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  1. Great info about the Vancouver Port. We were planning on bringing a couple of bottles of premium spirits for our cabin. We'll put them in our checked baggage now. We have traveled in grills our last trip and again in June 2022. The drink package is included in the fare. We find the package excellent. Never have we paid any extras. On the last evening of our TA western cruise our sommelier gave us a bottle of prosecco to take to our cabin so at the last breakfast we could bring the bottle to the dining room and he would make our mimosas. The reason being, your bills are comp
  2. We're booked on Q219 as well after our 2020 Alaska cruise was cancelled. We booked P1 and it was a couple hundred dollars more but the cruise is going to Ketchikan and not Prince Rupert. That's worth the extra money. We're down to $900 US OBC FROM $1300. We will no be going if masks are required or excursions all have to be provided by the cruise companies. Figures crossed!
  3. Things are happening! We applied for a refund for our Alaskan cruise scheduled for June 2nd on the 23rd of April and received it today. Exactly 60 days as promised. Thanks for all those updating this site. It made the wait much more bearable.
  4. I cancelled my excursions on the mycunard site and immediately got an email back from Cunard with the form. Cancel from "my orders". This form goes to the California office and is processed. Our Cunard agent told us it will be refunded far quicker than your cruise. It's processed in the UK and can take up the 60 days.
  5. Thanks for the credit card information. I know I'll be able to get this information from my bank, but like other call centers, they're only taking urgent calls. I'm still 55 days away from a refund. I'm looking forward to the refund thread. Great idea!
  6. This seems to be the most read thread right now. I have a question. If your cruise is credited back to your credit card, how can you transfer all that money into a savings account without paying the exorbitant interest and administration fees?
  7. You're right John, very confusing and threatening wording. Even on the excursion refund form they give you two options: 1. An OBC for 110% of your purchase. 2. A refund that will take 60 days to process. Our main concern was, you cannot use an OBC to pre pay excursions. All the best excursions don't last until you get aboard.
  8. We got our letter this week and filled out the forms for refunds. We called our Cunard planner and asker her what to expect. She said the cruise refund goes through the UK office and could take up to 60 days. The refund for excursions booked in North America go to the California office and they're processing them much quicker. We've been dealing with this Cunard employee for many years now and she is not panicking. I think patience is the big thing here. Nothing is going to move very fast.
  9. Likewise. We looked at rebooking on the 22 June 2021 Alaska Cruise but the PG 1 cabin was 22% more with only $250 OBC. I'm sure we can do better with the cash refund and hold out for the inevitable sales.
  10. We were on that one too. We had great excursions booked, both with and without Cunard. Also had $1900 OBC that we'll never see. We will be the ones paying for it. The same cruise next year will cost more and there won't be nearly the OBC.
  11. I guess we can kiss the May and June Alaska Cruises goodbye. Canadian government was banned all cruise ships of over 500 passengers from Canadian ports.
  12. That's exactly what we do. There's lots of tables for two and if you're lucky, you can score a window table. The maitre de in the grills is always excellent! We sometimes go to see him/her before lunch.
  13. We always get a drink package. The number one reason is the convenience of having everything paid for before we cruise. If you like to get bottled water whenever you want it or get that special coffee you like at every meal without worrying about that final bill. And then there's the drinks. There's morning drinks such as mimosas, bloody marys or if you're from my area of the world, caesars. Then there's the afternoon drinks. With meals you can pair your wine with each course and enjoy a port with the cheese course. You are on holidays. Enjoy!
  14. Following. Flying the redeye out of Vancouver after an Alaskan cruise.
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