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  1. I thought the same. I have witnessed a similar scenario and I was stressed out and sad for the people who were left behind. Yes, they should have been back to the port on time but that's no excuse to be gleeful and take pleasure in other's misfortune. And posting this video twice with so many "fun facts" about the couple? How invasive. Pretty sure no one cares if the woman had to buy clothes at Target to get by. Oh what am I thinking? That's supposed to be funny and teach her a lesson as well.🤯
  2. We stayed in the H4 Owner's Suite on the Jade and loved it. Here's why: Two balconies, 1 large with full forward view. You can wave to the captain on the bridge. Yes, it can be windy if you are standing right at the railing but fine if you are lounging on a chaise. Another side balcony completely covered, perfect for dining or napping. 1 1/2 bathrooms. Nice when multiple people are getting ready or if you have guests over. Owner's Suites receive 3 full size bottles of liquor in suite with anything you desire to mix. (Limes, mint, bitters ect) S
  3. I see what you did there. 😂 I think he should still try to get a res at La Cucina, personally.
  4. It's a good thing you "never brag where you've been." 😂Hope you and "the very high end executive" enjoy the next adventure dancing away on your very own rented yacht. Did we see you on an episode of Below Deck?😂😂
  5. Safe travels home. We live not too far from you guys in Viera. Brace yourself when you get home. Publix and Target are like Thunderdome and shelves are bare of supplies. You might want to see if you can get an Amazon delivery done now if you need some things at home.
  6. Best. Review. Ever. Our girl needs her own YouTube channel doing cruise reviews. Thanks for the inspiration. I need to show this to my father who says he is "too old" to cruise.
  7. Our experience has been the butler has always called about 10 minutes before delivering breakfast. So you could either use that call as your wake up call to be "fully functional " or just tell the butler to let themself in and leave the food on the dining room table if you aren't up yet.
  8. I can't help but feel badly for your DIL's parents. If they only knew that their dining habits were affecting you so much you had to leave the table to vomit. Could your DIL try talking to them and teaching them acceptable dining practices? Even if it's just for the cruise. Not to say that they have to abandon their own culture or it's wrong, but it seems cruel to have your own parents be thought of as the ones who "gross out" others. It certainly is a tough family dynamic for you, good luck!
  9. Sakari is so talented with her art. What a vision she has for someone so young. Is she in gifted programs in school? Loki is stunning! I just stared at the pictures and got lost in those eyes. Thank you for yet another vibrant and comprehensive review.
  10. It was my experience on the Breakaway that if you request towel animals, the room steward will do them. Not sure if the Escape is different.
  11. Prices for the cabanas vary per date of cruise. $199 is a great deal. Don't wait to book it, they will sell out. Especially at that price. On my Breakaway cruise recently the price was $389. We actually never made it to GSC due to the weather conditions so I can't comment on how the cabana was.
  12. The title of this thread is The Secrets of the NCL Haven Luxury Experience. Obviously, the OP had the intention of providing great information about the Haven and how to make the most of the experience. Which he did. (Thanks, OP!) You apparently did not have a great experience and it is fine to share it so others may manage their own expectations or learn to avoid a bad experience. However, to consistently be negative about NCL and the Haven everytime someone comments or asks a legitimate question is unnecessary and off topic. Others want to read this thread to add to the anticipation of the
  13. Here's my experience: We have been on two Haven sailings. One on the Jade in Europe and one on the Breakaway to the Caribbean. Both times, the Haven pool area was overun with kids. On the Jade we saw kids cannonball into the tiny Haven pool then proceed to take soaking wet pool hands and dig into the cookies and snacks that are by the pool. On the Breakaway, kids were using snorkels and flippers in the pool, splashing everyone all around. Also, jumping and swimming into both hot tubes. I would have loved to use the pool and hot tubs but was not able to because of the inconsiderate parents of
  14. We were on the Breakaway last week and here's a few Haven food and drink finds: I went to the buffet specifically for a few pretzel rolls that NCL is known for. Everyone loves them because they were completely gone by 1:30. We then headed up to the Haven restaurant for lunch. I ordered a Caeser salad with grilled shrimp. I also asked for one the the pretzel buns that the Haven fish sandwich comes on to eat with my salad. I jokingly said it was the next best thing since the buffet didn't have any pretzel rolls left. Even better, they brought us a whole basket of warm, fresh pretzel
  15. Did your friend say if the engine issues were resolved? Seems to be ok since they made it to Grand Cayman? We board Breakaway on Saturday so this thread caught my eye, has me a little worried. Thanks.
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