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  1. Check out the area off the coast near Miami and you'll see one pod of Carnival ships and another pod of RC and X ships.
  2. Not sure when cruising will resume, but I have a very good idea where we’re headed. Given the difficulty of these decisions, the Panel recommends that cruise lines favor ports with low infection rates where risky contact points can be minimized. One way to do that would be to, on a temporary basis, sail primarily to the cruise operator’s privately owned and operated destinations, especially when first resuming passenger operations.
  3. @twangster hit the nail on the head here. If you don’t foresee cruising a great deal, look for itineraries that interest you. Then, ship and ship amenities.
  4. 1. Insignia Jul 2021 2. Insignia Jul 2021 3. Disappointed, yes, but we've held off booking anything until picture clears up. Will book again when we get more information about what cruising will entail once cruising resumes.
  5. @Merion_Mom has provided a very good summary for you. Best scenery on Barbados is on Atlantic coast if you can get there. We spent honeymoon there. And, oh yes, lots of rum. We always enjoy St. Kitts. Aruba. It’s not all that difficult to grab a bus and head up to Palm Beach. Bus terminal is close to port. Curacao is our favorite of the ABC’s Antigua, as Merion Mom pointed out, has great beaches. We head to Saint Martin, French side. Unfortunately, your suggested itineraries do not include Dominica. Special island if you value ecotourism. Beautiful interior. Sadly, a very poor nation. Or Grenada. Avoid Empress. Of those you’ve listed: Freedom, but we’ve enjoyed better itineraries.
  6. Thank you VERY much @JK300! @ORV, thank you and a very good point. No tenders.
  7. Also enjoyed Denali Brewing. In Talkeetna there's also a small ice cream shop owned by a woman originally from Chicago's South Shore neighborhood.
  8. Thank you @LHT28 and @CintiPam for your help. TA offered up 6039 which appears to be VERY obstructed. It's a Bermuda 7 day, so won't be in cabin all that much but that may be more obstruction than we could handle.
  9. Thanks in advance for any information or photo of extent of obstructed view.
  10. Combining loyalty programs would certainly go a long ways. A tiered approach, possibly. Points earned on RCL apply to status on RCL; points earned on X would apply to X and RCL; points earned on Azamara would apply to Azxamara, X and RCL. Of course, I can't imagine RCL IT could handle it.
  11. December 2015 Explorer crossing Tasman headed back to Sydney. Broadsided by a squall. I was seated at edge of bed, looked up and out balcony window. Called to wife: "This is strange, can't see the horizon any longer." Then everything started crashing to the floor. Corrected very quickly. Later of course heard about all mess at bars, etc. Ran into Captain the next day in the WJ and asked. They thought is was a passing front with rain but it was a squall with wind nearing 100 mph. Deck was able to turn ship as soon as it realized what was happening. Not that this compares with what others have experienced but it was something I'll remember.
  12. As the spouse of an airline employee, I've been on flights that are being ferried from one airport to another w/o pax. Except me, that is. At times, flights are no-go due to a mechanical (for example, cabin communication systems goes out) and cannot be flown with pax. However, craft needs to go to a maintenance base so are ferried by crew.
  13. I'm not suggesting they SHOULD proceed with the changes. I'm simply throwing out the idea that it could happen. I'm happy with the benefits of being D+. But I was probably much happier last December when I still had access to the CL. We all recognize there have been a number of changes within the C&A program over the years just as there have been for the overall cruising experience. These changes have ticked off D and D+ to varying degrees, but RCL made them and I'll hazard a guess management knew there'd be pushback.
  14. We were thinking the exact same thing. It seems this would be an opportunity for RCL to reset the C&A program, including but not limited to the matter of the lounges.
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