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  1. We have FTTF for your 11/21 Pride cruise. I hope they don't completely cancel it. There are other benefits after boarding. Happy cruising. Bobbi
  2. That is so GREAT to know. I was dreading standing in line to book excursions with hundreds of people since we all have OBC. Thank you, Bobbi
  3. Hello all, There are many of us with OBC. We can not book ahead of time and use our OBC. Therefore we must book on board. Has anyone done this? What is the experience like? Lines? decisions? TIA, Bobbi
  4. I have a November 2021, Pride, cruise. There are Bubble Tours on the website. Just FYI
  5. Good Afternoon, I was wondering if anyone is able to use the whirlpool, steam and saunas rooms on the Carnival Pride. Thank you, Bobbi
  6. Are the cruises sailing below 100% capacity? I do not think they could have enough small tables to feed everyone. I think you will still meet lots of people. When are you sailing?
  7. I drink Titos and cranberry or Titos and water. Is it better to order a shot and have bubbles? Maybe order Titos on the rocks and add water and flavor? What do you think? TIA, Bobbi
  8. Good Morning, I would love to hear your favorite past experiences in Belize! TIA Bobbi
  9. I love to try new things! I do not believe I have had the oxtail. Looking forward to it. Also, looking forward to the steakhouse! Bobbi
  10. I remember the Rare Finds title now.... excited to cruise in Nov and wanted something fun to talk about.
  11. Fun topic, I hope. Are the Didja items still on the menus? What items do you look forward to? Thanks, Bobbi
  12. We have two booked. November 2021 and May 2022. Very excited. May 2022 is a short cruise out of Charleston but I got a very nice suite for our 10th anniversary!
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