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  1. 1 hour ago, WisRiver said:

    We liked the Radisson Blu;  central location, nice staff, good (not great) breakfast, clean quiet rooms.  It is a good business class hotel, without a lot of charm.   On our next trip to Iceland in October, we will be staying at the nearby Center Plaza Hotel.  

    Thanks for your input!   Did you catch the shuttle to the cruise port.  It looks like it’s only about five minute walk from hotel at Harpa building.  

  2. @WisRiver we are staying at Radison Blu in September - did you like it?   We are also planning to head to Sky Lagoon and may do as you did - just drop luggage and head over there.   The last time I was in Iceland (2016 I think), we rented a car and did the Golden Circle tour on our own.  However, the jet lag really hit us about half way through and I had to pull over for a bit - I know Iceland is extremely expensive but I think this time we will rely on walking, taxi and buses

  3. 2 hours ago, PLee said:

    Correct, I did confuse the two.  Thanks for clarifying.  South Coast tour was exceptional.

    I was thinking of a south coast tour on the second day but I’m worried that it’s a 10 hour day and jet lag hits me hard - don’t want to be sleeping half the tour!

  4. Our plane arrives at KEF on September 5 at 6:20am - our cruise departs on Sept 7.  We were just planning on hanging around Reykjavík and doing the sky Lagoon prior to cruise.  We were not planning on renting a car and just getting Flybus from airport to hotel.   With such an early arrival I’m wondering what we can do and if we will even be able to drop bags at hotel.  Any thoughts on what to do on first day with such early arrival?

  5. On 6/29/2023 at 2:45 AM, Dutch_Travelgirl said:

    There seems to be some confusion here about the various shuttle busses at the port of Zeebrugge. The port of Zeebrugge where the cruise ships dock is a working port where large container ships etc also dock. It’s not a dedicated cruise port. For safety reasons it’s not allowed for cruise ship passengers to make their own way from the ship’s berth to the cruise terminal building. With containers stacked high, trucks etc etc, it’s too dangerous to walk around the port.
    Therefore the port of Zeebrugge offers free shuttle busses from the location where the ship is docked to the cruise terminal building. This is the same principle as when your flight arrives at a remote stand without an airbridge. In many airports, you aren’t allowed to walk from this remote stand to the terminal building, but you’re bussed there.


    So in Zeebrugge you’re bussed to the cruise terminal building. Once there, there are several options to get to Brugge; take a paid shuttle bus or make your way to the train station of Blankenberge and train to Brugge. 

    @Dutch_Travelgirl is the cruise terminal the same place we could catch a taxi or do we still need to venture out somewhere  past the terminal to find a taxi?

  6. On 5/15/2023 at 7:30 PM, Ellis1138 said:

    Was crossing 12th avenue hard, with all the traffic?

    No it was quite easy but there were lots of taxi drivers on that corner trying to get business from passengers coming off ship so it might take a couple of lights to get through the crowds depending on time of day but it’s an easy crossing.  

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  7. We did get an awesome deal for air for our NCL cruise in Sept from Toronto to Reykjavik and then home from London to Toronto (2 day deviation on both ends).  I know there are lots of pros and cons with booking with cruise line, but we locked into it!  Just wondering if anyone else has confirmed flights yet to or from these destinations with NCL bookings?  Did you get direct flights?  Flight times? Which airlines did they use?  Which airport in London did they book you to fly out of (or into)?  Also for anyone who has booked a 2 day deviation, do you truly get two full days prior to your cruise to be in the city or is it just a guarantee that you would arrive sometime on day 1 of that deviation?    Thanks!

  8. 58 minutes ago, uneamie said:

    So you were in line 40 minutes.....or 10 minutes before the doors opened??? I'm confused. 

    We were in line 40 minutes prior to the start of the first night's show.  The doors open 30 minutes prior to the start of the show.  So we stood in line for 10 minutes outside and then sat 30 minutes inside with drinks prior to start of show.  The night of the Rumors show we stood in line for 30 minutes before doors opened and then sat inside for 30 minutes before show started.  They were very prompt in opening doors 30 minutes prior to start of show and show always started exactly on time.

  9. We were recently on the April 16 Prima and attended all 5 Syd Norman shows - I knew of the show from my Breakaway cruise in 2020 and was blown away by the energy and vibe and fun so I knew we had to go when on Prima.  I had read in advance of the long lines and frustration so on the first night we were in line about 40 minutes prior to show start (10 minutes before doors opened) and we got seats right near stage.  As the cruise progressed and word spread of how good the show was, the lines got longer earlier.  I think anyone who wanted to get in and see the show could - but they probably would have to stand if they were there after doors opened.  Each night we got seats - our philosophy was we either stand in line before the show or during the show.  On two different occasions we got to talk to Emma and Debra (the female leads) and learned that this cast is on the ship until sometime in July.   I asked why they continued to hold the show in such a small venue when its so popular.  They are well aware of the complaints and she said that they are probably moving the Prom show to the Theatre so more people can easily attend and she thought some other ships had already started this and hoped Prima would move to that soon.   Also they said the Rumors Fleetwood Mac Show can't be moved to Theatre due to some copyright laws when doing an album from start to finish that limits the size of venue it can be performed in.   She also said they had built that space specifically for the Syd Norman show so NCL (?) were reluctant to move everything out to large venue.  I mean this type of performance and audience interaction really does work well in the small venue, but for sure there are lots of issues with long lines or people not able to see/enjoy these shows.   We had a blast and I'd wait in line again for all shows!

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  10. We are staying at Holiday Inn Express Midtown West 538 West 48th Street, New York, NY 10036.  I suspect I'll win the discussion and take an Uber/Lyft, but would like to be armed with options like walking (if its safe to do so).  Our boarding time is 11am on Prima

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  11. We are staying at a hotel that, according to google, is a 15 minute walk to the pier.   I don't relish pulling our bags along the sidewalks to get there, but if its a nice day we might take that option vs Uber.   Has anyone walked into the NYC Manhatten (NCL Prima Departure) port - is it easy to navigate getting to the correct terminal?  Thanks

  12. How did you find being in a small solo cabin during the rocking and rolling of the storm.  I am prone to motion sickness but since this is just a girls trip, my friend and I chose to try out the solo cabins. Maybe if we get rough seas I’ll just down the gravol and hopefully sleep through it!?    We are also on 13 floor. Is it easy to slip down to lounge on 12?  Thanks

  13. I’ve seen some videos where people have to walk up and down a hill to get to the beach. Is this only if you take the local bus to get there?  Do taxis and minibus and cruise excursion vehicles all drop you right at the beach?  Thx

  14. My friend and I are in solo cabins on the Prima which sails in 6 weeks.  We've put upgrade bids (poor/fair range) in for balcony and spa balcony rooms.   Based on mock bookings, this ship isn't a sell out - still 8 studios and 30+ Oceanview, 8 Spa Balconies , 50+ inside cabins and 90+ Balconies.  If they have this many rooms open, are they likely to accept your offers (even low ones)?  


    Also there are Oceanview rooms on the upgrade bid list - of course we'd prefer a balcony but not sure if we have bids on a few different types how they determine which of your bids to accept if all of them are in the fair range?  Is it better to wait until a week prior to cruise to put a bid in Oceanview to see if balcony gets accepted?

  15. 5 hours ago, Canadian Sunset said:

    We used to book cruises with Viking and were always pleased until the last time.  We had no idea that Easter, Passover and Ramadan were all at the same time in 2022.  We normally fly economy and paynextra for aisle seats.  We also ALWAYS use a travel agent.  Unfortunately nobody foresaw these three holidays coming together and we were stuffed like sardines into a Lufthansa 747.  Other than that we have had no problems because our TA is a friend and is always there.  
    We’ve purchased air for our Celebrity cruise in March.  The airline is Air Canada Rouge out of Toronto, but is only a three hour flight.  We have paid for aisle seats and will manage well.

    So once we get our tickets can we deal directly with the airlines to secure seats or an upgrade or do we have to deal with cruise air department for those things?

  16. on the NCL site I am seeing today a $400 drop in our studio price for an April Cruise (paid in full).  I called and the Rep said that she's only seeing a $160 drop in price - I told her I was on NCL website and could send her a screenshot.  She said she has to go by what she see which she said was more up to date!   She said she could submit my request via an email to get a FCC, but she said it would probably only be on the $160 and I couldn't request again if I see another price drop.  I asked for upgrade to interior room because it was a $400 difference today but she said she is only seeing $160 difference she couldn't do it. Anyone else have troubles with what is on website vs what a Rep says??

  17. How late can i put a bid in?  I'm in a studio and have a poor bid in for a spa balcony and a low fair bid in for a regular balcony.   I'm thinking if I don't win either of those say two days prior to departure, I could bid on oceanview with a stronger bid and maybe upgrade to that?  I'm happy in the studio, but if there is a cheaper option to get more room that would be ok.   Our ship (Prima April 16 NYC - Bermuda) appears to have lots of the balcony and below rooms available (still 15 studio rooms open), so wondering if they don't move people up if there is still lots of room in their current room type?

  18. Loving the review and fabulous pics!  I am in a studio in April.  I’m on the 13th floor and I believe the lounge is on 12. Thanks for the pic of the stairs that go between the studio floors.  I can’t tell by looking at the deck plans exactly where that staircase is?   Is it in the studio room hallways?  I am also looking forward to having easy access to drinks and snacks, but I’m a tea drinker. Does the hot drink dispenser have hot water and tea bags?   Can’t wait to hear and see more of your trip.  Enjoy!

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