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  1. Been there in summer (twice) and in winter (once). Always with a reservation. In winter we stayed at the onsite hotel so had access to the "private lagoon", which (at least at the time) was about 20% the size (give or take) but with maybe 5% as many people. Had a 5 minute wait in line to check in on one of our visits, walked right up the other time Very clean. Shower area was a bit crowded but easy to find a locker. Water is very warm, there are also "hot spots" if you want warmer. Lots of staff around inside and at the "pool" . Plenty of supply of "mud" to pack o
  2. take the drake x 2. As Kaisatsu said, if your flight is delayed, you lose those days in Antarctica. You could lose your whole trip if flights are grounded for a week.
  3. as long as none of us "miss our shots", I wouldn't be surprised if things open up slightly more quickly than feared. But that does require us to keep masking up and distancing until we are safely vaccinated. And things aren't heading in that direction right now.
  4. Christmas day is different. Much of Broadway has historically been closed on the holiday. Who knows about this year?
  5. Dial 7 and Carmel are the ones that are recommended regularly on TripAdvisor
  6. I am requesting Greenland brochures now from Quark and others. I know everything is online, but for cruises we like brochures in hand.
  7. We thought Antarctica was expensive at $25K for the two of us all in, but the NW passage is going to be at least double that, so now we're looking at just doing Greenland out of Iceland, and maybe spend a few (more) days in Iceland
  8. I didn't even know that was possible!
  9. We did similar a couple years earlier with Trip.is and also were very pleased with their work. But it's pretty easy to do this on your own with help from this forum and the Iceland board at TripAdvisor and using the published itineraries from companies like Nordic Visitor as guidelines.
  10. Thanks, Don. I have had a couple conversations with a specialist, they seem to be starting me out at the 48 day/$50K per person options that would be great if I had twice as much money in the bank and no job. I expect we will work our way down to shorter and more affordable options, hopefully while we are still young enough to appreciate the area! 🙂
  11. Private tours with a car and guide in Iceland start at around $1000/day. We did our 7 day trip in late 2019 with a small SUV and 2 full day small group tours for right around $2000 all in, not including airfare
  12. Since we don't have an Arctic board, I hope I can post this here or be directed to a more appropriate location. We loved Antarctica 3 years ago and are now thinking of doing a cruise from NYC (or similar) to Vancouver (or similar) thru the Arctic for summer 2022 or 2023. We've looked at a few websites and understand this will be more expensive as it seems to be a minimum of 21 days, and we did Antarctica in 12 days. We loved Silverseas and would prefer to be on a smaller ship (under 300 passengers) at that level of luxury if possible Our hopes and dreams include: U
  13. Reykjavik is easily toured on foot in a day. It's a very cute city, but I recommend to friends visiting Iceland that they spend as little time as possible in a city. We've spent zero time in Reykjavik on our last 3 visits.
  14. I thought it was odd, but that's what they told us at the hotel.
  15. Not sure about that "2 day" thing. Hurricanes can easily churn from the Bahamas to Atlantic Canada for 7-10 days, and the waves will be felt over a good 50% of the coast or more, depending on strength of the storm. Heck, we were in Cancun during the storm that sunk the Andrea Gail ("The Perfect Storm"). That was in New England and the beaches in Cancun were red-flagged due to the high surf.
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