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  1. I'm one of the ones who really didn't care for the hull art when it was first revealed... Seeing it out in the open like this though... It looks way better now than it did in the sketches and all..
  2. I'm essentially with the group complaining about lack of free public space but hold on a minute... Let's be honest, the upper, upper most area in your "A" was not public deck space on Bliss or Joy... It's the Laser Tag area (Deck 20). The space that was lost was only on Deck 19 (the bottommost part of your "A" where the hot tub is located).
  3. Thanks for the info again.. I've reached out to my "personal cruise consultant" in the Casino department as well. Got lucky one day on the phone and got a really, really helpful guy in the casino department. I asked if it was possible to get his email/direct ext./etc. to be able to just use him direct in the future. I don't know why I didn't think to reach out to him in the first place.
  4. I'm pretty sure if I have to rebook, I would lose the 15% discount because it was a special deal where we had to rebook a cruise within X number of days from the last one being cancelled... And after that deadline, the 15% was no longer valid. Even if I lost it and gained the 20% off it would still save a bit more and sounds like I would gain an additional point per night too which would be awesome on an 11 night cruise.
  5. I may have to try again then... I talked to two different people who said the Caesars discount was not combinable with the Latitudes discount. Even if it is, it won't save me that much more because I have a 15% off credit from NCL cancelling a previous cruise that I would lose as well... So I'm basically only getting an additional 5% discount if I can get them to use the Latitudes special offer. My hope was that the Latitudes offer was combinable with both the previous 15% off AND the Caesars 20% off... That would be a HUGE overall discount for sure.
  6. One bad thing... apparently this deal is NOT combinable with the Caesars discount unfortunately.
  7. Have always heard they will do one adjustment/upgrade after final payment and that is it.
  8. I think it has something to do with sailaway... I honestly didn’t think sailaway was eligible with the Caesars discount... you may may want to check the lowest regular category and see if the discount puts it cheaper than sailaway.
  9. So you don't love name brand things on a ship but you also don't love their generic restaurants either... What do you cruise for?
  10. Bye. Thanks for letting us know you're leaving. But like someone else said, the "everything" threads are for analysis of the ships, new designs, etc. as details come out. A lot of people are rightfully upset that the bulk of the upper deck spaces are now premium paid space and that is something that should be discussed. NCL does sometimes monitor public response in forums such as this and if the reaction to Encore says anything, it says that we the people sailing NCL don't want the next generation of ships to continue in this premium deck space way. It's too much now.
  11. Maybe since they are doing away with H2O, this will be the location of the outdoor nighttime parties then... I'm sure the Havenites with rooms under this deck will LOVE that... I ain't mad though... This may make up a little for losing so much public deck space to Vibe if it starts being open to the public at night for parties and such...
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