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  1. OP here. Just back from the Oosterdam last week. I just wanted to close the loop and give a brief report. The short answer is that I did enjoy the Oosterdam and we had a very nice cruise. However, HAL did disappoint in a few ways and there's definitely room for improvement. I do think I am rather picky about certain things, so my comments will definitely not apply to many cruisers. Full review here: https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=648487&et_cid=3167165&et_rid=17310569&et_referrer=NULL Thanks to all who provided insights, we were happy with our choice and would definitely consider HAL again.
  2. Thank you all for the additional comments, it's great to hear so many positives. Seems like it's forever until we cruise!
  3. I would suggest Princess. Celebrity is historically my favorite but the itineraries and prices often aren't the best and I've also tried Carnival, Royal, Norwegian and Princess, with only Princess being in the same league to me. Checking out HAL next, and I'd like to check out Oceania some day as well.
  4. I too cruise Celebrity as my first choice. But I’ve noticed some pricing trending upward relative to the competition and was horrified when I recently looked into The Edge. So when I saw the plans to upgrade the ships fleet-wide I was like, well either they do this right and move upscale and I just accept they are worth (even more of) a premium, or they do this wrong and make me look for another go-to line. I feel like preliminary indications are that they are getting it wrong (except for the expanded beer list!), but I’m sure I’ll get around to seeing for myself anyway.
  5. Just got the Celebrity Revolution brochure, and I have to say I am hugely turned off. Between the thoroughly uninspired, anonymous decor in the concept photos, the emphasis on the suite guest only Retreat Lounge and Retreat Sundeck, and the already stratospheric prices of The Edge that I expect the rest of the fleet to similarly trend toward, I just don’t see much to look forward to on Celebrity. Hope I’m wrong...
  6. Hi, OP here. Thanks for all your replies. Just wanted to say I ended up booking a Signature Suite on the Oosterdam for the Tropical Carribbean itinerary for Feb next year. Looking forward to checking out HAL for myself!
  7. That’s somewhat like I figured, I do like traditional “nautical” (think teak) as well, and have heard good things about Holland America in that regard. Glitzy is less important than classy. The thing with Celebrity is the itineraries are boring (repetitive) for when and where I’m going, and the most compelling ship at this time, the Edge, is considerably more for a balcony than Oosterdam is for a suite. So plenty of cons there. Just trying to collect the facts and opinions to weigh the options, thanks.
  8. The Jewel of the Seas felt worn and just not very special, especially in the common areas. It seemed like a ship whose prime was ten years earlier, and paled compared to any Celebrity sailing I’ve been on, which is my favorite line so far. The entertainment (music) was pretty bad and that is something I value greatly. Honestly, the ship was so forgettable I’m having trouble recalling many specific details. Everyone, thanks for your input.
  9. A while back, I found the rarest of things, a Caribbean itinerary with four, yes four ports, I’ve never been to despite having cruised in that region eight times previously on Carnival, Celebrity, RC, Princess and Norwegian. This is on the Oosterdam for winter 2019. When initially researching the ship last winter, I found quite a few negative reviews, but also some hope for improvement with the scheduled dry dock that occurred several months back. I figured I’d wait and see how the reviews seemed post dry dock before pulling the trigger, and now that I’m revisiting this, the reviews are still decidedly mediocre post-dry dock. For example, the overall June sailing CC rating is only 3.4 stars with a number of harsh comments. So, before deciding anything, I thought I’d see if any very recent travelers on Oosterdam have any further info or opinions to share? My last cruise was a disappointment on the older Jewel of the Seas and I don’t want to repeat that experience.
  10. Cinque Terre! It's so close to La Spezia. Pisa is a tourist trap. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  11. GW Fins for seafood. Acme for Oysters. Garden District tour if you like historic homes and gardens. Central Grocery for muffulettas. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Sorry, no. I doubt anything special though. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Just to add to this, we ended up buying two bottles of wine at the CVS just for the convenience and because we just didn't see anywhere better close by to the La Concha Hotel. I would not recommend it for the connoisseur or even the moderate wine enthusiast as the selection is limited and there are zero premium options. ("Best" bottle in store was a Decoy Cab for 30 bucks with nearly all bottles < 20 bucks) If you typically buy 10-15 dollar bottles at the grocery store you'll do just fine though, and it sure beat taking nothing onboard. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Still a ripoff, NCL is the nickel and dime you to death cruise line champ-no thanks. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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