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  1. Looks like a nice ship but the size and amount of passengers turn me off a bit. Prices for the Mediterranean in 2023 seem a bit high for what we typically look at (Balcony, Aurea Package with a tub in the bathroom if possible). I imagine that we'll be on the Seaview or Seashore before we sail on the World Europa.
  2. Pretty much this. I've not sailed with Costa yet but I'm quite ready to give them a try just for the experience. There's a couple of things that give me pause, mostly the worry of being nickel and dimed, but if the cruise appears to be good value for money and the itinerary is right then I think you should give Costa a try.
  3. Probably to satisfy the US officials and organizations which likely have different standards than the European nations.
  4. Curious, what don't you like about the Meraviglia for the Caribbean? We were on her in 2019 for a NYC - Miami repositioning cruise through the Caribbean and she was fantastic. We're booked on her again this fall in the Caribbean and are very much looking forward to being aboard her.
  5. Emailed Monday night, got a reply on Wednesday saying that my email was being forwarded to the right department and got another email today with a booking pdf but no other text. Logged into the MSC website and my booking is back to normal. Not sure who they forwarded my email to since I know I already sent it to the right place the first time. No additional discount was applied so I don't know why we had to go through this in the first place. No harm, no foul, just a waste of several emails.
  6. Okay, I'll bite the bullet and ask... is it a slide? If so, is it a water slide or conventional slide to get you from a higher deck to the "lobby?" As an immature man I'm sort of down for both honestly.
  7. Yeah, that entire situation appears to suck. Early last year when we booked out upcoming sailing it was on the Divina from NYC to Miami. We never got an email telling us our sailing had changed, I just logged in after I heard that MSC had cancelled all future NYC sailings and found out that we were rebooked on a B2B Miami to Miami trip. We were sort of irritated about not being notified but I'm also aware that 2020 was absolute chaos for the entire industry. We were also happy to see that our travel dates didn't change and our balcony room on the Meravigilia had a hot tub (which the Divina's did not). The itinerary isn't very good in my opinion but after twenty-four months of between cruises I'll be happy to sail just about anywhere at this point.
  8. My wife called to make a small cruise payment today. The phone rep mentioned that we were missing our Voyager's Club discount, 5% I think, and wanted to make sure we were getting the correct discounted price. The CSR's best intentions have caused a lot more problems lol. As far as I can tell no new discount has been applied. Honestly I think MSC had already applied the VC discount when we booked this cruise last year. Not only is there no new discount on our cruise, the $780 FCC that was previously applied was removed today and could not be reapplied by the CSR. The CSR was apologetic to my wife and said we'd have to email the Existing Reservation Department to have our FCC reapplied. Tonight I emailed MSC's Existing Reservation Department about the VC discount and our FCC to see if they can correctly apply them both and provide us with an up-to-date balance due. The road to hell is paved with good intentions lol.
  9. Found under the "On Board" tab after you click "Dining & Drinks," then click on "Drink Packages." Prices based on the ship and length of voyage.
  10. I imagine the Canadian cruises will be back as the Covid restrictions continue to lift. I’d also like MSC to go back to sailing further south in the Caribbean. Too many of their current sailings revolve around Ocean Cay.
  11. I honestly thought about bringing a few small empty bottles with us on our next voyage to take a little bit back with us. Not a lot, just enough to "relive" the trip occasionally.
  12. “MED by MSC” perhaps?
  13. The MDR hostesses will also work hard to make sure you're seated with people that you're wanting to dine with.
  14. Agreed, I imagine we can easily dine at Hola! for less than $120. That would mean it would make more sense to go with the Tryptic Dining Package and just pay for Hola! separately. I almost feel like the price MSC is quoting for the Finest Four package is a mistake because I can't figure out what's causing that large of a price difference between the two packages.
  15. We didn't dine at Hola! on the Meraviglia back in 2019; we ran out of time despite it being a fourteen night voyage. We did see them offering lunch specials at Hola! but between the MDR, the buffet and eating off the ship when docked we didn't make it in at lunch either. We're booked again on the Meraviglia in October for fourteen nights again and we're trying to decide between purchasing the Tryptic or The Finest Four Dining Packages. During our 2019 Meraviglia trip we purchased the Tryptic and dined at Butcher's Cut, Ocean Cay and took in one of the Cirque du Soleil dinner shows. The Tryptic doesn't seem to offer that exact lineup anymore and now only offers Butcher's Cut, Ocean Cay and Kaito Sushi Bar for $77 (£54) per person. The other package currently offered is the The Finest Four which includes Hola! Tapas Bar in addition to the other three but for $138 (£97.50) per person, an increase of $61 (£43) per person. Is Hola! Tapas Bar worth an additional $122 (£86) per couple for The Finest Four or would it be better to simply buy the Tryptic and visit Hola! Tapas Bar separately at lunch or dinner?
  16. My parents use a TA for most of their cruises and has essentially scared my parents off from booking with MSC despite my wife and I having two very nice cruises on the Divina (2017) and Meraviglia (2019). I don't thin their TA has actually travelled with MSC, I think word of mouth has put her off from recommending MSC to her clients. Why even bother going at this point? Maybe I'm reading too much into your statement but it sounds like you're going just to confirm your already negative thoughts about MSC.
  17. Dealing with MSC customer service is always an adventure. I just called to tonight to make a small payment over the phone since their website still won't allow you to make payments that are not for the full remaining balance. Placed my call at 7:53pm ET and received a message stating that their office was closed and that their weekday hours were 8am to 9pm ET. I guess they closed early tonight or haven't updated their message to reflect new hours of operations. Thank goodness I enjoy the onboard experience so much because I'd much rather deal with Carnival or NCL's website.
  18. MOBILITY, MEDICAL AND DIETARY REQUIREMENTS Children with Special Needs Children with special needs have normal access to all on-board services and facilities. Although the entertainment staff do not offer a childcare service, they are trained to provide a wide range of entertainment aimed specifically at children. All children, including those with special needs, are assigned to a certain entertainment area depending on their age. If necessary, children or young people with special needs can be placed with a lower age group (with the agreement of their parents), or they can take part in specific activities, together with their parents if required.
  19. My statement was semi-jestful. Many Americans enjoy the cuisines of the "melting pot" of cultures but there are also many myopic Americans that would rather eat dirt than go to a Chinese, Indian or Mexican restaurant. I don't expect that kind of American to be an international traveler/cruiser but I've witnessed firsthand the abhorrent behavior of some American travelers and it's embarrassed me to the point of apologizing on behalf of people I've never met. I know that every country has jerks, that's not exclusive to America. I think Americans do have a well deserved reputation of being difficult travelers because they view many other countries and cultures as inferior and their residents as expendable commodities. By the way, I worked in a service industry for over a decade starting at age of sixteen. The last several years of which included traveling coast-to-coast forty-eight weeks a year essentially living in hotels, restaurants and airports.
  20. I don't speak much German but we've considered booking a TUI Cruise just to immerse ourselves. One of the things we enjoyed the most about cruising on the Divina in 2017 was how we barely heard anyone speaking English around us despite sailing in the Caribbean. We've also looked into Costa; the penny pinching is what turns me off with them, not how Italian they are versus MSC. We've enjoyed our Carnival cruises but I also refer to Carnival as "Walmart of the Seas." We know what we're getting with Carnival and overall it's fine but we want a little less "Guy Fieri" in our lives while on vacation, not more. Also, Carnival cruisers seems to buy their beer (Bud Light, etc) by the bucket a little too much for my enjoyment. HP Sauce is pretty exotic to most Americans lol. My wife and I try really hard to dispel the "ugly American" traveler stereotype. There's nothing worse than seeing an American act like a spoiled brat. I can't stand it when we see someone talking down to a crew member or someone from another country with the "In the US..." garbage. Being a humble guest isn't in some people's wheelhouse unfortunately, it's like they want to miserable while vacationing.
  21. Tried upgrading with NCL twice, never got an upgrade but we still enjoyed our cabin. With our upcoming MSC cruise on the Meraviglia we have one of the "suites" with the whirlpool on the balcony so I doubt I'd take any upgrade unless we were able to get that same style of cabin with the walk-in closet which our current cabin doesn't have. Perhaps an upgrade to YC would tempt us but we'd probably be in a smaller cabin but with better amenities.
  22. I get this sentiment to a certain degree but as an American I prefer MSC due to how different they are from a typical American cruise line. I wouldn't want to take an English (UK) cruise line and then have them to "Americanize" their service, nor would I want that if I sailed on a Spanish, Greek, or German cruise line. I was actually somewhat disappointed a few years back when MSC added their Martha Stewart enhancements to their Caribbean sailings since that's exactly the kind of thing I wanted to avoid by sailing with MSC in the first place.
  23. Yet so many people that barely passed basic high school level science classes don't trust medical advise from actual doctors. The statement above and then three minutes later the statement below lol... Yeah, people definitely shouldn't be held accountable for the things they say... what kind of crazy world do you think we live in? Freedom of speech isn't freedom from consequences. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.
  24. I was referring to Covid-19 being called a SARS variant that wasn't a new disease. Hence the new vaccines that have been developed to combat Covid-19. I didn't say that the current Covid-19 vaccines were not being effective against any Covid-19 variants.
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