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  1. This is important info. I am so used to all the same ports - Nassau and Cozumel of course, but really St. Thomas and all the other Mexican ports are not much different, and then of course the private islands are nice in their way. What is different about places like St. Lucia and Barbados? They just seem fancier or maybe less overdeveloped or something but honestly I have no real clue.
  2. Reporting for duty, Cap'n! We came very close to a week long land vacation in PR and El Yunque figured prominently in the planning, but alas none of it happened and likely never will. I expect you will find Dora and Boots running around saving cocqui frogs! (Does anyone even remember Dora?) Have not sailed VV but the kids are now 18 and I have to admit I have liked an awful lot of what I have seen on the boards. Lastly, your itinerary is absolute 🔥, ports we never hear about much less ever make it to ourselves. We have completed the safety drill and will see you after early seating dinner.
  3. @harryfat1 for me the uncle in prison now has a name. And not just any prison but a real doozy! Thanks @Coralc for Uncle Glenn in San Quentin, model prisoner, only kills guys who need killin’. Also CFKACD we need to talk about the potential advantage of flexible dining time on Carnival Excel class ships - where you get one free dinner at Chibang and one free dinner at Cucina. Plus, it starts really early if you want to get the feasting over with and move along to the plentiful evening entertainment options. And with the app you can wait anywhere on the ship for your table so no more of this awful queue at the door. Just be ready to deploy immediately when the call comes as you have ten minutes to present yourselves. On Ovation in May for us we are doing fixed time because early seating is like an hour earlier than flex and we do like to prioritize the shows each night, plus we’re just early risers and as you mentioned the indigestion and sleep interference, having a little time to work off the big meal is better for us. Funny how on Carnival flex begins earlier than fixed and Royal is the opposite, I’m also hoping our sail date, 3rd week of May, will keep the ship right around 100% capacity or even lower before most of the little kids are done with school. We are now on the college schedule that ends a couple weeks earlier, dropping us down from high season into shoulder season. Somewhat cheaper for both the ship and airfare prices. We will be in inside cabins that don’t connect but are adjacent and in their own tiny 2 room hallway which has what I believe is its own locked security door giving the space a sort of low-end suite feel.
  4. I can only see Flavor Flav when I see this monstrosity.
  5. Okay that reminds me of those Poconos honeymoon suite champagne glass tubs! Fun!
  6. I forgot all about that connection - sort of a rainbow connection, I guess, right? But not this rainbow connection. This guy belongs to Disney.
  7. HA! Yeah we all know about Cats on Oasis, which is my only Oasis class cruise anyway so yeah, I saw it. Before it was shortened. The, err, ONE pic of the Oz performance, (thank you very much for just sharing just the ONE pic, by the way), does look stunning; gotta love a lot of lights and colors and talented dancers, and like Cats, it's more of a vehicle for a big spectacular song-and-dance revue than just a retelling of the story itself. I like the updated look with the steampunky / roboty stuff. I suppose my prior comment about not going to watch Oz was just a big stupid lie in a moment of weakness or a bad mood or something, so please disregard, not that I can afford this ship anyway, and not that I have any cruises planned after Ovation in May, and not that I would avoid an Icon or Oasis class ship due to any particular stage show. Much like I would not pick a Carnival ship based on the inclusion or exclusion of any Playlist show, not that there is any comparison there in the first place. I am glad my little grumbly comment got everyone chuckling, shaking their heads, and putting me right back in my opinionated place where I belong, so thanks for the slice of humble pie.
  8. Because the movie was on TV at least a couple of times per year back in the olden days when there were only 5 channels including PBS.
  9. All right, I am going to come right out and say it. Why Wizard of Oz? Seriously we love big productions and Broadway quality but this is an old show I have seen so many times. In other words (cough!) boring! And if I’m honest, I don’t really love it anyway. I guess you have the option for some stunning visuals with the backgrounds but otherwise I would probably skip it, and we never skip the entertainment and particularly appreciate RCI quality in this area.
  10. Loving it all but bench seats in Aquadome = Boo! Maybe the popularity of Icon means Oasis class will become cheaper? Maybe?
  11. Agree, mostly you go in forward and of course then you must back out and it’s obvious why so people are fairly patient about it.
  12. Wow, came to this late but looking forward to reading. I cannot imagine a world where I could afford this trip, so your generosity in allowing us to virtually stow away is much appreciated. 🙂
  13. I guess I am not seeing much difference from the free ropes course on Mardi Gras. 🤷‍♀️ Can’t imagine paying $5 much less $90. I didn’t even ride Bolt (husband and teen did).
  14. Okay so I have never eaten at Chops (have only been on two RCI cruises) and have eaten at the Carnival steak house just once. Is there never linen / tablecloths at any of the Chops locations? Do people whine and moan endlessly about the lack over here on these boards (they did have a tablecloth when I ate at the Carnival steak house, but they do not have them in the MDR and this fact alone has permanently ruined cruising for some people who are unable to let them go.
  15. Sorry what was not worth $90? I am already having trouble keeping up apparently.
  16. Still just sitting there and it’s nearly 9 locally?
  17. Sorry and I didn’t intend to imply that everyone should like this ship or any bigger ship. I’m asking solely for MYSELF who’s following this review because I personally do like bigger ships, and specifically Oasis is my favorite ship I ever sailed.
  18. Ooh that is an interesting fact indeed. So that is likely one way to save a bit of $$, those kids or 3/4 guests half off or whatever. Thanks!
  19. @Ourusualbeach to be sure I understand - you are posting here on this thread for both the preview and inaugural? I don’t want to miss if there is a separate post. And if you have explained previously or if this is too nosy I apologize, by what means did you get invited to the final preview / shakedown cruise? What I really want to know is how much better Icon class is than Oasis class. It obviously is bigger, but not drastically bigger. And some of that extra tonnage is to provide more bedrooms for passengers and crew, so how many more / how much larger are the public spaces and features and amenities than Oasis? Chris Wong (yes he is Royal Caribbean Dude here on CC but posts infrequently) has said it’s the best cruise ship in the world and it should be. I expect that. So how wide is that margin when RCI is competing only with itself? I patiently await your assessment.
  20. Thanks for this info. @harryfat1 please note my information is outdated. We were in Baltimore in December 2021 so they were probably enforcing times due to Covid protocols. As @Rubyfisch has reported, this is no longer the case. I will say also before the pandemic we never had an issue with anyone at any port enforcing arrival times. I don’t even remember if they had arrival times before the pandemic. 🤔 😂
  21. I think the food quality is comparable overall; the more food venues available included in the fare, the better overall for me, which gives Carnival an edge on older ships because they always have at minimum, MDR, buffet, Guys Burger, Blue Iguana, Deli, and pizza. Oddly on a lot of RCI ships they have only MDR, buffet, and Promenade or Park cafe. However I felt the variety and quality at the buffet was outstanding and ate almost every meal there on Adventure of the Seas. Oasis of the Seas was the best cruise food I ever had and Mardi Gras close second because they both had so many interesting and scrumptious included options.
  22. I like Japanese cars, it looks like it’s in beautiful condition, nice auto.
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