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  1. Thanks for the review  - great PIcs!  I wonder if you know how much the lockers cost and how you access them - credit card, USD, local currency?  I'm taking limited things off the ship, but not sure what to do with our phone/camera/credit card/ID while we swim and this might be the best option.  Thanks

  2. 5 hours ago, cr8tiv1 said:


    I have a few that I will part with for a fraction of the cost and I'll throw in the USPS stamp.

    email me:

    princess (my call name)      at     g  mail  dot c o m with no spaces.  


    If anyone knows how to do this with a link, I'd be so willing to learn.


    Hello, I just sent you an email (I hope to right email address!).  Please let me know if you received it.  Thanks!  Jo-Anne

  3. 3 hours ago, knbcruisers said:

    Skatie.....We are on the 3/23 cruise also. I am getting excited...come join our roll call, some good info on the ports there.

    Hi Knbcruisers - I have joined the roll call but it seems to be pretty quiet lately!  I see you are doing an ATV excursion in Amber Cove - I think if the weather clear when we arrive, we were going to just catch a taxi to the cable car and then come back and swim in the port pool.  I'm looking to go to Gibbs Cay and swim with Stingrays in Grand Turk, but am on the fence as to whether to book in advance or again, depending on the weather, maybe just book when we get there.  I don't like doing the ship tours as they are usually 2-3 times the price of something I can research and book on our own!  I don't think any mix and mingle being arranged on our cruise, but hope to meet up with some fellow cruisers on board!  JoAnne

  4. 14 hours ago, chef Brian said:

    Hello skatie, and welcome to princess!! As others have said you do need to arrive at least 30-40 minutes before a show to guarantee a seat, but the shows are shown twice in an evening so you have a couple shots at it! Movies under the stars I personally have never had a problem seeing or hearing, from almost any spot! If you go to a Evening movie they even give you a blanket and popcorn to go with the movie. One thing that we enjoy on princess is the service and the relaxed atmosphere, not sure when in March you are traveling we are on the match 2nd-9th this will be our 14th princess cruise and 20th overall. We are also in our early 50’s and feel right at home on princess. If you were on our ship we would be more than happy to show you around or answer any questions you might have. Btw my name is Brian and my wife is candi... if you want to know anything else please just ask... enjoy your cruise, and I hope you feel at home on princess!! 

    Hi Brian - we are on the March 23 cruise so unfortunately won't be cruising together!  I love these boards for all the info and helpfulness.  Thanks Everyone!

  5. Hi - we have sailed on Royal Caribbean and NCL and this is our first time on Princess.  We are both in our early 50s and looking forward to a relaxing Eastern Caribbean cruise in March.  I've read through a lot of the content here, but still looking for some additional information if you don't mind!   

    • I've read a lot about not being able to attend the theatre shows unless  you line up 45-60 minutes before the start.  Does this apply to all entertainment in the Theatre (broadway, comedy, dance)? 
    • Does anyone know what productions are now showing on CB so I can find details in advance to know whether or not we feel its worth lining up for us?   
    • We found the late night entertainment like Love and Marriage on the other ships a lot of fun - does Princess do these?
    • Where is the best location to find a seat for the Movies Under the Stars - have heard that certain locations you can't hear very well?  
    • Last time i took a cruise out of Port Everglades, we missed our return flight (which was at 12 noon) - we are Canadians and the line for non-US was extremely slow and not a lot of manpower working.  We now have NEXUS cards - is there a special line for Nexus holders that we would be able to go through?
    • We don't have drink packages - i have ordered my husband the buy 5 for price of 4 beer bucket - will that just show up in our room?  Are there mini fridges in the rooms (we have oceanview on Emerald)?  I have also ordered a small bottle of vodka in advance for the room - .Will we be able to have our attendant bring us daily ice or is it easy to refill an ice bucket?
    • Any additional advice for Princess Newbies welcomed!  Thanks
  6. Prior to our Cruise my husband and I will have a rental car from National that we are returning to FLL airport.  When we return the rental, can we get an uber to come to the rental car location or will we need to get back to the main terminal and locate the uber pickup area (is there a specific pickup area or just drop your pin?)?  Also might it be better to drive to the port and drop off luggage and then drive back to airport and uber back without our luggage or is that just too much hassle. Thanks for input.  

  7. On 1/22/2019 at 11:08 PM, neverbeenhere said:


    preorder liquor for your room, around $18 for 375ml (12oz) good for two to eight drinks.

    Thank you for this tip!  I’m not a big drinker and usually just like 1 vodka and lemonade at night.  So I can preorder this bottle of vodka and get lemonade from buffet and for the price of two bar drinks I can probably get 8 drinks! 

  8. This is our first time to this port and our ship is in port from 12-8pm.  There is another ship in port this day from 7:30-3:30.  I don't think i want to just sit at the pool in port for 6 hours so was thinking that we just rent a taxi to take us to the Cable Car and explore there for a couple of hours and then come back and swim at port for couple of hours before boarding ship for dinner.    From what I've read, people advise to go first thing to avoid lines and clouds.  Since we don't have an option to be there early and another ship is already in port, is it worth it to head there for 1pm - will lines be long still ?  Is it just a 15 minute drive from port?     Thanks!  

  9. Is it possible to just find these vendors on the beach and sign up on a whim when we get off the ship?  It’s our first time here and I’m really interested in seeing the stingrays but want to play it by ear based on weather and how we are feeling that day etc..  do the vendors take cash only?   Also wondering how long the boat ride is as I can get motion sick if wavy.   Thanks!  

  10. I was going to purchase a 7 day Caribbean cruise for March 2019 this weekend - first time in Princess. Should I wait until 15th?  If I book now and this sale is better will I be able to price adjust since this is relatively close to departure?  Thx

  11. My husband and I (early 50s) are talking about a 5-7 day cruise in January or February. We have some carryover vacation days and thought it would be a good idea to maybe fly to Florida and catch some warmth with a cruise in the Caribbean area and escape the Toronto winter.  I usually plan our trips a year in advance and realize that prices and promotions are usually best farther out.  Arethere any good last minute cruise lines or cruise sites to start my research?  Thanks

  12. Dear Shrewsbury, Which Canal boat tour did you go on? There are two I think. Did you make a reservation on line? Did you pick it up in the Nyhaven area? We are looking at doing the same basic activities when we are in Copenhagen. I am trying to figure out what order to do everything in. Also when you say "street food", are you talking about Paper Island? I have heard that is really good. (I will also Google Copenhagen Street food) Thank you in advance for your answers and for coming back from the future to help us out! (Ha!).


    We were in same cruise last week and spent our arrival day as well wandering Copenhagen. We used the Netto boats for canal tour and believe they were half the price of the other tour mentioned. It was an hour ride with good commentary. Make sure you bring sweater or coat. Jet lag hit us by this time and son nodded off near the end!

  13. First time NCL cruiser here just off the Getaway last week.


    - MDR buffet had a nice selection of foods for all meals. There were always standard fare of bacon, sausage, eggs, omelettes, fruit, cereal, etc. for breakfast. Lunch/dinner always had the theme foods (Asian night, seafood night...) plus standbys like salad bar, burgers, hot dogs, ice cream, etc. We always found plenty to eat.


    - Moderno on deck 8 also had a smaller breakfast buffet. We went there a couple of times when the MDR was packed. They always had seating available at Moderno.


    - We enjoyed the crepe station in the MDR at dinner. Loved the crepes with nutella, fresh strawberries and whipped cream! The line wasn't long until more people discovered it around day 5 out of our 9 day cruise.


    - Tropicana, Taste and Savor all share the same menu. There were several standard menu items that would be available all cruise and some unique for that day. When we couldn't decide between 2 options, we'd ask our waiter their opinion and it was often "get this one because that one won't be available later". We would look at the menus for lunch and dinner and then decide to eat there, at MDR or O'Sheehans.


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    Where would we find the Crepe station at dinner? Was it in all 3 MDRs? Thanks

  14. Thanks everyone - with the Wine tho, isn't it different than other alcohol? If I pay the $15 corkage fee for wine, if I purchase a bottle on shore at say the 3rd port we visit, will they let me take it back to my room to consume throughout the cruise or is that only allowed at your embarkation port? Thanks

  15. We will be on the Baltic Getaway cruise next week and its our first time with NCL. My husband is interested in purchasing a watch and wondering if there is a large selection (brands?) and good sales? I know on previous Caribbean cruises we'd check ports and ship prices, but not sure if Baltic cruises would be similar in variety and good prices? Also we were thinking of purchasing wine at our first stop in Germany versus at embarkation. Is it ok to buy wine at any stop and bring it back on and pay the corkage fee so that its available to you throughout the cruise, or will they hold any wine you buy if not brought on at embarking port? Thanks

  16. We are in Helsinki on Sunday Aug 20 with the NCL Getaway. We are a family of 4 and will just explore the central area, loosely following the Rick Steves walking tour. We are docking at West LMK terminal and I see that the Tram lines are changing the week before we arrive. So it looks like I can take Tram 7 right to Senate Square - does anyone know how long this will take? I also wonder if they reduce the schedule on a Sunday? Also is it easy to buy tickets with credit card at a store or machine? If I have Euros it looks like driver can take money and provide small change - is this right? I realize that a lot of attractions and shops won't open until around 10am-12pm, so if we get off the ship around 9, hoping that will give us plenty of time to catch tram and see all the main sites from Market Square to Rock Church?

  17. From what I can tell, our Ship (Getaway) will be in berth 167 in Stockholm on Aug 21. Google maps says its only a ~35 minute walk to the Palace on Gamla Stan - this seems like a quick walk and no need for getting T-Bann or Cruise shuttle bus - is this correct and we should can just plan on a quick (easy?) walk from ship to explore Gamla Stan and possibly some other shopping across the bridge? Thanks

  18. Thanks for your review - we are taking same cruise Aug 14 and love hearing details in advance! I typically think of cruising with shorts and swimsuits, but this sounds like more of a pants and T-shirts and light rain coat cruise - would this be about right? Also with my son a picky eater, I'm a little concerned about him eating on our SPB tours - I'm wondering if the buffet has those prepackaged cereal boxes that he could take off ship with him? This is our first NCL cruise and husband was thinking of bringing dress pants and dress shoes for dinners but I told him to save the suitcase room and just bring khakis and his walking shoes for dinner - would this fit in with the "free styling" restaurant atmosphere - we are only doing the free dining room dinners.

  19. We are in Helsinki port on Sunday August 20 from 7am - 4pm and we were just planning to do a walking tour on our own loosely following the Rick Steves guide. We didn't plan on doing the fortress Island area. However, when I research the openings of many of the things we want to see (Rock Church, Market place, stores in Esplanade, Stockmanns, Church of Silence etc.), it appears nothing open until 10am-12pm or not open at all. What would you recommend as a starting point if we get off the ship ~8am and need to be back on ship around ~3:30? Can we still get it all done in 4 hours if we started at noon?

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