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  1. Anyone know if they finished the expansion of the parking garage, or was that stalled due to the lockdown?
  2. Snorkeling in the Pacific or Sea of Cortez is most definitely not the same as the Caribbean. No. Comparison. Whatsoever. The Caribbean ports are sooo much nicer for snorkeling with that clear blue water and lots of colorful fish. The water in the Mexican Riviera is green looking and can be clear. Unlike some ports in the Caribbean where you can snorkel off a beach, in the MR you will need to take an excursion. In Cabo you will be in the Sea of Cortez which is clean and clear. The snorkeling will be off a boat, usually near rock formations. Have no snorkeling experience in Mazatlán. Bu
  3. One device at a time. My DD and I shared a plan and when one of us would log in the other would be automatically be logged out.
  4. I got it for our last 7 day cruise with the hopes of getting on board early and dropping our carry ons off at the cabin. Unfortunately it took us longer to get to the pier and we got on board about 10 minutes before all of cabins were open, so waste of money there. HOWEVER - to me it was worth every penny to skip the 30+ people deep guest services line on embarkation day. When one of those people made a comment to me that the line was "back there" I told him not for the VIP line. Had my issue (wanting to open the door between two balconies and the wifi not connecting on my phone
  5. THIS is why I rebooked from April 2021 to November 2022!! Hopefully by then this will all be a distant memory.
  6. Initially booked for April 2020, then April 2021; now booked for November 2022. I think anything for 2021 is wishful thinking.
  7. Truly a slippery slope in requiring a vaccine - where does it stop? No flying? No use of public transportation? Can't check into a hotel? I can, however, envision some rules such that if you have been vaccinated that you may not need to get a recent test, etc, before boarding. And what about those of us in states that are totally inept in rolling out the vaccine, like California, where I know I am not eligible for the vaccine for a long while and my adult children have an even longer wait. (Although, if I should commit a crime and get jailed I would be eligible for the vaccine
  8. I get it that if you cancel the cruise with a non refundable deposit, you forfeit that deposit. But what if the cruise line cancels the voyage, or no sail order is still in effect, do they still get to keep the deposit?
  9. I like the fact that there will be balcony options for the 3/4 days trips and a "newer" ship, just hope that the price of them stays reasonable. I don't like the fact that there will now only be one 3 day and one 4 day cruise per week. With the Imagination and Inspiration you had a choice of either leaving on on Thursday or Friday or on a Sunday or Monday. I hope that the reduced number of sailings don't drive prices up. Personally for the short 3 day trips I love the smaller ships. My absolute favorite one was the Monarch of the Seas from years ago, but also really enjoyed m
  10. From what I have heard and seen other places in this forum yes you can, but only on the Vista. The Horizon and Panorama do not have the ability to lock and open the patio door from the outside.
  11. April 19, 2020, cruise on the Panorama canceled on March 30. Cheers and internet refunded on May 20, FTTF refunded about May 18 and still waiting on refund of port charges, taxes and prepaid gratuities. The cruise fare and OBC for rescheduling was practically instantly applied to my replacement booking in April 2021.
  12. I'll just make good use of my Cheers package and constantly will have a drink in my hand. No mask because I am drinking; problem solved! 😁 Seriously, though, if masks are still required I don't think the no sail order will be lifted. But if it is, I got Cheers!
  13. My Fun Times for today says I'm in Mazatlan (or at least should be). I'd be sitting on a lounge chair in Havana enjoying a cold cocktail and probably reading a good book!
  14. Got it for my April 2021 trip, saving $171.00 for the two of us! Still waiting, however, for the over $2K that Carnival owes me from my canceled April 2020 trip for cheers, wifi, FTTF, tips, taxes and fees! My FCC and OBC for the rescheduled trip have been already been applied, so that's good.
  15. Now this is what I'm talking 'bout!! Breakfast of champions!! Is this the regular bloody mary at Pig & Anchor or do you need to order it as something else? Sailing in a Havana Cabana in April - I may never leave deck 5.
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