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  1. There are lots & lots of articles & learned papers on gut biome and aspects of health. Here’s a fairly comprehensive one https://www.healthline.com/nutrition/gut-microbiome-and-health I don’t think probiotics will harm us and hopefully might protect us. Also Vick’s First Defence, snuffled up the nose at first hint of sniff or tight throat. Again, don’t think it will harm; may do good
  2. We’re trying probiotics, hoping to boost our immune systems. Started 1 week before the festive period and the arrival of grandchildren, bearing who-knows-what bugs from elsewhere in the country. Appear to have escaped colds etc from them. Are hoping taking the probiotics well into our long New Year cruise will keep those bugs at bay as well Watch this space ...
  3. Oh no 😳 Now I’m wracked with guilt ... 🙄
  4. No you can’t, terrierjohn - passport details are pre-filled, via your completed CP, presumably
  5. I think the Azura/Ventura cabin layout is very practical, with that large open wardrobe/hanging space/dressing area. I wish the lighting was a little better there, so I don’t have to scrabble for black shoes which have migrated to the shadows
  6. OK I guess my beef is with P&O really - their system is telling me something which is patently untrue and is unable to cope with circumstances as they exist I suspect that there may be more pax with ‘overlong’ passport validity than those with less than 10 years, at the moment. (The ratio will change, over time, of course) Therefore online check in is not the great benefit which it should/could be
  7. Afaik it’s not across the board yet. We had an invitation on Friday, one week before our 3 January boarding but were unable to complete the process because our passports have 10yrs 9 months validity and, according to the error message from P&O, passports cannot be valid for more than 10 years. (This, despite the fact that the passport info fields were already infilled from CP info 🙄). Ho hum
  8. So - no photos? When you “blip” in and out at the gangway the security personnel don’t have any means of knowing the cruise card actually belongs to you? Oh - enjoy that cocktail; have a great cruise and for goodness sake look after Ventura. We’re on after you
  9. I’ve done a search & answered my own questions. Here’s a link in case anyone else is interested. Now, back to Iona ... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/gbr/en/crown-anchor-society
  10. How do you reach Diamond? How many nights? Is that the top level? Sounds good - but possibly costly What other perks? Almost sounds like we need a loyalty benefits across cruise lines thread but ...
  11. It looks simple enough but it didn’t work for me. All it asks is a re-type of your passport number and entering your CC details. Everything else in Part 1 is prefilled, so it has your name & passport details. Sadly it was unhappy with my passport lifetime (March one year - December 10+ years later) and flashed up a message that it was not possible to have a passport valid for 10 years 9 months. 🙄. That is probably the case with passports issued very recently, when the Govt, in its wisdom, decided that 10 years was the maximum lifetime. However, my passport is perfectly valid and has the now forbidden extra months, so I will just have to join the check-in queue. Didnt have to do anything with a photo, so I think it might be like MSC, where you go onboard with your boarding pass & get snapped by security staff, who are lurking in the atrium with hand held devices. Good luck to others. I’m sure it will be simple as long as your passport conforms
  12. Thanks to all for birthday wishes Grapau - continue your good recovery - Happy New Year & a happy return to cruising very shortly Marella to The Amazon sounds good to me! Enjoy!
  13. Belated birthday wishes to you 🎉 Yes, aggravating - but different I suppose. I have finally decided that I will now keep 25 Dec for official purposes but otherwise chose a day in mid-summer to have, and celebrate, a half birthday
  14. Same good wishes from me We also have wall the wall blue sky and sun. Hurrah! It’s my birthday too 🎶 Happy Birthday to me 🙂
  15. Odd how threads veer off course & take on a life of their own, isn’t it? I think perhaps we should all sit down with a pre-festivity sherry and just leave it there. The facts as far as we know them are that Ventura is currently in lumpy seas and that some lifts are out of service. That’s it. There have been no announcements from P&O about any proposed changes. One or two of us have been musing about how the current lifts might be operated more efficiently, to help everyone who needs and wants to use them, whenever they need or want to use them. I don’t suppose the company scans these boards for ideas as to how to run the business, so I don’t anticipate them introducing anything written here ... if they do, it will be purely coincidental Nothing to see here. Merry Christmas everyone
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