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  1. Just posting again to get this thread near the top. Teally excited that we are so close to sail date.
  2. There is water everywhere on the ship that is drinkable including the bathroom sink. You can carry a water bottle and fill it in buffet. We still buy bottles of water to carry off ship. I don't like packing a bottle or worrying about leaving my favorite bottle on the ship or on a beach.
  3. Looks like there are several of us. We are signed up on the regular roll call too. How are you handling Jamaica? We are thinking ship day with massage.
  4. First night sailaway until we are out a way from mainland. We take in the Welcome Aboard Show and listen to music in a bar. Usually bed calls early. Last night tradition is now Cagney's often with friends from m&g. A couple we met on our kast cruise is joining us on our next one and we've booked Cagney's. Then the last minute packing and sadness sets in.
  5. On our January 5th, 14 day cruise it is being offered on night 12 and 13. We were allowed to book it at 120 days out. No offerings listed yet for Six or Prohibition the Musical.
  6. WITZ Surfsafe Waterproof Sports Case, Yellow https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00022UDZ8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_AB.EDb61VGKCK
  7. These photos of the Ocean Blue menu were recently posted on cruise critic. They do show the non seafood options but not dessert.
  8. You need to leave as many in your room as you started with at the start. You will see towels abandoned everywhere including benchs at ports and by the pool. Just keep an eye ooen if you misplace one.
  9. Yes to clotheslines in shower. La Cucina is specialty dining and your UDP will be accected there. I would opt for Cagney's or le Bistro both over it. It is good just noy as special as the other two. Le Bistro is my favorite hands down but I love French food. Cagney's is my DH favorite but he is a meat and potatoes guy.
  10. I saw a post with photos of all the menus on Bliss posted this week but it did not include dessert for Ocean Blue. I too am traveling with a seafood hater. So I am following to see if you recieve an answer.
  11. Once onboard go to the touchscreens and try there. Only a portion of seats are open to early reservations. There is also a restaurant rep near guest services. Walk up is possible but wait times may prove annoying.
  12. I'll be traveling on the Norwegian Bliss in January and have Specialty dining as an add on. Has anyone had experience with Ocean Blue when your travel companion thinks all seafood is terrible? I love it but don't want to waste a dinner if we'll have to get Pizza in the buffet later to supplement the meat and potatoes guy. Thoughts?
  13. There are many ports where once is enough others I would do over again and again. St Lucia was my absolute favorite port and I will do it again in a minute. Bahamas not so much. In January we are repeating ports because of wanting to be on the Bliss. My plan is to do very different excursions from our last visit.
  14. Recently read NCL Bliss has banned cigarettes in the cigar room, not sure if that change is planned fleet wide.
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