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  1. Can you please tell me if they offer the "bag of Laundry" special on this cruise?
  2. Can you tell me if they offered the "bag of Laundry" for a flat rate during the 7 day cruise?
  3. Anyone who has sailed the 7 day pride of America know if they have the "Bag of Laundry" for a flat rate? I have sailed the "Spirt" and the "Breakaway" and they have it but those cruises were 9 days or more. I sail this Saturday and I don't want to pack expecting this service!!!
  4. For us personally, we felt rock of ages was more cast of actors then great rock and roll music! So we left to go to Syd Norman’s Por House as the group Shanti Leone and the Guilty Pleasures played great Rock and Roll I’m a better venue! Wish it was larger to accomyall the passengers wanting to spend their evenings there! We would line up outside Syds for 20 minutes before show with at least 20-30 other people! So we walked out of Rock of Ages because the talent of musicians was lacking. (FYI- evening I observed the blonde gal with short hair from rock of ages who was performing in Syds on stage with her CELL phone reading the lyrics during a performance.)
  5. I am currently on the Norwegian Breakaway sailing from Copenhagen 9/23/18. We had 6 ports scheduled in 9 day cruise. The Captain has cancelled Berlin, delayed us inTallin by 1 day before heading to hopefully Saint Petersburg. Then due to “time needed to return to Copenhagen” we will be skipping Stockholm and Helsinki. The reasons given was Seas to rough to go to Berlin. Saint Petersburg closes dams for fear of flooding. As for Helsinki & Stockholm the time it will take to cruise back to Copenhagen does not allow for those ports. They have not offered any compensation other than to allow us use of the computers to notify our outside tour operators of the changes for the next 24 hours. Future cruisers beware of the Baltic iteniary this time of year.
  6. Could you please provide me with your cab drivers information? We would love to do a private tour to Kinsale.
  7. Hi Cruise Critic Peeps! We will be on Breakaway 9/23 and we are trying to find the optimal way to get from cruise port Nynäshamn to Stockholm without being part of a tour? We want to explore on our own, our specific sites to visit are the City Hall and the VASA museum. Just trying to figure out the best options in getting around. Thanks for your help.
  8. Anyone sailing October 2, 2018 on Breakaway hear anything about their bids being accepted?
  9. Yes, great video....I too am wondering how you filmed this without a bunch of people in it? What time of day did you film this?
  10. I too am concerned about everything not showing up in my cruise itinerary. I booked with the double points offer for each night of my two B2B cruises. I have been told that NCL sees them, but would feel better seeing it on my documents too!
  11. Love all the information you are posting!
  12. We are now 80 days out!!!!! Super excited for our TA cruise. Today on our NCL page and got the announcement "lets get you upgraded", when I clinked on the link as directed the page then had this message anyone else experiencing this? Upgrade Advantage - how it works. Welcome to Upgrade Advantage. In just a few clicks, you can submit an offer to upgrade your stateroom on your upcoming cruise. Browse through the stateroom options below. Making offers on multiple rooms will increase your chances of getting upgraded, but you'll only ever pay for one upgrade. Here's how it works: Name your bid to upgrade your stateroom on your upcoming cruise, then click Continue. We'll notify you via email if your request for an upgrade has been approved. If your offer is accepted, you'll be charged for the upgrade. If not, you pay nothing and keep the stateroom you have. Offers are based on two occupants per stateroom for the entire duration of the cruise - only the first and second guest will be charged. Please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions about the program. Not eligible for upgrade
  13. We have back to back reservations in same cabin and just received the option to bid on upgrades for 1st cruise. I am looking for information specifically about B2B situations: 1). If we were lucky enough to win our bids on both cruises would they put us in same cabin for both? 2). If we happen to only win one bid, will they move our belongings for us to new cabin? Or will we have to remove our luggage when leaving the ship in between cruises? We are sailing on Breakaway 9/23 Baltic Capitals out Copenhagen then the Transatlantic out of Copenhagen on 10/2.
  14. CBS news this morning showed a video of crew member as he FELL off the ship while sitting out with other crew members near a life boat area. This crew member was a human life, and if he/she was someone you loved, it wouldn't matter to you how much vacationers were inconvenienced to rescue them. I do however understand the frustration of travel plans to those affected, but the priority was to save a life. Here is the video: https://www.miamiherald.com/latest-news/article43422906.html
  15. I just reached my 90 days until sailing and have not seen anything about "let's get you upgraded" I booked my cruise with NCL directly, any thoughts?
  16. Specialty Restaurants with dining hours for Adults only on a rotating basis so those wanting a quiet romantic dinner can do so! For Example: 1st night of cruise it could be Cagneys after 7 pm is for adult diners only, 2nd night it could be Ocean Blue after 7 pm. (before I'm accused of disliking children.....I have raised 24 foster children and 4 of my own, worked in a middle school and I adore children and I think its terrific that parents are doing cruises and creating memories with their children.) But, you can't ask children to be adults and sit quietly for an extended period and it would be terriffic to have a romantic atmosphere for other cruisers who are without children.
  17. For us too! Loved our 1st ever cruise with NCL Spirt on 12 day Mediterranean cruise 2016. The intimacy of being on a small ship provided us with fantastic service and many new friends. Ports were fantastic, would love it if NCL could lengthen the time in port to overnight for Florence as there is way too much to see!
  18. Looking to Cruise Critic Insiders for information on Specialty Dining restaurants on the Norwegian Breakaway. We have booked 2 cruises back-to-back, one of which is a transatlantic repositioning cruise. Can someone tell me if all specialty restaurants are open and available on repositioning cruises too?
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