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  1. And a limit on bottled water on the Alcoholic packages of only 6 per day!!! Soft Drinks Package AUD$15.00/per person per day VIEW DETAILS The Spring Water Package AUD$21.00/flat VIEW DETAILS Alcohol-free Drinks Package AUD$29.00/per person per day VIEW DETAILS P&O Drinks Package AUD$109.00/per person per day VIEW DETAILS RECOMMENDED P&O Plus Drinks Package AUD$119.00/per person per day VIEW DETAILS LOAD MORE
  2. Absoloutely agree, Royal has lifted there price way to far for our liking, many better deals out their.
  3. I am going on Encouter next week, I will ask the question for you and grab one if they are still available.
  4. We leave on the Pacific Encounter in 10 days 24/02/24, this was another players club offer. 14 day New Zealand Cruise for $500 with the $100 casino play. Another 10 day Papua New Guinea in June, same again players club deal. We get that many offers we can't take them all up and honestly we don't really gamble much at all. Have a bit play in casino but never spend any more than $200!
  5. We also have planned both the intinary's you speak about here in 2024. New Zealand in Febuary (60 days to go) and Papua New Guinea in June, been on both prior and loved each one. We cruised to Papua New Guinea in June 2023, it was fantastic typical sticky hot conditions. No bad weather however, a littke rain up their as always. War history was fantastic although did not do everything. Saying this we planned the exact same intinary and date for 2024 and I would recomend this.
  6. Love the Voyager, my favourite ship we have sailed on out of Australia.
  7. Oh yes, Gatsby is a big night and a lot of people participate. White night is great on the Lido deck also.
  8. After reading this whole thread, the definate trend is that P&O have and will continue to cut always included choices and nickel and dime where they can. P&O Aust are the budget cruise line and generally have the cheapest fares. We have been on 2 P&O cruises post Covid and mostly agree with all coments in this thread however, to be very honest, the only thing that is keeping us cruise with P&O Aust is the deals we are getting from P&O Players Club. At $500 per the 2 of us we can put up with the Nickel and Diming as we can spend a little more at the specailty restraunts like Lukes. We will be dong 2 more cruises on the Encounter next year, 14 day NZ and a 10 day PNG cruises, both from the players club at $500 each cruise for both of us. All in all, any cruise for us is a cruise after all. Some are exellent some are OK, we make the best of any s@#t situation.
  9. How funny is that, I was just watching the La Lido Loca channel on youtude and Tony showed the Ambassador as he is on the Carribean Princess at the moment in Canada. Our very first cruise was on the Dawn 11 dayer out of Sydney. You never forget your first !! Pentacost cruise and seen the land divers, they were crazy!!!
  10. We have been very lucky by the sounds of these experience however, the only bad experience we have had is customs in L.A, VERY grumpy and intimidating looking. Our PNG disimbarkment in June this year went smooth, we declared and carried our woodern carving through. We were sent through another line only to be asked if that is all we had and let through.
  11. Its funny, have cruised just as much on those 3 lines mentioned and spent the same budget we always take but never got any offers from their casino's.
  12. That is correct, we do not overspend in the casino, sure we have a play for fun and budget for it however, never go overboard.
  13. We have been cruising for many years and have around 300 days at sea on 6 different lines with a pretty even mixture of time spent between them all. In this time, we have had many offers come from different lines however, the past 6 months P&O players club have been sending us a fantastic offer. We have taken up this offer 3 times know with the latest one being a 14 night NZ cruise.They have all been the price- $500 for my wife and I in an oceanview room. We have been recieving this offer via email and snail mail nearly every 6 - 8 weeek. In all the years we have been cruising no other deal from any other cruise line has offered this, even with all the loyalty programs we are in still nothing comes close. All other lines have not come close to these offers. Thanks P&O.
  14. Thanks for all this history, it is fantastic to from a late blooming cruiser, they would have been some great memories. Nothing like you would get these days, with all the penny pitching from cruise lines and not to mention the winge and whine you hear these days about every little thing!!! There was shared bathrooms and not a worry in the world on these ships..
  15. Just make sure your covered in case you need to use the medical facilities on the ship. We are cruising to PNG in June and we are not worrying to much about Covid insurance meaning cancelation costs and so forth. We are still getting insurance. That is my opinion only though!!!
  16. Love the new muster drills. Very versitile and not so dramatic.
  17. We are 29 days out from our Pacific Encounter cruise embarking from Brisbane.We also have not got our room designated as yet either, from past experience (Pacific Explorer) in March this year, we were designated our room about 7 days out from our cruise and was able book a 12pm embarkation time. the early ones were all gone.
  18. Yes Best of luck for you also!! We sail out of Brisbane in early June!
  19. Had a look today, there is BYRON BAY suites available IF you book 4 pax!?
  20. Dosn't look like the mini suites have them, Byron Bay Suite and up by the look of it.
  21. That is exactly what I did. Correct, nothing available to book on the web site except the Penthouse suites and that is the one we bid HARD on. If available at room alocation time our bid is HIGH so maybe,just maybe a good chance!! Can only hope, got our ocenview cabin VERY cheap from The Players Club deal so will be way ahead if we get it.
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