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  1. Thanks Graham, glad you are feeling better now. Viv
  2. Nice surprise today, postman brought us a cheque from Carnival for a full refund for our March 21 cruise on Ventura. As the claim was only made on nov 24 I do not think that is bad at all. We are now fully reimbursed for all five cancelled cruises and are hopeful that our summer cruise to Norway will take place without too much change.
  3. Unable to reply to any messages since the wonderful new graphics have appeared. Probably due to having ancient ios9 iPad. Have borrowed Lady Nomads new machine to see if that works. Viv
  4. No wonder you are smiling Graham. Good news Viv
  5. I have just received an e mail from P@O cancelling my pre Christmas cruise on Arcadia. I have ignored the FCC offer and applied for a full refund. THE CLOCK HAS STARTED Five minutes after the e mail I had a phone call from my harvesting ta asking if there was anything they could do to help. That is good service. Viv
  6. I may be dim but I cannot understand why after over six months(to date) of no cruises that when they restart the prices should rise. Our local restaurants have started to reopen and having lost all their trade are offering great deals not charging more than they did before lockdown. I know that P&O seem to have plenty of bookings for when they restart but a lot of these are Soft bookings using FCC and have only been booked to not lose customers money and will probably disappear when the realities of future cruising becom apparent. I am not a businessman what am I missing? Vi
  7. Thanks Avril,We will have that drink in the Crows nest soon I hope Viv
  8. That is true for us as well. We have had three cruises cancelled this year and we have the vain hope of a pre Christmas cruise to the Canaries to keep us going.Only 109 days to go Viv
  9. With the resumption of cruising still a way off, what is it you are missing most? Is it the new places to visit or the fine dining? How about the shows or the opportunity to meet new friends, or is it just the feeling of calm you get floating along on the water (except in the Bay?). Answers on a Cruise Card! Viv
  10. The thought of a p&o breakfast complete with Golden Triangle
  11. I thought I was the only one to dodge the photographers Andy. Do you think wearing a mask will improve the picture? Soft focus of course Viv
  12. Sorry, nervous fingers. I hope Bournemouth's goalie is not suffering the same problem
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