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  1. We saw the credit hit our card 3-4 days after
  2. My wife did the transaction and said it was quite easy. There was a link in the email that was sent notifying of the change in dates
  3. We had tix for the Friday night of Thanksgiving weekend this year. They moved us to a random Friday night in June, we switched it easily to Memorial Day weekend when we hope NYC is open. Actually moved up a few rows and a bit nearer the center for no additional $$
  4. I've read the airport parts of it are great, but how much of that is due to the huge reduction in flights and passengers? Getting to NJ is just as bad as ever, although there is still less traffic.
  5. Good point. I had that 200 number drilled into me. Hope to not make this error again
  6. Agree with the others. If you are on a big ship (over 200 passengers) you will get views of Antarctica, but you won't be getting off. And it is questionable what ships will even be allowed in those latitudes going forward with the new Polar Code. On the smaller, expedition ships, you get off every day wherever the Captain can find clear waters and landing spots. No picking and choosing except for maybe adding on things like Kayaking if you want.
  7. You should edit your other thread to remove it, or click the Report link to have it removed. Have you disputed with your credit card company?
  8. That wasn't the question. If you want to move the goalposts, please feel free to do so, but let's not start getting all "but what about" here.
  9. Now folks are reporting there that BOS has been added back for 2 flights/week for the second half of this month. Safe to say Icelandair is "winging it".
  10. Afraid so. TripAdvisor Iceland forum is full of updates. Not good for US visitors
  11. Sarnia has it. Doesn't look like US will be allowed until July 1 at earliest. They've canceled the BOS/KEF flights on Icelandair the rest of this month
  12. Protesting for Human Rights is more important than Cruising. And that is the only thing that needs to be said on the subject.
  13. Lots of car rental options in Reykjavik. Many fewer in Akureyri as it is a small town. Most important thing about car rentals in Iceland is to thoroughly document the condition of your car before you drive away from the agency and when you return it. SO many stories of belated damage reports and after-charges you need to protect yourself, and let them know you are doing so. Video the entire car, inside and out, and check the tire conditions, too. Roads in Iceland are well marked. Maps are easier to use than GPS as a map will tell you the quality of the road (lots of good gravel and bad gravel roads, along with paved roads) better than GPS, and GPS has a problem with town and destination names that are duplicates or that use Icelandic characters to spell.
  14. Most Antarctic cruises don't cross the Circle. Our SilverSeas cruise 2 years ago, with multiple landings on the peninsula, didn't get within a few hundred miles of the circle. Check a map to see how far above the circle the peninsula gets.
  15. Blue Lagoon has their own transportation option you can book on their site. Buses from the city every couple hours or so. Re.is also offers transfers from the city: https://www.re.is/tour/blue-lagoon-transfer/ Taxi would be close to $125 each way. If you have 4 people it might be worth it.
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