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  1. The Brazilian Consulate recommends having one when your arrival is close to the effective date in case there is a delay in your arrival. Unlikely that will happen in a cruise though.
  2. This shows as complimentary for my cruise next week.
  3. Just checked it on the app for our Getaway cruise to Bermuda next week. App shows complimentary. And has a sample menu. Milkshake has a $7 charge. Lobster slider is gone.
  4. Are you on the Bermuda cruise on the 12th?
  5. I have visions of the NCL laundry being a big cauldron with a fire below it boiling all the clothes. 😁
  6. We live in south Florida and have a 14 day Transatlantic (I know you're not looking for T/A) cruise booked on the Star. Departs from Lisbon and ends in Rio de Janeiro. November 20 to December 4 2025. Non stop flights available on both ends
  7. I got my E-Docs 5 hours after completing check-in.
  8. Call and the dining rep should be able to make them for you. I had the same experience on the Encore and the rep took care of it
  9. I spoke to the Consulate in Miami yesterday and was told that they will likely not have the process in place to request visas until August
  10. I haven't been able to get a straight answer but if they are selling the Starbucks package they must be honoring it at the Java Cafe.
  11. The coffee outlet serves Starbucks. It is called Java Cafe. I was told by several people at NCL that since it is not a Starbucks you can't use the beverage package there. I've asked in a couple of threads in the past month about this and haven't been able to get an answer from someone who has the package and was able to use it. Per a press release over a year ago all ships were supposed to have Starbucks by end of 2022. Maybe we can get an authoritative answer here!
  12. Was hoping someone would know! 🙂
  13. Anyone know if the Sun will get a Starbucks and or if the FAS+ or Premium+ beverage package includes the Starbucks served at the Java?
  14. I did search before posting and didn't find anything that specifically answers my questions. My PCC advised me that the Great Outdoors acts as the 24 hour food outlet. I've not seen this on any other ship but then the others all have 24 hour restaurants. Can anyone comment? Also said that Starbucks was served at the coffee outlets. Is this full Starbucks menu or just brewed coffee? Thanks for the assistance.
  15. Just saw this https://www.wcvb.com/article/fishing-boat-strikes-norwegian-pearl-cruise-ship-east-of-nantucket-coast-guard-confirms/40761737
  16. On our cruise last March they had 10 passes available for purchase. We were in the very first group to board and there were 4 left after our purchase. They were available at guest services
  17. My PCC repriced my Jan 2024 Panama Canal transit cruise and saved $400. That's about 5%.
  18. Thanks for the replies. They were all very helpful!
  19. I did search but couldn't find the answer. Sorry in advance if it was obvious and I simply missed it. Does the NCL tender arrive at the town pier? I am unable to find the address for it if it does. I have seen some reports that there is a steep hill and long walk from the pier to the town center and others that say the town pier is at the waterfront in the village. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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