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  1. We had 2 carryons and a 24” with us. Didn’t encounter any issues whatsoever.
  2. I know all about those Eye Dee Ten Tee errors, seem to keep happening more often as I age. I’ve used Samsung Pay in London and in Singapore so was hoping the same would be true for Australia and New Zealand.
  3. With these posts talking about using contact-less credit cards, does anyone know if Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay is accepted as a contact-less method in Australia and New Zealand?
  4. We used the $10/day International Day Pass. Worked out well in Bora Bora, Tahiti & Moorea.
  5. Sorry, didn’t see that part in your post. FWIW, I understand the Sapphire will be doing Alaska cruises from Vancouver and Anchorage in 2021.
  6. Thanks, I figured that might be the case. Either way, doesn't really matter. If we enjoy the wine I'm more than happy and willing to shuttle it back and forth if need be.
  7. We've only had one upsell offer and it's for our upcoming 10 day SE Asia cruise. We were in a BD Balcony and were offered an MD Minisuite for $99 pp. We accepted.
  8. Thanks, something to keep in mind. Do you know if that works in reverse too? Where you start a bottle in the MDR would they send it to Vines if requested?
  9. If your ship docks at pier 35 then the walk to the luggage storage service at pier 39 is less than a quarter mile, on a wide, flat sidewalk. Most ships though dock at the newer cruise terminal at pier 27.
  10. Didn’t know that. Thank you, that’s a great tip.
  11. Thanks, we’ll probably order a bottle in the MDR. Just not the same as drinking it while munching on tapas in Vines. I guess I’m just being nostalgic about it. There was a Rosé we enjoyed in Vines too. Unfortunately the name escapes me at the moment.
  12. There is a luggage storage service at the California Welcome Center at Pier 39. It’s a few blocks from the Pier 27 cruise terminal. I don’t know what they charge for storing your luggage though.
  13. Well that’s disappointing, loved having a glass of the Spellbound in Vines with tapas or sushi. I’m not normally a wine drinker but I enjoyed this wine enough to buy a couple of bottles locally.
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