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  1. I'd take any of the above rates - our current "discounted" rate is $64 per day on April 4th 2020 Symphony. Dan
  2. We did this with our twin girls (age 10 at the time) on our 2018 Allure sailing (just paid for them). You get to choose the design of the cupcake. They had a blast, the cupcakes are huge and loved the fact that it was a small group, and that people were watching them. The cupcakes are packaged so you can take with you rather than eat right then. They also received a voucher for a free ice cream. Dan
  3. Was on Indy last week. If memory serves, Grease played night one and two, while Once Upon A time played the last couple of nights. Related note, on the 3rd night they had an awesome Journey tribute band by the name of Resurrection. Not sure if they will still be on the ship but a must see in my opinion. Drummer in fact was a back-up in the actual band for many years. Dan
  4. Thanks Biker, guess I'm a little too early then.
  5. emailed both the general dining address provided by Bob and the ship specific address in OP's post (with edits) almost 72 hours ago and not even an automatic reply email response. Still 3 weeks away from our sailing but was trying to arrange something special for one of our daughters who has been in and out of the hospital about 15 days of the last month.
  6. Made me laugh so hard I spilled my coffee!
  7. That's great service indeed, thanks for sharing. Where were you able to find the email address? I have a similar request for our upcoming Independence cruise but I would be completely guessing at the abbreviation for the email address.
  8. All ships offer drink packages but the regular price as well as the sale price varies from ship to ship, even sailing to sailing.
  9. You pay when you purchase (now, for example if you like the price). Price can fluctuate worse than gas prices! As others have mentioned, you can always cancel that purchase and purchase at a lower price if it becomes available. We are on Indy beginning of April and $46 has been the best price for a while. We initially booked during a sale last year at $49. Just have to check your cruise planner on a regular basis.
  10. I have to wear wide width shoes due to bone damage, surgeries, etc. and typically go up a size or two so they will fit. I seem to recall all of their shoes were quite generous in size!.
  11. or just wear the shoes they have with your own socks, that's what I did. Not any worse than shoes at a bowling alley! 🙂
  12. What I remember from our Allure cruise is that I couldn't wear my Keens (not the sandal style, like a shoe) and also had to wear socks. Had to run back to our cabin for socks, then found out the Keens were unacceptable. They have shoes you can put on with your own socks. They didn't want me to wear my sunglasses either but since they are prescription, I was able to.
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