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  1. shareholders@carnival.com i have been using the same "form" email for the past 3-4 years: Hi! I'm sailing on Carnival Horizon on July XXth (6days) booked on: xx/xx/xx Name: YYYYYYYYYYYYYY Booking No: ABCDEFG Ship: Carnival Horizon Room # 123456 Sailing Date: July 18, 2021 Attached is a statement from May 31 showing XXXXXXXXXX shares owned.
  2. sometimes it shows up on cruise planner.. (hang on going to go check ours for 2 weeks from now), it doesn't show on our current planner for the shareholder credits. my wife got an email. for others that are having issues i wonder if faxing or emailing makes a difference? i've always emailed ours.
  3. i've always got it... we even got it on our free cruise with princess. now our free and reduced rates are always from the casino so maybe thats different. as a matter of fact we just got ours for mardi gras cruise that is very reduced (again through casino).
  4. and free drink on 5th night.. but again you have to tell them or you just automatically get charged
  5. if you want learn the nuances of craps, the best way is to stand and watch and ask. there are almost always people willing to answer questions. i only play craps and love when someone wants to learn. it's probably not advisable to try and learn at 9pm though when the table is packed. just try watching then. craps looks like the most complicated but it's really not, the biggest thing that confuses people when they walk up to the table is the number of chips all over the place and how people are throwing money everywhere. just let the team on the table know you are knew, they will be glad to help. just remember keep the dice in one hand... do not move them from one hand to the other! 🙂
  6. sometimes it does show on our cruise planner .. as OBC not as stock holders credit. i've had multiple show but a few haven't.
  7. 99% of the time it is for the person that got the offer. in our case both my wife and i had the offer on our "offers" page so our PVP said we both got it as we did in july on horizon. if my wife is standing with me while i'm playing craps (and she's not playing) or i'm watching her play slots they will give both of us our drinks. we don't both have to be playing. the servers don't really care as long as you tip them :)
  8. We were on horizon in July and ate in mDR each night. There were definitely no enforcement
  9. hi @Goldenaero5, we were on horizon a month ago. i purchased the lowest level wifi b/c all i wanted was imessage. it wouldn't work with that level. had to get the 2nd level wifi to get it to work. i believe it used to work with the lowest level, but it appears they have since blocked it on the lowest level. the last two cruises (mar 2020 yeah we were on last cruise to go out, jul 2021) required 2nd level wifi.
  10. That's awesome.. you should really send those to JHeald and ask him if you can still use them :)
  11. I did and didn’t see anything but it’s actually a very small roll call and very inactive
  12. i'm not eligible.... so they don't show you if it is an ultra/premier cruise
  13. Is there any way to tell if a cruise is an ultra or premier cruise (i'm not ultra or premier). the last two cruises i've been on have been ultra and it seems those cruises bring bigger wagers to the tables. would just like to know before i book :) looking at oct 31 magic cruise thanks
  14. We are looking at booking Magic to belize/honduras for oct 31st. we have pretty good casino offers which expire on aug 31st... wondering if they will get better starting in september. what do you think?
  15. yeah people are cancelling...and prices (at least casino offers) have been getting better and better each time a new month rolls around
  16. that's what i'm trying to understand... nothing is going to be removed for oct/nov sailings for sure.. and i really doubt dec will be any less than they currently are. i'm waiting on sept to start to see the lower prices on october cruises :)
  17. it is totally redundant. and thanks for letting me know what it was when you change ships...i wondered if there was a name when you just changed ships! thanks! and i hope she enjoys her side2side :)
  18. We have never cruises HAL is it better to book through one of the vacation planners or just book it online? we've only ever used some kind of planner person with princess. we have mostly been in carnival and were told on a cruise a couple weeks ago that we should have one of carnivals PVP because we can get slightly better deals and more OBC. just wondering thanks in advance
  19. Just fyi. I always bought lowest and was able to use imessage, it appears they have upgrade equipment now. I bought lowest level and couldn’t get imessage at all. Ended up upgrading to 2nd level from bottom and it then worked. yes, I know they have always said imessage doesn’t work with any package, but I never had issues on any boat before until horizon this year
  20. my wife ended up using her own straws on horizon. They had the fake straws and they sucked. Take your own
  21. we were vaccinated and never tested. But you have to know things are changing daily, what happened on this weeks cruise may very well be different next week. Especially with the number of cases in Florida right now.
  22. Yes you get a discount 10% before hand if you buy beforehand you can go to guest services and have them back it out and apply your OBC (so I’ve heard never done it) btw before you could use iMessage on lowest plan but on horizon this time you could not. Only fb and other social media (and yes I know it says that, but it worked before). Evidently they did some IT updates. I ended up having to upgrade to middle level plan to get access to iMessage
  23. i didn't play any blackjack (only craps) so i don't know what BJ were paying. but yes they had some tables that were dealing from shoes
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