my roll calls. This happened never before the big change, and occasionally after, now pretty much most of the time. Before it was mildly annoying. Now it's getting really annoying. Anyone else?
  14. There are still refundable deposits available on most cruises. Some sales, for example the one last week, only had non refundable, but other that there are refundable.
  15. Thanks for this. We were on one of the preview cruises in an IV and to me it was more like an ocean view with window that opens. We did like the ship, though, and would book it again, although in a room with a real balcony, probably a Sky Suite. The food was great.
  16. Thanks for the info!!!!! We're just about a month out!
  17. Nope. Reflection, Milly, Equinox and now Edge. I emailed their feedback team a while ago suggesting that instead of just making changes to the ships the have, add the other ships. Their response was to thank me, and tell me I'd be happy with what was coming. So far, no - we're on the Eclipse in just over a month and it's still grayed out as "not yet available". I'm not optimistic.
  18. Thanks for the great review from BA. I have a couple of questions. First, which tango show did you go to? Second, tell me how the Star Alliance lounge was not as good as a United Club. I think we'll be there for several hours. And we're flying back to Newark and on to San Francisco. At least if there's a delay there are lots of flights.
  19. We were on it last month. We thought the food was great, and would love the menu but don't need to see the show a second time. And there lies, I think, the problem with LPC for many.
  20. Actually, I think most Q'sines have gone to LPC. We're on the Eclipse next month and our cruise planner only offers LPC. Too bad, I did Q'sine once and wanted to go back a couple of times on our next cruise. The Eclipse is not scheduled for it's Revolution anytime soon.
  21. Generally correct. However I believe they can get waivers in the event of a mechanical problem. Case in point - Grand Princess in 2016 was coming from Hawaii back to San Francisco via Ensenada. A day out they noticed a tender door was broken, so they hightailed it back to Honolulu and flew all the passengers home.
  22. The regular menu is the one that doesn't say alternate (ie, salad, ravioli, steak and dessert. The show is the projection onto the table, which is where they show those dishes being made. The one labeled alternate menu are dishes that can be substituted for the regular ones but the projection will still match the regular ones. I did see people having both the salad and the onion soup BTW.
  23. Yup. We stuck with the "regular" menu (which is what the show is). The ravioli was outstanding. We thought the steak was the weakest course, but ours was overcooked, so maybe that's why.
  24. Same here, we're on Eclipse next month and were hoping they'd stick with what was supposed to be the plan - Q'sine most nights, LPC a few. Sadly, it appears to be LPC all the time. That said, since most (not all but most) seem to think it's worth doing at most once, maybe Q'sine will come back eventually.
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