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  1. Thanks very much. We, too, have a very good travel-oriented card so that works. I think I’ll go ahead and take care of it myself, though.
  2. Thanks. We didn't use a TA, so I suppose it's up to me.
  3. Separate question, really, but do pax receive a nudge when final payment is due, or do I need to make a note in my brainbook?
  4. If guys had any clear idea how hot they look in a tuxedo, they'd all be wearing one at every opportunity!
  5. Mr. Dawson, I have to compliment you (again?) on your consistently kind, generous contributions here. You always offer concise but detailed replies and never condescend.
  6. Thanks all. We're doing rumba, foxtrot, waltz and swing. I think we'll be good with those. It's not like we must dance every dance.
  7. As we head out for a lesson, I am trying to find the post in which someone mentioned the most common dances on QM2. I know foxtrot was one, and we're doing that. But where else should our focus be? Waltz, I’m sure. What else? (Given our knee and hip limitations, cha cha will probably be an opportunity for a drink for us.)
  8. Thanks to you both. If that cost is per couple, it's less than we're paying now for lessons to prepare for our December roundtrip. But I think we'll stick with the free ones and be fine if no one's committed to being critical of newcomers.
  9. Can someone tell me how often dancing classes are offered on a TA and at what cost?
  10. Call us boring, but we're looking forward to getting off in Southhampton to go to Boots for the much-higher-quality soft plastic toothpicks we brought home from the UK last March and are out of! Those we can get in the States aren't nearly as good. of course a pint in a decent pub won't be a hardship, either.
  11. Can anyone tell me the approximate price of a man's haircut on QM2? We will be rushing from my husband's last gig as Santa to catch our train to NYC for our TA in December, and his hair will certainly need a cut once we're on board! Odd problem, I know, but...
  12. Strange that the second week of our roundtrip TA ...the December 15-22 week...is still not on the schedule.
  13. If you have some time and excellent credit, apply for a Chase Sapphire Reserve card. It includes excellent travel insurance when you pay for any part of the trip with it. (No, I don't work for them, but we frequently fly free with the points we rack up with them.) Sorry. I went back and saw you are leaving this Friday. Still, for anyone in the US, it's a reasonable way to go.
  14. Your own words: ”With regard to the ballroom dance floor, there are lots of things that the Cunard website fails to mention and/or give specific rules. It says nothing about knowing basic ballroom dance floor etiquettet, but without it, the floor would become mass chaos. If everyone were to 'do their own thing' on the floor, dancers would be crashing and falling into one another and that definately [sic] would fall in the disrespectful category even though the Cunard website might not have mention it.“ We have purchased dance lessons, but your assertions say that, whatever we do, we won't be good enough for some people.
  15. Yes. I think giving up the small deposit would be preferable to paying more than five thousand to be made to be feel “not quite good enough.” We are in no position to try a Grill, but we were looking forward to a nice balcony room.
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