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  1. A sale begins 9/23. Prices usually adjust the evening before, but the percent-off banners, at least on the old-style cruise planner pages, generally doesn't change until sometime later, on the day the sale is actually supposed to begin. This leads to people thinking sales are "faked" because they visit the day before, see a price and the wrong banner, and then come back the next day and see the same price with the correct banner. If you've seen $71 at 20% off, the onboard price will be approximately $89-$90. It's not exact because Royal Caribbean likes to round things to dollars much of the time, and for legal reasons 20% off the price cannot turn out to be 19.8% off the price, it must be at least 20%, et. al., so the actual discounts are usually slightly better than the indicated percent-off works out to be. Since you also see $62, which likely will turn out to show being 30% off when the banners are updated properly for the sale, that would also indicate an onboard price of approximately $89-$90, so that's consistent. This sale was first announced around 12 noon ET on 9/21, and starts on 9/23, so it's a rather short-notice sale. I've attached the flyer.
  2. From the last sale in the Cruise Planner, Thrill Water Park Full Day Pass was $88.99 and identified as 10% off the onboard price, so that would put it at $98.88 onboard. Probably something like $98.99 the way Royal Caribbean prices things. The current pre-cruise price is a 5% discount. And it's at $93.99 which would make the onboard price $98.94, so again, probably $98.99 onboard. Almost never will a price be cheaper onboard than offered in advance. There will not be another sale for the 9/4 sailing, but the sale that begins on 9/3 will be available for the 9/11 sailing purchases.
  3. Yes, there is no different restriction on the vaccinated parent just because they are traveling with an unvaccinated child. The vaccinated parent can enter any area that is limited to vaccinated-only passengers. The restrictions are based on what you do when you have the unvaccinated child with you, including things like leaving the ship. If for the port Royal Caribbean requires excursions unvaccinated people be on ship-sponsored excursions only, but unvaccinated people can move freely around the port, you cannot take the unvaccinated child with you and freely move around the port.
  4. They've always wiped them down between uses; I'm sure there also using some disinfectant if they hadn't been before.
  5. This is pretty much how they always describe the process in the past, and it simply can vary based on the ship and the port, depending on staffing of US Customs at the time (when a US port is involved). From Nassau, where it's pleasantly relaxed they don't even need to wait for the ship to go down to zero passengers aboard before letting B2B'ers out of their processing/holding pen onboard. 🙂
  6. I have yet to hear anything back from eMed but I consider the useful life of these to be unacceptable; they were manufactured in February and expire in October. Even if you allow for the 3 month extension, I've bought tests that I get half the useful life out of. Pitiful. This company will either be addressing it by guaranteeing to replace the kits if needed after that expiration, or will be taking all 6 back, and issuing a full refund including shipping, or will be the recipient of a credit card fraud dispute.
  7. A passenger currently aboard Adventure of the Seas out of Nassau reports that according the the suite concierge there are no changes for B2B handling on Adventure. B2Bers stay aboard and continue to report to the Dining Room on deck 5; testing had previously moved from Saturday on turnaround day to Friday, the morning before, and I presume that remains the case.
  8. I'm aware of the extension the FDA allowed; the tests I bought last week were manufactured in February and expire in October. Even 3 more months, if applicable to this lot, is still way below any reasonable expectation of the useful lifetime of the test kits.
  9. This was provided in June on Adventure out of Nassau. I'll just post all 6 levels here for reference.
  10. The QR Code on the box and on the "do not open" sleeve simply takes you to the Abbott web page with basic info and links to download the NAVICA App, and which says nothing about the expiration date.
  11. That's not abnormal; whether US Customs/Immigration comes aboard the ship or has B2B passengers leaves the ship and come to them is based on whether or not the US Customs folks feel they have sufficient staff to do so for that turnover day. So that one aspect of it -- being done on or off the ship -- has regularly previously been something that can be different. But the rest of the process -- packing up the cabin if you're staying in the same cabin isn't needed in any case, and apparently with this change, they want that, and worse, they want you to take all the luggage off and bring it all onboard again. And that means doing the split on the night before, too, keeping on piece in the room so everything you need in the morning is with you.
  12. It's a great concept. And I bought a pack of 6 of the tests. All of them expire in October. I'm currently trying to get a response out of eMed by email; will probably call next week if they fail to reply. And if that doesn't work, will dispute it as a fraudulent sale to my credit card company.
  13. No, you have to understand the steps and processes. It makes no sense whatsoever. The B2B testing on-ship happened on turnover day when I sailed on Adventure and I since have heard they moved the testing to Friday, the day before turnover day. That's when you'd know if you're positive. The Saturday B2B'er actually waited for results; others come in, take the test, and go back out to the ship, and if they test positive, they get sought out after having been mixing with other passengers already. Nothing in this announcement makes anything better in any respect should someone test positive. And nothing in this announcement does anything else but make the entire experience worse for every single B2B passenger.
  14. Not to mention tossing screened, tested, and protocol-following people back out into a big room with everyone new and give them a chance to catch something and bring it aboard with them.
  15. I just posted a question to Michael Bayley's Facebook page.
  16. Probably worthy to note the ingredients of mRNA vaccines are pretty different from those associated with flu shots and other vaccinations. So usually someone using that kind of excuse is making up an excuse not really looking at the ingredients and past experiences so much. Safety: Unlike live-attenuated or viral-vectored vaccines, mRNA is non-infectious and poses no concern for DNA integration—mainly because it cannot enter the nucleus which contains DNA. Other strategies such as protein-based or inactivated vaccines also require chemicals and cell cultures to produce. mRNA is made through a cell-independent process and does not require inactivation; thus, it poses no safety concerns due to contamination with toxic agents. A Simple Breakdown of the Ingredients in the COVID Vaccines - COVID-19, Health Topics - Hackensack Meridian Health
  17. It shouldn't work that way as Royal Up should be aiming for maximum incremental revenue. The scheme should allow them to at a given point in time find the highest bids to shift the most people upward in categories to maximize the earned income. You'd seek to find the most revenue you could earn from all possible combinations that could be found between people willing to put a bid on upgrades and available cabins, including what cabin types become available if you should move a bidder into a new category. It's a very simple algorithmic run once you have established a collection of bidders and what they're willing to pay for all the various possible upgrades, and know the inventory of cabins being set aside for use for upgrades. That doesn't mean they couldn't add other factors if they deem them important, be it looking at other revenue coming from the people in the cabin previously, or even sorts of preferential treatment that may be determined by someone for whatever reason. But the whole point of Royal Up is revenue to Royal Caribbean for maximizing the value of available inventory.
  18. A guest boarding Adventure of the Seas tomorrow had a little time on their hands and called the folks at the Bahamas Health Visa Travel Compliance Unit to inquire about the Abbott BinaxNOW COVID-19 Ag Card Home Test being accepted for entry to The Bahamas by vaccinated travelers. The short answer is yes it is. So here's a viable option for people to perform a quick Rapid Antigen test at relatively low cost if they cannot find a local source for such testing that is convenient for their schedule. Here's the long explanation of it all...
  19. Technically they're a prescription item and I think that's why the limitation (1, 2 or 3 names is evenly divisible into 6 tests, maybe). Optum sells 1- (sold out right now though), 2- and 3-packs. But for the price difference, I might just buy 2 6-packs. 🙂 COVID-19 Home Tests | Optum Store
  20. Matt over at Royal Caribbean Blog posted his experience taking the test; you can go there and see it among the last couple of blog posts since I can't link it here. You end up with proof of a negative result and all the necessary info. That via email as well as the App-based electronic version should be all The Bahamas needs from such a test. Should be fine. Maybe someone will give it a try soon since it all gets submitted in advance; you'd know right away if there was a problem with acceptance and could then just go to some local place to do it again.
  21. Correct URL: Interim Clinical Considerations for Use of COVID-19 Vaccines | CDC
  22. There's a few airlines that use it, and American Airlines is one of them.
  23. Pfizer has publicly stated they expect the results of their current trial for ages 5-11 in September and will likely apply for approval shortly thereafter. The results of the trial for ages 2-5 should be available shortly thereafter and the trial for those 6 months to 2 years by November or December. Moderna also has various trials underway though generally trails Pfizer's by a few months.
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