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  1. I have Celebrity Air for Apex leaving 26 March 2022 and I added air 2 months ago and rep at Celebrity assigned me seat numbers. Call Celebrity they can reserve seat before final payoff. You will not see the seats on your record locator until you pay but your seats are reserved.
  2. My wife and I will be on the Apex 26 March 2022.We want you to have a wonderful and safe cruise. If you would let us know some of the daily activities and entertainment on board that would be awesome. Thank you so much.
  3. Has anyone checked hotels in Ft Lauderdale lately. Hotels have doubled their rates for people coming in day before cruise. The rates are crazy. They know the dates cruises are sailing and they are jacking up the prices. If I'm flying in the day of I let Celebrity book the flights, and the transfers to the ship. It works.
  4. The CDC in the USA tell the cruise lines what they have to do to cruise in the USA.The CDC could require so many strict procedures that we may not have cruises leaving from the USA. We are not cruising now because the CDC said so. I had one cancelled in March .I'm hoping to cruise in December 2020. If this gets cancelled, I'm going to river cruising. They are cruising this month.Less than 250 people on board. CDC rules didn"t bother them
  5. True, CLIA and CDC are working together, CLIA will not put out any info unless they had agreement with CDC. There will be a give and take. Trump wants economy back. Everything is give and take from here on out,Disney,ships, airplanes, trains, buses, NFL, NBA, Hockey, Concerts, etc. Nothing will be totally safe, but it must go on, do not walk in fear, but walk in faith and good sense. Be safe may see you sailing in the future. God Bless.
  6. What happened with the stranded at sea, will not happen again. CDC have written new guide line the ships will agree to if they want to sail in the USA waters. CDC have strict guidelines for the ships. It will take a little time for the ships to regroup. They will be responsible to get everyone off the ship and home by private charter ASAP. There will be a lot of changes.
  7. You are correct. They all will follow similar operations in starting back. CLIA and the CDC do not give guidance for one cruise company, they give guidance for all.
  8. I do not think anyone will sail from New York or New Jersey until 2021. Carnival cancelled all cruises from New York for the rest of the year.. They all will follow .There's a lot the cruise line and CDC have arranged. but can not release at this time. Look at the cruise line stock . Some things will be kept close to the vest until the last minute.Everyone is trying to stop the bleeding of money.The quicker they tell everyone about the no sailing ,the quicker the stock goes down and more people will be requesting refunds.
  9. This is recomendations by the CDC for all ships. I believe this will go away as soon as the virus slows downs.If you are not sailing before October do not worry about the 70 and over. Cruise lines do not want to lose that market.
  10. Take the FCC and tell your friend to pay you back your part of the money.
  11. RCCL, Carnival, and NCL reworked their financing. They have enough Money in the bank to carry them thru the rest of this year. without sailing one ship.
  12. The other cruise lines that sail from US ports are shutting down for 30 days
  13. If its in the USA, you can stay in your house and not catch anything, but if you go to supermarkets, malls, cinemas, restaurants, bars, hospitals, if you touch anything the sick person before you touched, you got it. Get the MSG. Not going on a cruise ship will not stop it at this point.
  14. Hello Everyone, there are different cruise lines and different ships for various reasons, different people like different things.If I like oranges and you like apples does not mean your apples are not good.Pick the line and ship you like and cruise.Celebrity Edge and apex will do fine, there will be a different group of people cruising on those ships.Life is too short to worry about such things. Find the ships you like and cruise on them.
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