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  1. FTTF is not for everyone (see the 9,083,987,432 threads about "is FTTF worth it?") however for us, it is. We like to embark early (which suites embark before FTTF guests) and head straight to our cabin. I don't want to embark early and have to carry my luggage & cases of soda around), We want to go unpack and be settled in before half of the pax have even made it to the terminal. That way we can grab lunch and relax. Then on the last night of our cruise, I go to guest services and pay our balance with gift cards and I don't want to stand behind the eleventy bazillion people that a
  2. Just to clarify, suites DO NOT include FTTF. If you want FTTF you have to purchase that separately. We always purchase FTTF with our suites so that way we can go straight to our cabin when we embark. Otherwise you have to wait until 1:30 like everyone else. We also like the priority line at guest services and priority luggage delivery, something you do not get with a suite unless you purchase FTTF.
  3. That's awesome! Cookie was a contestant on there last month, and won something.
  4. teknoge3k

    AI in Cancun

    Have a blast!! When our cruise was cancelled last year, we flew to Punta Cana for 10 days and loved it. Our cruise for May of this year was cancelled so we're going to Cancun. We're going back to Punta Cana in June.
  5. I agree with Greg, you must be getting different plates than us. Every time I have eaten there for lunch, it's been tiny portions and I have ended up ordering 2 plates. They are small, like salad portions.
  6. I also believe all Playa and AMResorts properties are doing the same thing. At least in the Dominican. Free testing on site and free accommodations if anyone tests positive for themselves +1.
  7. Last April we went to Florida to Tampa / Clearwater area. Then in May we went to Myrtle Beach. In June we went to Charleston SC. In July we went to Cap Cana in the Dominican Republic. We didn't go anywhere in August or September. In October we went to Florida again, to Miami. In December we went to Gatlinburg. We haven't been anywhere since December. This year, in April we're going to D.C.. In June, and July we're going back to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. That's all we have planned at this point. It's been wonderful traveling since last year during Covid wher
  8. Enjoy yourself!! It's been great traveling this past year with low capacity at the resorts. I expect pictures when you return. 🙂
  9. Yea because that's someones house/apt/etc. In the DR, they have companies that will come to the resorts and hotels that doesn't offer the free testing, and will do the testing for you for a decent cost. They email or WhatsApp you the results within X amount of hours. I am not sure if Cozumel has anything like that but you may look into it if you're going to Cozumel. It sure it cheaper than going to a medical center.
  10. As mentioned, most resorts in the Dominican and Mexico have a plan in place for this. Most of them offer free testing and you can stay there for 14 days if you test positive. I am sure other countries have a plan in place, I just know of the ones in the DR and Mexico from my research.
  11. We came to Clearwater back in November and it was my first time there. Normally we spend our time in Miami or Ft. Lauderdale. My cousin is the manager of a Hilton out there and invited us to come out and spend some time there. We really liked that area.
  12. They allow yourself and 1 other to stay. The rest of my party would fly home without us. A lot of people were scared to travel early last year as well. We went to the DR in July, and in September. No issues either time. We've also gone to Florida several times, Myrtle Beach (yuck) and Gatlinburg. Aside from Gatlinburg, it's been nice to be at these places when there's not as many people there as normal. Gatlinburg however, I have never seen as many people there in my life as I did when we went in December. I will add that my previous post I mentioned we were going to
  13. Not the slightest bit concerned. Most of the resorts in the DR provide free testing, and many of them allow you to stay 14 days free if there's a positive test.
  14. 😆 In June we're going to The Level at Melia Caribe Punta Cana. We want to go to Hyatt Ziva but some other cruise friends are going with us, and Ziva was out of their budget so we were stuck with Melia. Ziva and Melia are both family friendly, we'll have kids with us. We'll be there for 9 days. In July, we're going to Sanctuary in Cap Cana. We went there last year when we couldn't cruise and it was absolutely amazing. The DR reopened to visitors on July 15th and we arrived July 19th so things were just reopening there. I want to say there were 150 people at the resort when we went?
  15. Most of the resorts in the DR are doing that at no charge. At least the ones we looked at, and booked. We usually only stay at 5* resorts. My wife says I'm a hotel/resort snob. 😂
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