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  1. Having done multiple dry-docks and a new build you would be AMAZED what can come together, literally over-night, on these ships! I have seen whole showrooms look trashed one day, and show ready the next! Three weeks in new build time is an eternity!!!
  2. Many European ports require visas for foreign travelers (passengers and crew alike) so just changing to another country is not as realistic as you think. Even if they got to some of these ports you may not be allowed off without the proper documents.
  3. Considering the cruiseline is flagged in the Bahamas that is the laws they would adhere to. And if someone has outside travel insurance it would be the insurance company that would give compensation, if deserved, not the cruise line. The cruise lines are not the same as land based UK holiday tour companies, and when a passenger signs their contract they acknowledge the cruise line has the right to change ports, itineraries, etc due to weather, safety and more.
  4. And I'll bet the same people saying there was no food are the same classless families that LOAD UP plates full of food to take out of the buffets or to the pools despite being told it's not allowed.
  5. They are lucky NCL hasn't banned the protesters for life for inciting riots onboard! People are ridiculous. And I am sure 90% of these protesters say Global Warming/Climate Change isn't real...which is directly causing so much record bad weather across the globe! Folks better get used to MORE bad weather/itinerary changes, not less.
  6. Would you be happy or frustrated if the cruise you were on were extended due to a hurricane? Personally I would love it, but I can see how missing work or kids missing school could be an issue. Thoughts?
  7. Definitely get that Rainforest Pass, it is totally worth it. You can do some searching online or here in the forum to get more info.
  8. How many boards are you going to post this same question to??? The cruise lines don't set passport requirements, they follow each country's rules. Seeing the same question on multiple boards is annoying and useless.
  9. So the Governor announced today that he won't seek re-election but that is not sitting well and there are now MASSIVE protests planned for tomorrow, Monday, July 22 with possibly hundreds of thousands marching. They plan on shutting down the major freeways there as well, not sure how that would affect getting to either port. This would not be a week I would want to port there, and I wish the residents of PR the best of luck in getting what they want!
  10. We just returned home from the Dubai-Singapore 14 day and LOVED the ship. I can't wait to hear and see it through another's eyes. We spent 5 days post-cruise in Singapore and loved that as well. We had a regular balcony on Deck 11 mid-ship but were very comfortable the whole time. You are right about the amount of storage (and hangers!) in the cabins. We were even able to get robes from our cabin steward! I have yet to do the review or post pics (although I did lots on my FB page for my friends throughout the trip). The shoe Effectors had not opened yet so I am looking forward to reviews and pics from that! Showgirl is gorgeous and Silk Road is good, just make sure you get seats where you can see the FLOOR where a lot of dancing happens and it's hard to see from most of the seats. Enjoy your cruise!
  11. …. ...and if a port call are you talking dock or tender? All these details need answers before you can get a correct answer.
  12. We have 5 days there post-cruise in May and all of your tips are GREAT! Keep 'em coming. Thanks I also see the airport is one of the best attractions and a lot of it can be visited without needing a flight. As ours is 6am we will go visit it another day.
  13. Thanks....we are staying in Chinatown so that will work great!
  14. I get it….it's terrifying the first time you hear it and frightening/annoying the rest of the time. Yeah, there was never any rhyme or reason to the one on Disney. I did have an engineer tell me it was a bulkhead and they are made to move and twist with the ship but that didn't calm my nerves in the office. Not saying that is your case but I do get it. Have you tried searching for your ship and cabin # both here and on Google to see if anyone else has posted about this same problem?
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