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  1. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Bringing a bottle of Spirts on Board

    I don't understand the judgmental comments about people who choose to do what Cunard itself has no problem with. What we do in our cabin is our business...in all ways!
  2. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Case of wine on the Queen Mary

    Heh...perhaps, though we rarely drink much these days unless we are on vacation. Maybe THAT'S one of the secrets.
  3. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Case of wine on the Queen Mary

    This topic has been very useful to us as we anticipate our first round trip TA next December. We intend to bring a few things to begin and end the days with (thinking Bloody Mary and mimosa some mornings and port most evenings as we relax together). Thank you!
  4. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Cunard Cocktail Classes

    Very reasonable for such fun!
  5. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Hotel in Brooklyn

    Thank you for taking the time to reply!
  6. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Cunard Cocktail Classes

    Sounds great! We're on QM2 next December for a round trip TA. I'm adding this to our planning along with a couple of 6-day spa passes.
  7. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Cunard Cocktail Classes

    This looks like our kind of thing! What was the cost?
  8. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Hotel in Brooklyn

    We are points-credit card churners for travel and have enough points to book either the Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge or the Hampton in the same area the night before our TA. I'm inclined to use the Hilton points at the Hampton since Marriott points have a better transfer ratio for airlines. But if anyone here has experienced either or both and has a strong opinion, please share it?
  9. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    QM2 Cabin 5107

    Like the OP, I am a light sleeper and this thread has me a little concerned about our two weeks on QM2 in 4079. As we have a year to try to make a change, could I ask for information from anyone who can offer any?
  10. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Cunard Roll call

    Thanks. I've done it!
  11. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Cunard Roll call

    I guess I’m an idiot, then, as I find the right date (December 8-22) in 2018 but not in 2019. I've gone all the way back into 2017 roll calls. I give up.
  12. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Cunard Roll call

    There are listings for November 2019 and for January 2020 but nothing for December 2019, which is when we go round trip TA on QM2. Could this be part of the problem otherwise resolved?
  13. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Passenger Choir on QM2

    This sounds wonderful! We are both serious singers and would LOVE to know whether this is a probability for our Dec 2019 TA!
  14. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    Dress code enforcement.

    Ya, I thought that “highly desirable patrons” line was pretty funny!
  15. 2Oldpeopleinlove

    A day in Southampton

    As we will spend a week in Shaftesbury this March and visit Winchester and Salisbury then (Salisbury is our favorite cathedral), I think we'll make ourselves happy with Southampton for a day next December. But thanks!