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  1. Nope, you take a leisurely stroll out into the ocean about waist deep . . . . .
  2. Lovin' the food and beverage p0rn! I may have to reconsider my usual Alchemy filthy vodka martini for my upcoming trip on the Miracle as tequila is up there on the fav list. Our traditional sail away beverages are shots of Patron silver and Coronas!
  3. We are going on the Miracle in about two months with another two families. I've used the Hub App in the past just for looking at schedules, and have not used the chat feature. Questions on the chat feature: Is it $5.00 per person for the chat feature for the whole cruise or $5.00 per person per day? Can you chat with someone who is not in your booking or can you only chat with the persons who are in your room/booking? To chat with someone who is not in your booking, if you can, do the reservations need to be linked? Guess I'm too used to text messages where you can use your contact list, can you create some sort of "cruise contact list" from the app while on board? Thanks!
  4. You never know what the weather is going to be like in the winter and early spring out here. We did the Inspiration 3 day in March 2018 and it rained in Ensenada but was a beautiful sunny sea day the next day. When RCI was still sailing out of LA we booked a last minute 3 day in January and it was rainy and cold all weekend, however, it was one of the best times we had on a 3 day cruise! We took advantage of all the shipboard activities, such as trivia, etc, and had a blast! Never had so much fun playing Pictionary before - all age groups were represented and it was hysterical. Can't help you on Catalina, but have been to Ensenada many, many times. When we go now pretty much don't get off the ship. The two shore excursions I have enjoyed are the wine tasting and La Bufadora. Wine tasting takes you to two wineries with a scenic drive inland. La Bufadora is the blow hole, which is a scenic ride south along the coast. At La Bufadora there are many shops that line the walkway to the actual blowhole, a good restaurant for lunch and if she's still there (in the area where the bus drops you off) The. Best Churros. Ever. It's a little push cart that makes the churros right there. Buy one bag when you get off the bus, and another for the ride back! You really don't need an excursion in Ensenada as there's not too much to see. You can get off the ship, and either walk or take a taxi in to town. Lots of shops and restaurants and bars.
  5. As i was reading earlier posts in this thread, only one thing kept going through my head. Couldn't resist.
  6. Aft. Anywhere, anytime. For me it's all about sitting on my balcony in the morning, sipping my coffee and watching the dolphins jumping in the wake. You also don't get as much wind off the back either. You may get a little more vibration aft, but that view is sooo worth it!
  7. Not chips, sticks! Hot, salty, sticks!! A couple of years ago I was with some friends at an In-N-Out and ordered my fries, as usual, extra well done. They put all the fry orders on one tray and one of my friends grabbed my fry boat by mistake. He started chowing down and commented that the fries were extra good that day. As I grabbed them back from him I replied "that's 'cause they're mine!" Needless to say he has order well done fries every time since! Oh, and don't forget to ask for some sides of spread. Great for dipping your fries.
  8. Made the request for Chef's Table on August 2, got the confirmation email today!!! It's the April 18, 2020 sailing.
  9. Well now this makes a whole lot more sense! Thanks for the clarification. Too bad Carnival is upping the passenger count on the Panorama with no fix to the parking situation in site. But it's good for the local hotels with the park and cruise options. For only $40 more than the cost of parking in the dome structure booked one (one night hotel and one week parking) for my 2020 Panorama cruise as it's the same weekend as the Gran Prix and who knows what the parking and traffic will be like for that Saturday!
  10. Well now, duh, that would make too much sense 😉
  11. Heard on another thread in this forum that at least twice in the last month (the June 29 and July 27 cruises) that the QM rents out the parking structure for weekend events and they don't let the week long cruisers park there, forcing them to go off site. Do you know if there's any way to find out when the QM is going to do this?
  12. I wonder what agreements the QM has with Carnival? Must be good as I can't see Carnival giving up over $40,000 in parking revenue! (That assumes about 300 cars parking for the week at $140 per car, which is a lot more then letting cars park for one or two nights over the weekend.) Did a little internet digging and found out that the QM had a Snoop Dog concert on the 27th. Hope there is no such event for my November Miracle trip. If they don't fix this then there will be a big issue with the Panorama. How big was the offsite garage that you parked in? Makes me almost want to book a room at the QM the night before the cruise and park with the Inspiration cruisers on Friday!
  13. Shots of Patron silver with either a Corona, Pacifico or a Red Stripe!
  14. Well the parking situation sucked, but glad you had a great trip! I'm surprised that Carnival will let the QM do that with the parking structure, especially on a cruise departure day. Did you happen to notice any construction in or near the current parking structure? Panorama is about for months away and I'm wondering how they're going to handle about 2000 more passengers and perhaps several hundred more cars!
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