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  1. D+ here and we're also not happy about losing access to CL. But it seems the change has been in the cards for some time now. Deck plans? Yes, they should change plans but the fact that the deck plan still shows a CL won't change how this plays out.. As we found out on another thread the Adventure deck plan still shows a Florist on deck 11.
  2. Thought so but didn't want to presume. Small steps. In my view that's how they're making the transition to achieve the goal: Suite lounges and only suite lounges, and suite lounges that may or may not be open to Pinnacles (my thinking is No); all D and above having drink vouchers loaded on cards. Possibly Pinnacles have more drink vouchers per day than D+ and so forth. Or maybe a deeper discount on drink packages. Do I like the benefits as they currently are? Yes. But I sense things will change sooner rather than later.
  3. On another thread there was speculation that the Majesty nightly D event may be history starting this New Year and that D and above will only get 3 drinks on card. As is the case on Empress. Could it be the OP is asking about the status of the nightly event?
  4. Agree. You have to believe there is a plan no matter how baffling actions taken by RCL mgmt. can be at times. The 3-drink vouchers, the transition from CLs to SLs, and now these reports of D+ not being admitted to CL on certain cruises. I tend to agree with Carol that the notion that all of these cruises are heavily populated by top tier is a bit suspect. It comes down to this: small steps get you to where you want to go just as large steps do. Changing name plates outside of doors is not a hard thing to do and wouldn't take very long. Can you imagine the pushback if back then--when did they roll out the 3-drink vouchers on sea passes, 2014?-- RCL came out and said: Starting (date), all CLs will be SLs and only suite guests will be admitted. All Ps and D+s will have use of the DL (or whatever name it would be given) and will have 3-drinks on their cards. Ds will now only have 3-drinks loaded on their cards? There has been pushback, or has there been? A lot of discussion on CC. But how many have stopped cruising RCL because they made these changes, because that is really what would concern RCL mgmt. Here's a thought: Will there be a day when there will be a SL and only a SL?
  5. DLs on Freedom and Voyager Class (at least those ships on which the DL is still located on deck 14). Not a great deal of ambiance but they have the view and on cruises with fewer Ds and above they tend to have ample room. On cruises with many Ds and above the overflow usually ends up being the VCL and that's also good. Radiance Class DLs, though smaller, have the windows and the overflow usually moves into the VCL. Some will have the portable bar set-up. If not, the waiters need to use the service bar to fill orders, and that takes them off the floor for a bit.
  6. OR...RCL's marketing department employees know what to do to justify their positions. No sales, fake or real, then no need for x number of employees.
  7. Though many of us have been on cruises with 1,000+ D, D+, and P, we've probably also been on cruises with small numbers. On an Alaska cruise this past August (Radiance), there were 6 Ps and 66 D+ and I can't recall the number of D. CL was never really full. At almost any given time seats were open at the bar. It's not a matter of creating a space large enough to accommodate everyone for cruises that draw large numbers of Ds, etc. One doesn't plan capacity that way. That's why RCL has used overflow areas: to accommodate as many as it can when needed. Frankly, they'll do what they want to do or what they calculate they can do w/o substantial pushback. If it's not to one's liking, then one has options.
  8. We occasionally stop at WJ and put together a plate and then head to DL or CL. Much quieter. And the specialty coffee machine. Food may not be the warmest, but it also cools off rather quickly when we do eat in the WJ.
  9. I can't say for sure but I can see it happening. Brits who winter in Florida will come over on a TA and then return to England in the spring on another TA. I've met some.
  10. If no D+ in CL, then one would have to assume DL would have been very crowded. Which space did they use for overflow?
  11. Centraal Station is a short walk, maybe 10 minutes, from the cruise terminal. You can get a tram from there. They run all the time. However, if you have the time, the Van Gogh Museum is right behind the Rijksmuseum and is really wonderful. The Rijksmuseum is great. Don't misunderstand me. But after a while one Old Master looks like another Old Master.
  12. If you want a curry, don't hesitate to ask. Often the waiter will offer two curries that are available. If available, the fish curry is really good: Well, it has been when I've had it but it may vary from ship-to-ship. I've asked for butter chicken as well: not a same day request. Same goes for veggies. If you pick an entrée but see a vegetable included with a different entrée, you can ask for it. I've also asked for a veggie (often asparagus) when it doesn't appear anywhere on the menu and have had it brought out.
  13. Not all that keen on the Royal Promenade. For us it basically serves as a quick way to walk from one end to another, though at certain times that can be a challenge. Have stopped at the pub now and then. Otherwise it offers very little. So Radiance class is probably our favorite. We sail it next week.
  14. It generally comes down to supply and demand. There are some itineraries and some date-specific cruises that are in such demand that price drops may never happen. Often, for those, your best bet is to book early.
  15. And here: https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2681739-empress-b2b-14-nights-on-the-biggest-little-ship/
  16. There was probably a time when a CD was an important part of the cruise experience. Julie on The Love Boat? As ships got larger and larger, CDs became more and more "invisible."
  17. Do they still do the Diamond and above event on the aft deck behind Boleros on sail-away date? Some say they do; some say they don't. They used to do it shortly after she returned to the RCCL fleet.
  18. The sewage smell is still there. The A/C problem is still there. Doesn't this speak volumes about RCCL? Windjammer crowding is still a problem though I'm not sure what could be done to fix that. How many recall why so many cruises were cancelled after it was brought back from Pullmantur? Following a refurbishment they blew the whistle. Galleys and provisioning areas had to be stripped to bare metal. We had booked B2B jr suites on first cruises out of dry dock. They were cancelled. We rebooked those B2Bs a few weeks later. Roughly 3-4 days before the departure date, they were also cancelled. We're flexible, so it wasn't a major catastrophe as it was for many others. Some had family reunions planned etc etc. In the end we got full refund as well as large cruise credit. It'll be interesting to see what happens with this ship. It certainly doesn't seem to be a good fit.
  19. No adults-only area but it is set away from the pool area. On my cruise there were a lot of kids around the pool but I don't recall seeing many on the sun deck.
  20. So maybe they have fixed the problem since you note that you didn't experience it two years ago. It has a great sun deck. Boleros and Schooner are very spacious and very lively. At the time of my cruise, there was a one-time D event on aft deck behind Boleros and the appetizers were pretty good. Food in MDR was good, maybe above average. WJR is laid out in a way that it gets very congested. Staff was great.
  21. Sailed Empress shortly after its redeployment and have followed discussions since then. One can debate large ship/small ship, stateroom size, activities or lack thereof, D lounge or no D lounge, food quality and so on, But here I think is the most important question: Did they ever fix the problem of sewer gas odor? I enjoyed my cruise. The Empress is the Empress so you should know what it has to offer and make your decision. However, should one really book a cruise on a ship on which every once in a while, you encounter sewer gas odor?
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