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  1. Just thinking through what was said in posts #1196 and #1198. Granted, no word from RCL, so it’s not confirmed. However, if the UK passenger is seeing a Sept 19th British isle cruise, then an 11 day sailing Sept 12th is a conflict. These cruises are UK residents only. So even if they take the 11N Canary Islands/Portugal cruise and once again change the itinerary to a 7N British Isle cruise, there’s a strong likelihood US pax would not be eligible. And, then, even if it does go and US ARE allowed, we’re not sure the itinerary works for us. That’s personal. Over the years we’ve done extensi
  2. Fingers crossed but not looking very promising. Our Canary Islands is an 11 day. Can’t do if the next cruise sails 9/17.
  3. @Tree_skier. Again, it’s maddening! I just went to Happy Sailing Center, clicked on Ovation/Serenade sailings and that advisory block does not show. ????
  4. It tends to be a bit maddening. Yesterday, the advisory about needing to be tested before departure could be found when searching travel restrictions for Ovation and Serenade. TODAY, the advisory is gone, though it’s still showing for FL departures.
  5. Thanks John for taking so much of your time sharing this experience. Enjoy the cruise!
  6. Thanks to all for your comments. I did do an online chat w/Princess and the rep researched and came up with zilch. She could tell me the size of an upper berth. She could tell me the specs of the ladder to reach the upper berth. But that was it. I think it may have something to do with sourcing of mattresses. If the Princess beds follow the euro standard, then they may be bigger than the American standard queen. Two singles together become 71 inches which is the equivalent of the euro grand king and close to the American California king. That may also help to explain RCL's king-sized be
  7. There has been a thread about this before, but I’m not sure if there has been a final, definitive answer. I’d appreciate any help finding out the overall width of bed in queen configuration. Strange question, I know…but knowing this would help. Anyone currently on board who might be able to check this. Thank you in advance.
  8. Probably too soon as you suggest. Having your boss countermand you like that isn't pleasant unless she agreed or chose to take it on the chin for the team.
  9. A rather quick "Never mind!" change like this can only lead one to start taking odds on Nancy Ramos' future w/RCL. Announce the demise of Crystal Blocks one day and have your boss override it the next.
  10. As a friend would say, What do you get? Two cokes and a Hershey bar? Cruise because you enjoy cruising, want to explore new destinations, want to get out of the winter cold. Some of the perks are really nice. Maybe getting to Diamond is a plus, but attaining a certain loyalty level Isn’t what it’s all about.
  11. The unknown is how well the promotion works as an incentive to book cruises. If the occasional once-a-year cruiser sees the dbl points promotion as a way to gain diamond status more quickly and, as a result, decides to book more cruises than he/she would normally book, then progress toward achieving diamond (or D+ and P) status is speeded up, and the result may be more diamonds, etc. Even in this thread, some have mentioned that they’ll get to D sooner. We’re D+. Have never felt P was achievable, nor have we booked cruises simply to move up in C&A status. Just checked how the dbl poin
  12. That's right, but you gain gold status by taking a short cruise so the starting point for acquiring double points is in easy reach. There are 2-night samplers out there! It all comes down to D being reached with 80 points (and D+ 175). There are people who might take a 7-nighter once every 3 years and 80 seems unattainable. On the flip side of that coin there are those who book 80 nights and more each year. It would seem that a reasonable solution would be to grandfather status for all current C&A cruisers and raise thresholds. But I doubt that will happen. Keeping that carrot dang
  13. Keep in mind there are date restrictions: No holiday cruises. No July or August cruises.
  14. I have no problem with a double points promotion. However, and I'm sure there will be a thread popping up very soon about this: Can you imagine how many Ds there will be come December 2022?
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