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  1. 1) Your bar tab covers all beverages with a charge. I created a cheat sheet so I could estimate out needs based on length of voyage. (see below) 2) VV has been doing a bunch of specials, the menus are fine for standard fare but there may be specials available. 3) Make reservations for those you know you want to go to. For those nights you can't make a reservation, or already reserved a place the max number of times, do a walk up. You can generally get a seat that way. Unless you're a large party. 4) Spa passes are one-day only 5) congratulations! You'll get the Deep Blue Extras, early boarding (right after rockstars), an extra $100 on your bar tab, a daily credit at Grounds Club (yum), premium WiFi, special cocktail event, a complimentary bag of laundry and two pressed items. 6) with DBE you'll be able to board around 1:50 - yay!
  2. Virgin Voyages is a startup, starups typically seek additional funding during the first 5 - 7 years to give themselves time to demonstrate to funders they are viable. This is normal. My upcoming sailing, transatlantic appears to be sold out - no cabins have been offered for a few weeks now. As much as I loved sailing less than half full, I'm delighted that more and more sailings are sold out.
  3. the pricing is actually quite good considering all the hidden fees on other cruise lines: gratuities, drinks packages that only cover some weird set of beverages, room service, water, wifi, fitness classes, etc
  4. $3400 for a solo insider? That might be a glitch, I'm seeing all the 8 day voyages at roughly $1600.
  5. Congratulations! For UK residents there are also a bunch of 4-day voyages (which might be folks joining mid voyage or leaving early, not sure) if you want to take advantage of those. Also, for a foodie, they just announced November 2023 will also be a special month with select menus and pairings. I did that last November, it was fantastic.
  6. The water on board is excellent. Your cabin attendants will provide fresh water daily, or more frequently if you'd like, and you can have either still or sparkling or both. Provided in glass carafes which you can put in the fridge if you'd prefer cold. Bring your own water bottle and refill on board.
  7. I believe there is a work around. Go to Messenger, select contacts, open the profile of any one of the names linked to your cabin, turn off "Allow to see what I'm attending." This *should* ensure no one accidentally alters your plans. However, in the way of silly VV software design and function, if you turn off Allow to See for one of your contacts - none of them can see. Another workaround would be to "Remove Contact" from your list but I don't know if that impacts the sail with friends sailor loot you might receive.
  8. I've heard the charcuterie boxes go pretty fast in the morning. I picked one up after breakfast one day and popped it in the fridge for later that day. I found myself in the app a lot to see what was open at the time, got me to explore places I'd never been.
  9. What did you pack to manage three weeks around the world? were you cruising or flying or both? I took a carryon for a 10 day voyage and found myself shy of clothing options, had exactly two pair of shoes, and it was still heavy and annoying.
  10. In November we're sailing as Mega Rockstars, all premium bevvies are comped (up to $25/glass and 2 bottles of wine/champagne up to $90) plus we have an unlimited in cabin bar set up. I'm thinking we'll use our $300 BT to get Dom ($65/glass, gf has been interested in trying) and maybe flights of high end alcohols we wouldn't ordinarily try which might be above our $25 threshold. Cocktails run from $10 - $17 and wine from $7 - $29, as far as I can tell from the bar menus.
  11. November 2022 - each cabin receives a $300 Bar Tab! I'm sailing in November, as a mega so we're plotting how to use all the excess BT. Thinking flights of top shelf varieties - who knows, we may find new favorites.
  12. Virgin Voyages has extended the benefit of no single supplement for solo travelers and narrowed voyage timeframe to end November 2023. There's also a $100 bonus sailor loot. Some great deals. Yes, I booked!
  13. @WheresWalter thank you for the wonderful SL videos - those food reviews, yum. I'm on SL in October with family and on VL in November with a gf - I do hope it's not the case that the food quality is different. I adored SL when I sailed last year and very excited about upcoming adventures. @Don Kehote I do hope you enjoyed your adventure!
  14. Well, Don, I'm dying to know! Have you survived? Did you enjoy your VV adventure at sea? Are you already booked for your next voyage?
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