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  1. That is true in many cabin categories as you say. In this category it is not the case. This category maxes out at two occupants.
  2. Yes, and you can see the couch in each photo I posted. The couch does not pull out. These cabins are sold only to solo passengers or a max of two persons and not 3 persons even though there is a couch. I've read that it has to do with the seats required by law in the life boats.
  3. You didn't ask me but we stayed in 2216 on Panorama with one twin bed and one couch. Some of these cabins have the 2 twins and couch but were sold out for our sailing. We made do in a pinch 😉 The photo above is of a 1a interior with portholes with one twin. Cabins 2220 and 2221 have the two twins that convert as seen here:
  4. Yes, but they are not 4J category.
  5. You're describing a treatment, vaccines don't work this way.
  6. It couldn't have been April 2019 either. " Carnival Panorama is currently homeported at the Port of Long Beach. She embarked on her three-day inaugural voyage to Ensenada on 11 December 2019." Source Wikipedia and personal knowledge of this writer.
  7. It may to people who put cash down on their account or use a debit card instead of a credit card like Chaos says above. I've read several threads where people discuss using their debit card and how it affects them.
  8. Unfortunately we don't have the luxury of time.
  9. Longer? When Carnival shut down due to the virus the pool and spa area wasn't available to non-Havana guests at all.
  10. Yes, many months before the virus Carnival reversed the after 7pm open to all rule due to popular demand.
  11. Carnival reduced the size of the lounges to free up space for more cabins both on new builds and the older ships that have been renovated. The redesign is revenue driven.
  12. I completely disagree and have sailed on Carnival since 1987.
  13. We have sailed the 7 day Mexican Riviera on Crown Princess and Carnival Panorama. We are retired and agreed we had more fun on Panorama. The only plus to the Crown was the main theater. Carnival has chosen to downsize the main lounge which we found crowded and at times we had to attend a later show because the venue was filled to capacity.
  14. Exactly, he'd have to turn to and do some work for a change.
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