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  1. We were there in September 2017. We arranged an all day tour with a private guide, and saw all of the main island. I highly recommend that. Others on our cruise enjoyed going to the Blue Grotto, but that's a couple of hours at most, including transportation I think.
  2. Just FYI - Esquina Carlos Gardel website now says "This site is unavailable due to unpaid bills. I guess it really is gone. Apparently the police showed up at the end of October and took the furniture.
  3. We did this kind of cruise in 2010 on Princess, and felt we got a great experience. So good that we're doing it again in January.
  4. The show was actually based on at least two different cruises. The Reflection cruise was the first week of September 2017, and was RT Rome, eastern Med. Didn't go to Barcelona or France, so I know that was a different cruise. How do I know this? Remember the scene of the Full Moon party? That was on the Reflection and the people dancing with Rick was us and friends. DH was the only guy, so that's why Rick is high-fiving him. You can briefly see me in it. We're spending Thanksgiving with family, and it's downloaded to my laptop so everyone can watch it. BTW, I thought the show was very balanced and fair. And fun.
  5. One night we went to the Show (Magic to do) at 8. It runs about 50 minutes, so we arrived at CC dining at around 9 - and yeah, we also were the last to leave - in the entire dining room. The staff was mostly gone by the time we were eating, but our waiter, assistant waiter an the headwaiter were there throughout, and gracious.
  6. It turned out that my email provider that I use for the address her was down last night, so I think that was the problem. Overnight, all my missing notifications arrived. My apologies.
  7. That's not necessarily true. We've been in Club Class a few times and when our friends weren't with us, we enjoyed talking with our neighbors. Please don't assume that you know what everyone on a two top wants. While we always ask to share, sometimes that's not possible, either because all the 4+ tables are taken, or it's pretty late and we're the last in. So, YMMV.
  8. I think mine are off again. My last notification was early this afternoon. I guess I'll look at my list until Monday when hopefully they'll fix it ..... again.
  9. Learn something new every day. I think I once read that it was a Scottish derivative of Ian when Star Wars Episode 1 came, propelling Ewan McGregor to stardom. (Bit of trivia - his uncle played Wedge Antilles in the original trilogy and Ewan spent his childhood playing mock lightsaber battles. How cool is it that he got to do for as real as it gets.)
  10. We were told that keeping the same table was on a best effort basis. On our spring cruise on the Emerald we had a favorite table. Because most of club class ate early, and we usually showed up around 7:15 and it usually had just become available.
  11. Not sure why it's double quoting but there are some usually that aren't in the set against the wall, so not as close. I've also heard it depends on the number of groups in club class, ie if you are traveling with friends or family and have marked your reservations, that will affect how they set it up for your cruise.
  12. I think what they meant in that particular email was to make reservations for DOTE in a specialty restaurant as soon as you can and cancel if you don't want it.
  13. I've been in Sky Suites twice, and got the Premium package. By the way, from an earlier reply and based on the original post, it looks like QS is now Le Petit Chef. Not sure if the original Qsine menu is ever served anymore.
  14. I asked the Concierge on the Equinox once. She said that it varied. Sometimes it's just suites, sometimes status, etc.
  15. would also not work if the ship was a one way from Vancouver to Seward or Whittier. Only works if it's a roundtrip Vancouver.
  16. We've been in Club class a few times, usually with friends, so we'd have a 4 top. We did one by ourselves, but ended up eating dinner with friends from a previous cruise. They never ate lunch when we did, though, so we would usually share. It was a 12 day cruise, so we at with the same people a few times. This was the Emerald. I think it depends on the ship and probably on the head waiter.
  17. As Pam and others have said, it's not just a foreign port - it's a distant foreign port. In the Vancouver example, it would be legal if it was a RT Vancouver, but if the ship went to Alaska, then it wouldn't. And, no, they can't just "let you pay the fine" as mentioned above. We almost missed a ship in Miami last summer because our midday flight the day before got cancelled - and standby in summer is very difficult. The first stop was Key West, and we would have been happy to pay if they'd let us board there. Fortunately, we did find our way there, so we'll never know if that would be a valid reason to be able to board on day 2 of the cruise instead of day 4. Do come back and let us know what Norwegian says, and good luck!
  18. Enjoying your blog, but would you mind letting us know where you are each day? I couldn't guess from your pictures. Thanks.
  19. I don't think our roll call was migrated (I can't find it) so I'll post this here - our cruise was on Rick Steves' Europe this week. We were actually on the show, dancing at the full moon party.
  20. This is a big one, but if you have a chance, can you take and post, a picture of the back of the TV? We're interested in the cabling to the wall, as we want to watch DVDs on our cruise. If not, no biggie. Thanks.
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