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  1. Upstairs in the Bacchus Dining Room it's so dark you can't see your dinner plate 🙂
  2. Nice looking prime rib and I ask for no au jus as seen in your photo. Thanks for the pic and the memory 🙂
  3. Actually, Cunard named few of its ships after royals. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Ships_of_the_Cunard_Line
  4. I think lumping the Miracle in the same sentence with the Imagination and Inspiration led to my conclusion.
  5. Popular because at 85,000 grt they're neither too small or too big. We have a goal to sail all 4 in the class. Legend will be our 3rd after sailing the Spirit twice and the Miracle 4 times. These ships offer the most cubic feet of space per person in the public areas in the Carnival fleet.
  6. I doubt that's going to happen and I was surprised when I read that. We've sailed the Dream and the Panorama and we keep returning to the Spirit Class ships.
  7. That's true. Panorama is stationed off Panama Bay for the foreseeable future due to covid and has no plans to go to the canal.
  8. It has been reported for weeks that Panorama has been at that position. Not sure about the Miracle.
  9. Good for you. We would get price drops on the Miracle 4k cabins with the doors between lifeboats. This time we have a cabin with two portholes 1A that dropped $90. As soon as the rep approved the drop the price on the three remaining 1A's went back up to the old price.
  10. We used to say that but in these uncertain times we decided to look.
  11. Congrats, we got $90 bucks and in the year that is 2020 we're only too happy to get it 😉
  12. We're waiting for confirmation but suspect this will be the case 🙂
  13. It's Kraftmmental and it's delicious. The olives are from here in California and I can't speak for the origin of the mixed nuts 😉
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