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  1. From what I have heard and seen other places in this forum yes you can, but only on the Vista. The Horizon and Panorama do not have the ability to lock and open the patio door from the outside.
  2. April 19, 2020, cruise on the Panorama canceled on March 30. Cheers and internet refunded on May 20, FTTF refunded about May 18 and still waiting on refund of port charges, taxes and prepaid gratuities. The cruise fare and OBC for rescheduling was practically instantly applied to my replacement booking in April 2021.
  3. I'll just make good use of my Cheers package and constantly will have a drink in my hand. No mask because I am drinking; problem solved! 😁 Seriously, though, if masks are still required I don't think the no sail order will be lifted. But if it is, I got Cheers!
  4. My Fun Times for today says I'm in Mazatlan (or at least should be). I'd be sitting on a lounge chair in Havana enjoying a cold cocktail and probably reading a good book!
  5. Got it for my April 2021 trip, saving $171.00 for the two of us! Still waiting, however, for the over $2K that Carnival owes me from my canceled April 2020 trip for cheers, wifi, FTTF, tips, taxes and fees! My FCC and OBC for the rescheduled trip have been already been applied, so that's good.
  6. Now this is what I'm talking 'bout!! Breakfast of champions!! Is this the regular bloody mary at Pig & Anchor or do you need to order it as something else? Sailing in a Havana Cabana in April - I may never leave deck 5.
  7. If you haven't' already, you really need to try In N Out Burger. There are some in Vegas and of course in California. Double double animal style with extra well done fries and sides of spread for dippin! Party on a plate. 🙂
  8. I meant to say that it is not illegal to drink in the streets in Mexico! At least it;s not in Puerto Vallarta as we've taken unfinished drinks out of restaurants and have ordered margaritas to to go. This is what happens when you read the first post too quick.. I thought it read was it legal, not illegal!
  9. Yup! Those margaritas to go after lunch are awesome! i liked sitting and drinking and people watching while the rest of the crew goes shopping.
  10. Following along! I love St. Greg's reviews and since I am sailing on the Panorama this April am even more excited to see this one! For PV you won't need a tour bus. Just hop in a cab or take the city bus to the Malecon. Lots of shops, restaurants and sights all with an ocean view. The malecon has sculptures from various Mexican artists (one from one of my favorites - Sergio Bustamante). If you keep heading south on the malecon you will come across a cathedral and then can go across the river and into old town. We always try to have lunch at PIpis - awesome guacamole and margaritas - which is about two blocks up from the ocean at the northern end of the malecon. The one thing I love about Mexico is that you can order a margarita to go! Was there in November and after lunch ordered a peach margarita to go and enjoyed it while sitting under a shady tree on the waterfront while the others went shopping. Enjoy your trip and report accordingly!!
  11. Over on another website someone currently on the Panorama posted that despite having Cheers she was charged for the large format water bottle in the main dining room. After inquiry at guest services and with John Heald on that same site, it was apparently confirmed that as of January 1 the large format water bottles are no longer a part of Cheers. Anyone run into this on a sailing since the 1st? Just curious. The Carnival site still shows the large bottles in the main dining room as part of Cheers. Yes, I know this is a first world issue, but I would think that this would create more work for the waitstaff (and not really save on any plastic) by now having to make several trips to my table with more of the smaller bottles. So long as they don't take away my Patron or Grey Goose I'm still good!
  12. Finally the one thing I think everyone can agree to!
  13. Thanks but oh man, that sucks! I booked the second from the end cabana hoping that it was either like on the Vista where you can unlock the patio door from the outside or that there was hallway access to the very aft end of the bar, don't like that I have to traipse through the bar to get to the pool! Secret crew passage that I can use perhaps?
  14. It should only be open to those who paid the premium for a Havana cabin and not open to all at any time. And, if it were up to me, I'd raise the minimum age for a Havana cabin to 18!
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