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  1. Showman would make a good musical. Moulin does not. Zero substance or chemistry
  2. We compared "days in Antarctica" with price and found that Silversea gave us the best combo. Do expect to pay approx $1000/day per person. Silversea cruises were shorter in total duration but still had a solid 6 days in Antarctica.
  3. Don't get your hopes up too high for Moulin, unless you are a HUGE fan of the film. It really is a three ring circus (remember those?)!
  4. More days are always better than fewer days, in my book.
  5. If you added a week of West End performances (their prices are SO much lower than over here) it would be the most perfect trip ever!
  6. There is another Lobster roll thread down at the bottom of this page with lots of advice that you might find helpful
  7. The MBTA has a line (Silver Line) that goes to near the cruise terminal. It's about a 5-10 minute walk. Silver Line takes you to the Red Line at South Station (free transfer) and from there you can get to most anywhere you want A 30-40 minute walk from the cruise terminal will also get you to most downtown attractions.
  8. The Princess board here would know better than the NY board. But I agree, get yourself to the pier. And it's likely you can book your NYC hotel for cheaper on your own than thru the cruiseline.
  9. A thousand things to see and do in NYC. What do you want to see and do?
  10. Agreed. Ushuaia to Ushuaia with stops in Antarctica is "best" IMHO
  11. The Music Man revival is going to be the Next Huge Thing
  12. Appreciate the reviews. We are so looking forward to Hadestown. Didn't see Frankie and Johnny as we saw the last version (it was great and SO hot). We love Audra but have seen her a few times already. And Moulin sounds like it hasn't changed since we saw it in Boston. A real Three Ring Circus
  13. is well regarded on TripAdvisor, although Reykjavik is small enough to do on foot. Frankly, though, after 4 trips so far to Iceland, we spend as little time as possible in a city. Iceland is all about the places away from cities and towns. Reykjavik is an adorable small city, but if you've been to the Baltics you've seen similar.
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