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  1. You can even extend to Buenos Aires - jus book LA to BA - so 35 days for less than $109 a day interior.
  2. I’m curious as to what the premium desserts will be😃. I am good with the gelato but would like other options. I never got the gelato since it was extra and I am cheap. I wish they would still have gelato choices at dinner but now only lunch. It looks like they are picking up on X on special dining rooms for different classes. I think a specialty dining package would work out well especially on the larger ships.
  3. I bid on the Discovery Oct 8 on an ocean view, an obstructed balcony and obstructed deluxe balcony. Received two notification of failed bids this morning and the success on the obstructed deluxe. I bid in the low to medium range for all of them.
  4. Received the upgrade offer for Discovery in October last night. I bid on three upgrade choices. Based on what I am reading on this thread the offers are tailored to what someone booked and the starting point varies based on the sold out status of the ship. The meter of weak to strong is probably more of a marketing ploy than a realistic indicator but we will find out when people start posting their experiences.
  5. I believe it depends on the country. The EU required boosters in March but things constantly change.
  6. I don’t think there is WiFi on the bus but there will be WiFi at the Seattle airport.
  7. I’ve did Alaska last year on the Majestic and there were no problems with Glacier Bay. It is a really nice ship and somewhat more upscale in appearance than other ships of its class.
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