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  1. That is also clear to us in the printed confirmation if the deposits. However, ten months ahead is hardly a late booking.
  2. We are keeping our booking for Dec 2020 but will not book further with Cunard. I am not accustomed to outright deception and find it completely unacceptable. I’m sure we can be happy with a company that doesn’t treat us like the red-headed stepchild. Thank you very much for your attempts to help, but after this last call, I am well and truly finished with Cunard.
  3. Unfortunately, not all the differences are positive. Cunard does not honor the terms of their own written agreement on the use of future cruise deposits. Beware. NCL is low on our list of acceptability for the experience, but they at least provide the benefits they say they will.
  4. called again. Not only would they not help. Both the rep and the supervisor were nasty about it. I am so over these people. I no longer trust them at all.
  5. We did try. Several times, but we were not as fortunate as you were. It is absurd to have to jump through argumentative hoops to get them to act according to their own rules. We have lost a good bit of our enthusiasm for Cunard.
  6. So are we! Westbound only this time.
  7. And the above was the end of the matter. We’re told that the cruise we booked ten months out is classified as last minute. The rep used an internal code we cannot see and that she refused to define to justify the sale as last minute. This is intentionally deceptive. As we were explicitly told the $600 would be reimbursed without question, that is what we are now requesting. There is no reason we can see to allow Cunard to hold our money without any benefit to us.
  8. Yes, that is what we were told. The problem is that it isn’t what we were told initially, nor is it the rule we have in print on our confirmation of the two $300 prepaid amounts. We made our plans based on the information we were given and still have in the letters. It seems reasonable to expect Cunard to follow their own rules as given to us initially. Our friend is on the phone with them trying to get them to honor the deal we were told would be in effect. edit to add: The result of her (acting as our TA) call is a “good Will gesture” of $25 each OBC. As they are still r
  9. You wouldn’t. Our intent was to at least try to use the prepaid $600 as part of final payment, if that would allow us to also use the OBC. I would have been okay with using it that way even without OBC and then buying another $600 during the voyage for our next one. But now they seem to want to disallow our having any OBC on either voyage.
  10. And we found the letter confirming the deposit and use. The ONLY limitation stated is that it cannot be used for bookings made after final payment dates. Why make this so difficult?
  11. I’ve always done all my own travel planning before this. So live and learn,I guess, about TA’s and Cunard. Regarding lower deposits, the current promotion requires only $200 for two. Three for all required only a total of $300. I don’t see the advantage of FCD. (We booked with a three for all for our first roundtrip TA sixteen months out.)
  12. This gets better and better. After waiting hours for a callback, the woman tells us she is “prohibited to talk to us because we are clients of a travel agent.” I am VERY unhappy with Cunard.
  13. Zero, as far as we can tell. We certainly will never be so foolish again. We do have a call in to the woman at Cunard who’s been sending two emails every week to sell a trip, but after four hours, no response. My estimation of Cunard falls hourly.
  14. Given all this, there will not be any point to ever doing a FCD. My problem with this is that there was absolutely no mention of anything like this when they took our $600 FCD. We won’t make this mistake again, and it changes how I feel about Cunard. As irritating as NCL can be, there was nothing like this in using future cruise credits with them. In fact, we received the OBC for use on the same cruise during which we bought the credit.
  15. Hi. we just let a friend who is a TA book our transatlantic for next December under the President’s Day sale. She was told that, if we used the $600 credit we bought in board last a December, we would lose our OBC because the fare was “so low.” This was certainly never discussed as a possibility or term, and it feels scam-ish to me. Has anyone else here experienced this? Is it accurate generally? The result is that, if I had booked exactly the same cabin under the also-offered Three for One sale with its free gratuities, the fare minus OBC would have been identical. If so, the
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