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  1. I was able to get on earlier and I was able to snag $3000 in gift card and literally right after buying them, the site wasn't loading again. I'm glad to have a big chunk of what we need bought at least.
  2. When are you sailing? We are on the Jan 9 one....had it booked since Nov 2018.
  3. Thank you both! Great to know all of that! I wondered how the hub chat worked so that we didn't miss messages, especially with teen boys that aren't the best at communicating what's going on. lol
  4. Thank you for your reply....so if we wanted to chat using the hub app we would have to buy 5 hub apps and also 3 internet plans because the hub app isn't included in the internet package?
  5. Our family of 5 will be sailing on Horizon and we are trying to figure out our budget. We have 3 teens and we all have iphones. We obviously want to be able to keep track of the kids while on board but I'm confused about the messaging options. My husband, myself, and dd will want internet for FB but our boys don't need actual internet on their phones because they don't use FB. Is messaging through the hub app reliable enough? Last cruise we were on we used what's app for messaging, that's part of the internet package, correct? So if we wanted to use that we would have to pay for internet for all 5 of us, but if we used the hub app to message we could get away with paying a lot less for the boys? Am I right on that? If we want the hub app and internet do we have to pay for both or is the hub app included in the internet price? I tried to search so I didn't need to make a post, but I couldn't find much by way of the most economical way.
  6. Loved St Maarten, it's such a beautiful island and we loved the ziplining. St Kitts was also beautiful and there was so much to see and do there. I'm glad to hear that so many love Aruba and Curacao because next January we are cruising there.
  7. We will be sailing a year from now...on the Dream there was a "private deck" up front that was unknown to most cruisers so we were the only ones out there. Does The Horizon have a deck like that?
  8. We were able to get switched from YTD to early on embarkation. We got a postcard in our mailbox the next day saying that we were switched for that night. There were only 5 of us though and we had FTTF, so I don't know if that mattered or not.
  9. Instead of waiting for a gift card, we went to the casino and added the amount of our S&S balance onto a slot machine, spent a few dollars and ten cashed the whole amount out at the cashier.
  10. Last year on Nov 28 we booked a cruise on Horizon with $50 per person deposits and $50 on board credit. My niece wants to book a cabin on the same cruise with $50 deposit so she's hoping for that sale again this year.
  11. We did the one Cozumel at Dolphin Discovery. I wish we had saved the money and not bothered. It was as fun or exciting as we had thought it would be because like others have said, it's all about the pics. They have you standing around in water for long stretches to make sure that everyone poses with the dolphin in all different poses and very little time is actually interacting with the dolphin. I almost felt like we were held hostage and it took much longer than they state on their website, I was almost afraid we would miss the ship because it was like 5 hours. We barely had time to scarf down lunch and look at the pics. They REALLY push the sale of the pics too. I would not recommend this excursion and wish we had gone to Paradise Beach like we debated between. In Grand Cayman definitely go see the sting rays, sooooo much fun! They are in their natural habitat so it so much better than the dolphin swim.
  12. Views of St John The Fascination in St Thomas Lunch view in St John Monkey feeding in Barbados Bathsheba Barbados
  13. View of New Orleans Jamaica sunset View from our lunch spot in Grand Cayman
  14. How do you know when check in times become available? My cruise isn't until Jan 8, 2021 but we have a good sized group that would all like the same check in.
  15. We did this cruise last February for our 20th anniversary. We loved it! The ship wasn't as big or nice as The Dream which is the only other cruise we have been on, but we still found plenty to keep us entertained. We did an excursion at every port so we weren't on the ship that much anyway. We had no problem ever finding somewhere to sit on the ship away from others, it actually didn't seem like many were on the cruise because it always seemed so empty. We did miss the dive in movies, that was one of our favorite things on the Dream but we were tired and went to bed early most nights anyway. We would definitely book this cruise again without a second thought!
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