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  1. How soon you forget, Tom. Michelle and Evelynn sat near your son's end of the chef's table dinner. It was Michelle who was demanding to see his driver's license so she wouldn't be removed by the cops in the next port of call.
  2. For now we do not receive separate seating or processing at the pier. As stated above we do however have online access to select our arrival time before it is opened to all guests.
  3. For two years before the pandemic pizza delivery, including to cabins, was an option.
  4. On a diving expedition off Baja Sur Jacque Cousteau called La Paz the world's aquarium.
  5. The flip flop is old school. Now you tie your face mask to the chaise lounge.
  6. Yes, it's a small town on the Sea of Cortez that Carnival shuttle buses take you to on a 25 minute ride from the industrial pier where the ship docks. We walked and shopped, there's even an old two story Sears store there with an escalator and it has the original glass cases on the showroom floors to display the merch. It was a throwback moment for us 🙂 We liked the town and are looking forward to booking an 8 day on Panorama to visit La Paz again.
  7. Pre-pandemic afternoon tea was listed under " Hungry for More?" in the Fun Times on sea days rather than under activities where it had been listed for years. It's held at 3pm and on most ships it's aft in the main dining room overlooking the stern.
  8. Finger sandwiches served from passed trays and desserts served tableside from a rolling cart were the norm before the pandemic. I hope they will be presented similarly but we'll be at every tea regardless on Panorama come October.
  9. Correct, that's why the menu cover behind the chop reads U le le which is the Ulele restaurant in Tampa.
  10. I hear ya. Somewhere around 45 the thought of eating a whole steak had me off my feed. Now that we grow our own veggies like artichokes and butternut squash smaller amounts of protein are the norm. Except when we are on a Carnival cruise. We like the chicken in the Italian restaurant quite well and the 5 oz filet on the Seaday Brunch menu is the perfect size of beef for me.
  11. We live in San Diego and set the phone alarm 🙂 We can't wait, we like to get it done and have the good feeling that comes when we get the arrival time we want. Good luck
  12. Panorama is our Halloween treat this year. But no tricks of the covid kind. Smooth sailing to all double digit cruisers.
  13. The majority of the cooks and the chefs who manage them on Carnival ships are from South Asia and not Southeast Asia. This is the reason that some foods from India are on the MDR menu at times. Also, there is a special Indian meal that can be ordered one night in advance through the maitre d' and served in the MDR.
  14. Why do you suppose Carnival and all the major cruise lines designate their head of the rooms division the Hotel Director?
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