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  1. In July, 2019 we had an aft wrap around cabin on the 8th deck. You would be right below the lido deck. Only once did we hear noise from the deck above us, and it was at 8:00 AM as we were entering Glacier Bay. The extra steps were not a problem. The views are extraordinary from the aft cabins. In a veranda cabin you might be worried about missing the view from the "other side of the ship" .
  2. We had an aft wrap around Neptune on our Alaska cruise earlier this year. You are a long way from the Neptune Lounge. However, you can order canapés and snacks for 5 PM cocktail hour delivered to your cabin. It is usually a selection of what they put out in the Neptune Lounge. We were traveling with other people (not in Neptune) and we would order for 6 or 8 people. No problem. The cabin was small, but the wrap around balcony was great.
  3. We were on a Viking River Cruise from Bucharest to Budapest in June, 2018. Weather was cool and cloudy in Romania and Bulgaria, sunny and pleasant in the Balkans and Hungary. Who knows what the weather will be next year. I understand it has extremely warm in Central and Eastern Europe this summer.
  4. If you want a certain cabin, you should book early. On an Alaska cruise in late June we wanted an aft wrap around Neptune Suite (great views), so we booked in November, 2018. We were also able to lock in a great plane fare at about the same time. We checked with our big box travel agency just before our final payment was due, and were able to get a slight price reduction. For other cruises we might be more last minute, but for Alaska it was nice to book early.
  5. Last year we did a HAL transatlantic repositioning from Fort Lauderdale to Rome (Civatavecchia). We flew from Rome to Bucharest and started a Viking River Cruise Bucharest to Amsterdam. One way Intra-Europe plane fares are fairly reasonable, so it is easy to get to the start point of any cruise. We made all our own flight arrangements.
  6. Last week when we were on the Eurodam to Alaska, the key cards for Neptune Suites did not have a hole. However, the key cards for veranda cabins had an opening at the top of the card to attach to a lanyard.
  7. We were in London in May, 2019. We enjoyed Come From Away. We bought our tickets online directly from the theatre. We also saw Witness For the Prosecution with tickets purchased from the the Half Price Ticket booth. Finally we saw The Play That Goes Wrong last year. I liked the play, it was stupid funny.
  8. We just returned from our Alaska cruise. We had a family group of 10, so we booked a boat with Harv and Marv's. It was an excellent trip. I would book with Harv and Marv's again.
  9. We make frequent use of the TKTS booth in London. They sell discount as well as full price tickets. Their website lists availability for two days https://officiallondontheatre.com/tkts/ If there are shows you must see, then contact the box office directly. In May, 2019 the two best shows we saw were Six and Come From Away. Both were sold out productions and we had booked tickets on line. We bought tickets Witness for the Prosecution at TKTS. In May the lines were not bad. The TKTS website also has a link to directory of all shows on the West End.
  10. The Covent Garden is excellent. While the area can be pricey, it is centrally located and safe. Last year we had friends who stayed at the Strand Palace near Covent Garden. Depending on the time of year, they may meet your price point. If you can stay for a week, London Connections have excellent apartments in Covent Garden. We prefer an apartment to an hotel in London.
  11. Last year we were on the Viking River Cruise from Budapest to Amsterdam. On the next to last day we stopped at Kinderdijk for an afternoon excursion. We then went to Rotterdam and traveled on Amsterdam in the late evening. We docked in Amsterdam after midnight. We had plane reservations home in the early afternoon of the last day, so we went to airport after breakfast.
  12. It is possible to book a private excursion on a river cruise. If there is something that you want to see without the "group" from the ship, consider booking your own. Last year our group of four were on the Budapest-Amsterdam Viking River cruise that stopped in Nuremberg. We want to see the courtrooms where they held the War Crimes Trials and visit the museum in the building. Vikings tour was a drive by in a 40 passenger bus. We made arrangements with a private tour guide. We had a personalized tour in a seven passenger mini-van with an experienced English speaking guide. Our boat was two hours late arriving in Nuremberg, but we were in contact with our guide by cell phone. It was an excellent day. We ate an excellent quick lunch at a small restaurant. I would not worry about missing the boat, since the boat may only be moving 20 miles. It is not like an ocean cruise where if you miss the boat, your next stop may be 100's of miles away in a different country. If there is something you want to see without the hassle of the bus, think about a private tour.
  13. The long queue is to buy tickets. Last year we purchased tickets for the Van Gogh for 10 AM admission, ate lunch in the Van Gogh museum. We also purchased tickets for 1:30 PM for the Riiksmuseum, an easy 15 minute walk from the Van Gogh. We were on the Zuiderdam, and took a cab to and from the ship. A great day.
  14. We have a debit card with no foreign exchange fees. On our last arrival in Oslo, we bought NOK at a bank ATM's in the Central Station. We had purchased our airport train tickets with a credit card. While I had Euros from our travels in Finland, I never saw a place to use them in Norway except at a currency exchange booth.
  15. We have hosted sail away parties in our Neptune Suite. We do not order appetizers from the Neptune Lounge. We bring our own munchies, chips, peanuts, etc and drink the sparkling wine left as a room gift plus our carry on wines. These departures were from Fort Lauderdale, so it is easy to pick up stuff on our way to the ship. We are doing an Alaska Cruise leaving from Seattle in a NS in late June, and are looking for a place to pick up wine and snacks on our way to the ship.
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