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  1. So you had Grand Turk for Dec 2nd and lost it and I have Grand Turk for Dec 9th. It's getting close.
  2. On the Freedom we got the commemorative photo books that hold 2 8x10 photos for the Platinum gift.
  3. I asked and they did. On the same plate so they didn't have to go back to get another plate.
  4. My Freedom cruise (the first resailing cruise) was at about 60%.
  5. I didn't like the fact that the 4 shrimp that used to come with the lobster in the MDR are no longer there. Food in the MDR was very bland most every night. Guy's, Blue Iguana, and Pizza Pirate on the other hand were fantastic.
  6. You are correct, they "could". But it seems they have chosen not to. Like it or not, if solos want a solo cabin they'll have to search elsewhere (Royal or NCL or whoever else has them) or hope that Carnival changes their mind on future builds.
  7. Carnival has always claimed to be a "family cruise line" which would obvious preclude solos.
  8. That's all I saw in 8 days of people watching. There were about 15-20 teens but they were of vaccination age.
  9. Carnival is not doing fully vaccinated cruises. On my Freedom cruise there were around 5 or so kids under the age of 12 so they were not vaccinated.
  10. As per the contract, Carnival doesn't have to reimburse anything for a port change.
  11. No, it does not. You don't even get the free 1.5L bottle (depending on status) in the stateroom anymore (you have to go get it from the bar). If you drink the bottled water in the stateroom you will be charged for it.
  12. I wonder when in Dec. We are supposed to be there on 09 Dec and all I've heard so far is "early" Dec.
  13. Is that any different than all of the other policies that Carnival turns a blind eye to? I have done this 4 times with no issue any time. YMMV.
  14. Never said he did but the terminal staff didn't bat an eye to our 1.5L box. I simply asked a question, he answered it, and I found his answer to be accurate.
  15. Just came off the Freedom and our St Kitts port was changed to St Thomas.
  16. Yes, I read that as well which is why I messaged John because the weight of two glass bottles vs 1 cardboard box is vastly different yet the amount of wine is the same. Was never intending to try and get something over on Carnival, just trying to save weight and space when packing.
  17. According to John Heald, you are incorrect. I specifically messaged him (a couple of years ago) and asked if my wife and I could bring a 1.5 liter box of win instead of 2 750ml bottles of wine and he said, no problem. I've done it several times since then and again, no problem.
  18. I haven't had an upgrade at the pier but Carnival upgraded my inside cabin to an oceanview free of charge a couple of weeks ago for my upcoming Freedom cruise.
  19. I was finally planning to try the lobster roll (to compare to lobster rolls on the Cape and....because it's a lobster roll) but I guess not now. Thanks for the info.
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