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  1. Also out of Seattle. Restart of Ovation on 13Aug. Very disorganized. Little direction from anyone. No one making announcements. Any signage was small and not prominently sited. It wasn’t terrible, I guess, but it was a cruise with significantly reduced capacity. No matter which port, I’d suggest asking a lot of questions to reconfirm you’re in right line at right time. It was the restart of revenue cruises but shoreside staff had already processed test cruises as well as Serenade.
  2. You have the choice of taking it with you, having it mailed to you, or taking a pass on even receiving it. You should get a form in your stateroom that you fill out and turn in. We did on 13Aug Ovation cruise.
  3. The rapid antigen test is accepted by RCL. Why then choose to take the PCR test and risk having late results. This happened to us last February. We thought Hawaii would only accept the PCR result. Took test but storms in TN prevented the test being delivered to the lab in a timely manner. Then found out rapid antigen test was acceptable. Called and rearranged travel plans by a couple of days (back then everyone was very willing to accommodate). Went to HI.
  4. That’s right! You already mentioned it. One lucky ainikle!
  5. Tried finding thread in which someone posted about the end of tux rental. There's also reference to the end of the tux rental program on the RCL blog, which is not an official RCL communication. But that doesn't mean you can't order a tux through RCL. It may be they have a vendor who provides tux. The note I read said that RCL was no longer going to keep an inventory of tuxedos on board. You may be able to rent in advance but possibly not once you're on board. If your plan is to wait until you board before you place an order to rent a tux, I'd call and verify.
  6. You can no longer rent on board. RCL discontinued this service. However, I've heard that there is a firm that more or less partners w/RCL for tux rental. I believe you have to order in advance. Well, I guess that's a given: if you don't order in advance how would they get the tux to the ship. Do a google search to find out more or maybe call in to RCL: someone might have the contact information.
  7. On this week’s Oasis test cruise, the DL is open. No food. Concierge is present during hours. Water has been set out and, at least during the morning hours, coffee machine has an attendant. We’re on Liberty test, so it should prove interesting.
  8. We were on the 13Aug Ovation. I believe you’re referencing the simulated SL HH. My comment deals with the DL. We went in a few times. Very few in attendance. Furniture arranged, it seems, to maintain distance and that doesn’t lend itself to social interaction. I guess we could have drawn seats closer to each other, but, then again, there were so few there it really didn’t matter: we could easily hear each other over the distance. Heard that same thing was happening in CL. We spent a lot of pre-dinner time in Boleros. Guitarist and trio (Rhythmocracy) were both very good, so why not? Service in Boleros was pretty fast. In this day and age when “Social Distancing” has become a mantra it’s welcome that RCCL refers to it as Physical Distancing.
  9. That’s surprising. But, I guess, it makes sense for the concierge to be there in order to make reservations, etc. Were there times when you could make your own coffee?
  10. @Baowen I’ve read the DL is not open during test cruise. No concierge. No breakfast set-up, no evening appetizers, etc. I will assume that means no coffee machine as well. Is that correct? Thanks.
  11. Ending the use of adjacent venues as overflow areas, I believe, has been RCL’s goal for some time. They just hadn’t been able to figure out how to get it done until now. Of course, the advisory says it’s in place through November 1, so time will tell what happens then. Back to overflow areas?
  12. Right you are! Went back and looked at email. If it had been any larger I probably still would have overlooked it. Thanks.
  13. Emails with registration information and link to register have gone out. Doesn’t provide itinerary, but assuming it’s a RT to Cozumel. Anyone hear differently?
  14. We received both. But I believe you are correct: an earlier thread suggested we wouldn't get these. There were deliveries of cookies, c-covered strawberries, macaroons/candy.
  15. Talking to others last week on Ovation, it seems many are of the mind that a drink package no longer has the same value if D/D+/P levels = 4/5/6 drinks. I haven't done the math.
  16. Correct me if I'm wrong here: D+ may select one wine at 175 pts. At 340 pts, D+ may select two wines. What I can't recall and can't find at this time find in T&C: Is cruise length a factor?
  17. Hi Carol! I believe I could find it in lounges on those ships we've sailed. In DL/CL, never. Now there were a couple of times, and those times were cruises on Radiance class ships (in current CL as well as when current CL was the DL, with the bar), when the barkeep would go off and return with a glass of SoCo which he'd keep stored out of sight. Hope all's well with you. Have you resumed cruising yet?
  18. No receipt to sign so, we assume, no gratuity. At least not one that appears on final cruise statement. Swipes show with $0.00 when viewing account online. We tend to tip $1.00 for each drink which I recognize is not 18%.
  19. Also, there was no longer a sign stating that drinks could not be taken out of DL. CL closed to D+. However, DL was rather deserted on last week’s Ovation. Concierge said there were 250 D, D+, and P. It’s been our experience that Alaska cruises tend to post lower numbers than other cruises. We stopped in a few times. One time we walked in and there was ONE other passenger. Another night we counted 20 or so. Spent more time in Boleros w/entertainment.
  20. Have 5 as a D+. Just returned this Friday from Ovation 7N to Alaska. Only one day did I have 5. Your choice of drink w/$13 cap. DW probably had 3-4 drinks max. Prefer this program to DL HH chaos w/cheap wine etc. I'll have a SoCo manhattan. Couldn't get that in DL. Well...at least not under typical conditions.
  21. Just left the 13Aug Ovation cruise. Downloaded app prior to boarding. Did as I was told when told to go through the eMuster. Embarked. Went through muster on board, finding out doing the eMuster online meant absolutely nothing. Never used app on board. I don't cruise in order to spend my time looking at a phone screen. Made Chops reservation at Chops. Concierge made all entertainment reservations. When advised to scan QR code in MDR, simply said we didn't own phones. Much simpler life.
  22. We’ve been able to buy D+. BOGO and have used second meal after the first two nights. One time we were told, Yes, because the cruise had a large number of D+ and P.
  23. Got our invite as well. We’re on same Ovation this Friday. See you at Sail Away, 5:30, North Star Bar. Can’t do Mariner. Oasis would be a quick turnaround but doable. D+
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