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  1. We're sailing at the end of May, and I have all of our excursions booked. Granted, we never use Carnival for excursions and always book with the locals. It's nice to have everything ironed out and locked in. Airbnb is booked pre & post cruise, excursions are booked, cruise is paid in full. Now just to wait on Southwest to open flights for that date and the date to hurry up and get here.
  2. I'm glad I am not the only one. I've looked at it quite a bit and I don't see any typo. It says $300 for the 5 days or less...
  3. That's incorrect. FTTF will be on the MG next year, according to Carnival.
  4. I will say this. When we flew to the Dominican Republic for vacation in July, the plane was completely full both going down, and coming back. When we flew into Charlotte, there were a million (+/- 7) in line at customs coming in from other flights with us.
  5. To be fair, those bags are small even when you roll your clothes tight. We're a family of 4 and we always vacation a week pre-cruise, and a week post-cruise so we have to do laundry. I have used those bags to carry laundry from our cabin to the launderette where I wash clothes. 4-5 of those bags can fit into a single load in a machine when you do it yourself, and I typically have 2 loads to do. Sometimes 3. We like to have all of our laundry clean when we debark the ship so when we get home, we only have a weeks worth of dirty laundry from the post-cruise activities. Unless our Airbnb has a washer/dryer then of course I do laundry there.
  6. Are you signed in? I had no problem purchasing it for my sailings next year.
  7. I hope that's just a rumor and that isn't the way things go. We never do Carnival excursions and I don't really plan to. :\
  8. We were there in May, and in June (MB) and we didn't and nobody tracked us.
  9. Like many others, I am part of the "no mask crew". However when we went to the Dominican Republic last month I knew I had to have one to fly. If I didn't have one, I couldn't fly. So I went and found me a mask for our 4 out flight. I bit the bullet because I wanted my vacation to happen. As soon as I debarked the plane it came off, and stayed in my luggage until I got back on the plane to come home. If I had to wear a mask at embarkation and in the terminal to cruise, I absolutely would because I want my cruise to happen. I would bite the bullet again for an hour or however long it would take me from the terminal to being on the ship. I however wouldn't cruise if I had to wear one on the ship, I'd wait it out until those rules changed. I definitely will never in my life get a Covid vaccine so if that's some mandate they come up with, then my cruising days would be over. I'd be sad but I could still fly to the Caribbean.
  10. I think it was an employer based thing. I could be wrong as I don't keep up with other states. When we came back from the Dominican Republic last month my wife had to get tested before going back to work and work from home until she had a negative result. I have never been tested and never stayed home.
  11. No building that I have been in with elevators has had an attendant. Granted, I don't live in a huge city but in a city with close to 300,000 people, more than a cruise ship has... I know in places like NYC they have attendants. I just couldn't see this being a 'thing' on a ship.
  12. If I had to guess, I would say people on oxygen, those undergoing chemo, etc.
  13. Clear all of your cookies and cache from Allstate then try. Or, use an incognito tab. You have the correct site. - Once you're finished, be sure to logout. If you logout, it shouldn't give you issues. If you just close the tab then it gives you issues the next time.
  14. I am ready to get back on a ship. If Carnival announced that they would cruise tomorrow for those who wanted to, I'd be on the ship. Unfortunately we don't have one booked until May '21. I'll just sit and wait, and try to be patient. 😉
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