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  1. When I called to add WiFi my PCP mentioned cancellations had started to pick up again so the occupancy might be going down. Also as mentioned above she was unaware of ho the elite WiFi package worked in terms of 50% OBC refund.
  2. There are probably a few things going on. Elites probably have cruise credits to burn and few options. In my case I had trips to Peru and Greece cancelled so with nowhere to go jumped on a reduced fare casino offer that made it affordable as a solo traveler. It seemed like there were more elite on the first couple of cruises. The good news is with fewer elite there shouldn’t be much delay on laundry.
  3. Sorry I will miss you - I am on the September 12th. Sounds like you are right down the street from me I am at gvp and warm springs.
  4. I’m coming from Vegas and you can book two weeks ahead at cvs.
  5. Thanks for some reason I have missed it the last couple of times. I hoped to make it this time 😞
  6. Does anyone know what day or days they are having the British pub lunch,
  7. Thanks for asking - I can’t seem to find on the website or medallion app on how to purchase the WiFi for elite.
  8. They either reprogram or replace. I remember there was a delay in opening the casino on a transpacific from Sydney where they changed from one currency to another.
  9. Lots of good advice here. 1. Currency depends on where the ship is or is going but charging to your account is probably the simplest although I do use USD when it is available.. 2. Even if you gamble a little you can get some decent offers on future cruises. 3. I have not been very lucky but have stayed within my budget. Video poker has a higher denom for maximum play - the equivalent of playing 50 cent machines in Vegas. 4. The casino is a bit stingy on drinks but now that beverage packages are pretty standard not really an issue.
  10. I was a bit encouraged by an article on CNBC indicating the Pfizer vaccine is showing 90% efficacy against The Delta variant. However, the Delta variant appears to be hitting children harder than other variants and transmission through younger is higher so causing some concern with unvaccinated. If the US has a spike similar to Britain the CDC might tighten restrictions on unvaccinated. The Delta variant is currently at 6% of infections in the US and the affect on areas with low vaccination rates is worth watching. Given the high percentage of people with Pfizer or Moderna it is unlikely hospitalizations will be of concern in areas with high vaccination rates.
  11. There was a hearing today and the judge said he would issue a ruling soon and the parties also continued arbitration. I’m not certain what to make of what was discussed during the hearing. I suspect the judge is keeping his cards to the vest but not certain how Florida can claim jurisdiction over the CDC or federal authority regarding international maritime.
  12. This is a true statement but the supporting data tends to lag the headline data. There are a number of variables. 1. countries using vaccines with lower efficacy rates are sometimes seeing some issues. 2. Demographics and co-morbidities play a role. I hate to say it because the same argument was distorted early in the pandemic but there is some truth to looking at the underlying data because some of the headline numbers have been distorted. For example, the numbers cited a few posts up are true and there is emerging concern in Britain on the Delta variant but it would be interesting to see the demographic variance amongst groups. Hamblin of the Atlantic has expressed the same concern about some of the recent headlines on breakthrough cases. 3. This continues to be an evolving disease and more variants are bound to follow. Frankly, the data out of Britain on Delta variant has me concerned and I continue to wear a mask in crowded areas.
  13. There is a lot to digest since cruises such as this one are being watched carefully to determine how safe it is to cruise. There seems to be a LOT of press on this cruise. Yes you can still get COVID if you are vaccinated. The Delta variant might also be a concern. When it comes to travel some countries are highly vaccinated but are having issues with the low efficacy of the vaccines used. The Delta variant might be a ticking time bomb for the unvaccinated. If we choose to travel we will all be potential research cases in the event of a COVID breakout. If someone chooses to travel unvaccinated with forged vaccination documents they might find themselves navigating a foreign legal system. People make choices like this all the time. My next cruise is a river cruise in September in Peru. I am a bit nervous about what is going on in Peru but hope the safety precautions of the group and tour operator work out. Any international travel has its risks right now but I just assess the risk and take appropriate precautions. I’m also glad I have Pfizer.
  14. I thought the medallion was a little clunky when I first used it. I’m kind of looking forward to using it on the transatlantic nectar March to order drinks and play the game of whether the waiter can find me.
  15. It would be nice if all parties lowered the temperature on the issue and just discretely allowed things to move forward with proof of vaccination. I’m sure people in Alaska might feel the same way about vaccine passports but also recognize economic reality and it was amazing how the Alaska delegation shepherded through legislation to suspend the PVSA. They did it by being discrete and not raising any controversy. Let’s see if there is a diplomatic way out of the situation in Florida.
  16. I belong to a club that is also open to the public with a dress code. There is an exception for big names but otherwise it is at the discretion of the hostess. When someone walks up to the counter dressed inappropriately the hostess just says the club is booked or calls up to the club to confirm “there are no opening”. The irony of Florida’s law - you can be denied entry to a club for not being dressed appropriately but not denied entry for being a threat to public health. Life is a lot easier for me when I dress appropriately and work to be nice to staff and for some reason a table is always available. I am also vaccinated and hope that allows me to be welcomed back to travel.
  17. I certainly hope Princess sticks to a vaccination policy but things are very complex and evolving. My next scheduled Princess cruise is from Ft. Lauderdale to Barcelona next March. I’m pretty certain the vaccination protocol will be driven by what can get you into the EU. My next trip is a river cruise in Peru in September. Things don’t look good in Peru right now. Even vaccinated I probably will need to be masked and social distanced if the trip doesn’t get cancelled. The data coming out on Pfizer is looking pretty good with minimal risk. Also the vaccines are holding up well against variants. I decided to stop wearing a mask at work (pretty open and good social distancing) but continue to wear a mask shopping and at casinos. I stopped wearing a mask in lightly attended movie theaters. So the data is showing good promise for the vaccinated but the new CDC protocols have actually increased the risk by about 69% for the unvaccinated. As for the unvaccinated that have had COVID it is not clear how well the antibodies hold up to the variants. With time more studies will come out. However, the US is just one country and 4% of the world’s population so how much we can travel depends a lot on what is going on throughout the rest of the world and things are changing daily. Making risk assessments will be somewhat complex for a while but I feel more comfortable knowing I am vaccinated and the people around me are vaccinated.
  18. I had to have covid insurance for Costa Rica for two weeks. I waived the trip cancellation coverage and the price was about $55. The Princess policy probably covers covid.
  19. I’ve become less concerned about the cheaters with the additional studies and data on the efficacy of the vaccine. According to the Washington Post this week - those that are unvaccinated have a 69% increased risk for COVID with the new CDC guidelines and vaccinated have minimal increased risk. Additionally the vaccines are holding up very well against the variants but those that have been previously infected and unvaccinated are more likely to get infected again - although not as severely as unvaccinated with no prior illness. I am sorry for the passing of your sister. I too have seen too much loss due to people having differing opinions on the right protocols and continuing to suffer as long haulers. The cruise ship guidelines give me some comfort and the research is backs up there is minimal risk to vaccinated although there is some risk. It will be interesting to see what happens when a cheater gets through, becomes infected and then possibly encounters unexpected legal and financial responsibility for their actions.
  20. Royal Caribbean just put out their requirements. Paper cdc card required for US passengers and electronic only acceptable for countries that issue only electronic.
  21. Planes run both ways too. In my experience I have not been able to board a plane without presenting the documentation required by a country for entry. It will be interesting to see if people try to board airplanes without the proper documentation because of an interpretation of a state law.
  22. Not certain the order would apply to transatlantics. If the EU or Britain required proof of vaccination for clearance to travel then you would need foreign governmental sanction to board the ship. Basically if you don’t meet the requirements for a visa or whatever you want to call it then you don’t get to travel.
  23. This seems to sum up the complexity of thing in the US versus countries that can do things through a central authority. In some areas you see inter-agency and inter-state working groups that work out standardized agreements - for example the Colorado River Compact (which is an agreement amongst 10 or 11 states and Mexico). The CDC has limited authority and each of the states have their own view of what is safe and reasonable. If all of the port states work together on a framework that considered their international partners things would move pretty quickly if everyone played well together. From a game theory perspective playing well with others gets things moving pretty quickly but is easier said than done. If there isn’t a working group amongst states and agencies then it will take some time to get things moving in the US.
  24. Looks like vaccine and test requirements for passengers and crew are part of the directive. I’m good with that.
  25. Another twist for me has been that when I call my PVA to book a cruise the rate comes up significantly less than the rate showing on the website. I usually travel solo and the rate for a transatlantic with all of the perks was $700 less than what was showing as the casino rate on the website. Nowadays if I like the rate on the website I know I will really like the rate when I call my PVA.
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