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  1. This morning I reserved our first cruise with Seabourn, sailing on Encore 7 - 17 April 2020. Does anyone have a coupon or voucher available? Can the coupon or voucher be applied after the reservation is completed? If yes+yes, contact me at drei911s at mindspring dot com. Thanks! --- Coco
  2. https://www.sickchirpse.com/bars-italy-started-using-pasta-straws-reduce-waste/ Search for Stroodles.
  3. You should post this offer to your specific roll call, not on this forum.
  4. As others mentioned, I like to know how crowded a port will be and the scheduled arrival & departure times of the other ships. I may select an earlier or later shore excursion with the possibility of smaller crowds before a large ship arrives or after it departs. Often I use cruisetimetables to research which ships call at a port that interests me. Also for smaller ports, I can choose an acceptable ship that will be in that port on a day with fewer ships.
  5. We disembarked from Magellan in Liverpool last July. Because we were in no hurry to disembark, I can't help you with a reliable time estimate. When we finally disembarked, we were glad that we were staying in the adjacent Crown Plaza because the line for taxis was unbelievably long. If you encounter a long line, walk 1/2 block from the terminal and request an Uber. While in Liverpool, we used Uber and found that all responded quickly.
  6. I agree about the changed access to the forums. I liked using the now-defunct app. I would pop into the forums daily and now it is closer to weekly. The roll call for last year's Greenland cruise had a lot of activity. Some tour ideas may be useful.
  7. Maybe that is why low-voltage coffee is more popular in the US. !!LOL!! I have used electric kettles while staying in the UK and was surprised at how quickly the water boiled. I never thought about the voltage difference until you mentioned it. Fortunately in the US you can order 'Sweet Tea' (iced tea with plenty of sugar) without the s.w.e.e.t. Just ask for unsweetened tea. Good iced tea is brewed, sweetened (or not), then chilled to serve. Not-so-good iced tea is made from instant powder.
  8. Hi Libby and Norm, You might want to post your inquiries and private shore excursion offers on the roll call for this cruise. The roll call activity will increase when the CMV shore excursions become available and the embarkation date approaches. I haven't studied the shore excursions yet, but I will be posting information to the roll call about a pre-cruise private tour to Bath, Stonehenge, and Windsor on Friday, 19 July. I doubt that any UK folks would be interested, but someone arriving early from a foreign country (very few of us) might be interested. Regards,
  9. Few people in the US own an electric teakettle when compared to UK households. Some US folks may have an old-fashioned teakettle to heat water on a stovetop, while others may use a regular cooking pot. Many tea drinkers use a microwave to heat water, especially if brewing a single mug. A few lucky folks have a heated tap installed at the sink. The numerous 'kettle' posts on various forums and groups always have been by UK people. US folks are generally more interested in sourcing properly-brewed coffee. More iced tea than hot tea is consumed in the US. "Americans are, for instance
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