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  1. I was speaking only to the ports the other member mentioned. But I have skin in the game as the family comes from MDI.
  2. When a person wants a fall cruise the ports of Newport and Bar Harbor are a huge draw. As a Nutmeg State guy you know this.
  3. No need. Late nights Carnival substitutes the frozen yogurt and ice cream with frozen Maalox and Mylanta.
  4. We're sailing on the Panorama to Mexico in February. A summer cruise on Panorama from the Bay Area north to Victoria, B.C. would be a cruise we would take instead of another Alaska cruise.
  5. The 10 day cruise would be a good idea, but please don't let the locals hear you call their city Frisco. 🙉
  6. I wish Carnival offered a dine in movie when we get stuck with an assigned table in the MDR when YTD is full 😉
  7. That's what I said: " The OP is asking for December and this is what Carnival states: "
  8. The OP is asking for December and this is what Carnival states: " Faster to the Fun is not offered on Carnival Journeys departures, cruises in Europe, nor on cruises from the following home ports: Honolulu, Norfolk, Vancouver, San Diego and San Francisco. It will be offered on the Carnival Panorama, starting with departures in February 2020 "
  9. OP, it may help your cruiser newbie friends to know that the laundry staff who fold the sheets and towels as they come out of the dryers also receive a portion of the monies distributed. Hearing this they may reconsider and follow the suggestion of the cruise line. This will save them a trip to the laundry 😉
  10. The OP is asking about how the fries are cooked, they aren't asking for an alternative to beef burgers to be served at Guy's. The thread title is misleading I do admit.
  11. With the exception of Carnival Journey cruises where the old days of the buffet return for one memorable evening each voyage.
  12. Post 11 on this thread is critical and suggests they go to the buffet. Vegetarians pay their fare and they can go to any food venue they care to regardless of what others may think.
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