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  1. Got to remember there are four more shows over two nights for Choir of Man as well... and then one night was an early show with The Yesterday Beatles with a late show from a comedian in the main theater... so total of 10 shows over five nights in main theater.
  2. interesting. We were told no on the cruise we just got off of today. We were told the platinum voucher could only be used in Q or Los Lobos. No changes or any leeway to choose Onda since the normal voucher is indeed for the Italian restaurant.
  3. They allowed you to use the platinum voucher in Ondo?? The platinum voucher on Encore is supposed to be good only for Q or Los Lobos for one voucher and Cagney’s or Le Bistro for the other voucher.
  4. I would imagine more likely the dividers just haven't been installed yet since they are essentially just swinging doors... They can likely install them during this final outfitting phase.
  5. You can but there is no guarantee it will be honored. I had one I purchased from someone and used to book a cruise for Thanksgiving this year. We ended up cancelling that one and booking two weeks later to take advantage of free airfare instead and at first, they were not going to let me keep the Cruise Next because it had already been extended to cover the Thanksgiving cruise. After talking to a really nice manager, they did agree to a 2nd extension of 14 days to allow me to use it on the December 8th booking we did but they basically said this time would be a use it or lose it
  6. One sailing, we made a reservation online in advance and then dined there a second time during the cruise where we made a reservation onboard. The other cruise we just dined once and did it online in advance.
  7. We’ve had luck using Cruise Next as a payment option through the website on multiple occasions. Just select $250 as the amount you want to pay and then choose the cert as the payment option. This is not guaranteed as it is not intended to work this way... but we’ve never had a problem doing this.
  8. That’s odd... we’ve made reservations both times we’ve eaten there on Dawn.
  9. I'm one of the ones who really didn't care for the hull art when it was first revealed... Seeing it out in the open like this though... It looks way better now than it did in the sketches and all..
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