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  1. They will provide you with a plenty warm parka when you get onboard the ship. You will need waterproof (Not resistant) pants and boots. You can rent both of those (do it now) and have them ready for you on the ship or you can buy your own and bring them. You will want waterproof gloves. You will want a warm head cover, either a hat that covers your ears or a "buff" that can cover whatever parts of your face you need to cover. Fleece layer below the parka is a good idea. We had a couple sunny days where we took the parkas off and just went around in our fleeces. By the way, you should have lots of documentation from Silversea already with this info and lots more.
  2. I can see your point, if at a JFK hotel he could shuttle back to the airport for a cab
  3. If you google "new york city ferry app" it comes up at the top
  4. Shuttles are generally miserable in NYC. Pretty sure no Manhattan hotels have their own shuttle, they'll put you in something like Super Shuttle which may make 5 or 6 other stops en route to the airport, could take 2 hours or more depending on traffic. Take a fixed cost taxi to JFK from anywhere in Manhattan, or a car service as njh suggests
  5. Taxi to/from JFK is fixed price. With "surge pricing", uber can end up being much more expensive than that
  6. That bird photo is incredible. This was the best thread on this board in the 2 years I've been following it. You told your story so well and had such amazing photos.
  7. I knew this thread was going to end sometime, I was hoping that it wouldn't, though.
  8. Good luck with a reservation at Fox & Knife! We are going in December, made the res a month ago!
  9. Agreed. That hotel isn't really near anything, and it's across a highway from the closest neighborhood, which isn't a place I'd go wandering in.
  10. What did you decide to do? Did you like it? Feedback is good for future travelers. It's also good for folks who give advice to see how it's taken
  11. $75-80 is the price with tolls, congestion charges, airport fees, fare, and tip.
  12. Do you have a budget? Types of food you prefer or prefer to avoid? There are over 200 restaurants within a 15 minute walk of there.
  13. Bread is amazing in Iceland. Most places bake their own, many using geothermal heat right from the ground. Rye is popular but also all sorts of heavily seeded loafs.
  14. MBTA is now $2.90 with Charlie Ticket, $2.40 with refillable Charlie Card
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