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  1. Capt BJ can you recommend any Banana River tours for Port Canaveral?
  2. try Snorkel Bermuda. Small boat leaves across from cruise ship. I booked this and went by myself. Only takes 6 or 8 passengers. The man's name is Sonny. Went to the Constellation and Montana quickly before the other cattleboats arrived.
  3. Underwear exploration??? Thanks for the info. I will check out BUEI. I guess I am just looking for historical entertainment, pirates etc.
  4. Looking for suggestions for the best place to view Bermuda Triangle (ship wrecks, treasures or stories) museum like attractions.
  5. I even took my rolling walker on the public bus. I would not bother to try to reserve any tours. They have amble opportunities to get taxis and tours right off the ship without paying shore excursion prices.
  6. I wonder if you could bring your own floatation mattress?
  7. Thanks so much I am reserving Coral Breeze.
  8. Can you send the link for full review in Belize port of call group. I would love to read that never been to the mainland but will be there in one month. Very interested in Coral Breeze.
  9. Thanks for the info. Been to Belize twice before but never on mainland. I booked the first time thru the cruiseship big waste of time and money, then other times to the private islands.
  10. it is more of a photo shoot than encounter or swim. We did this and there was more posing than encounter. The pictures were extremely expensive and they do not allow you to take your own.
  11. Thanks. I was looking for a city tour maybe and the sharks and rays availability. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  12. Can you book excursions when you arrive in Belize City? I don't not like using the ships shore excursions and we are a large group of people who like different things. I remember getting off at different ports like Cayman and Cozumel and finding independent vendors close by.
  13. Excellent, I usually get up early for breakfast #1. I try to bring coffee back for my cabin mates to get their butt in gear. I usually spill alot. Thanks for the great idea.
  14. On the Dream they have a smoking area on their promenade deck in addition to the pool deck.
  15. Just got off the Anthem. My cousin did the Zip line and she is disabled. She can only stand for short periods of time and walk short distances. They took her up to the platforms in a truck and did take good care of her. She has curvature of the spine like a hunchback. She had to sign the waiver like everyone else but they did not prevent her from doing this bucket list activity. People assisted me by taking me to the best spots to get pictures then wound up taking the pictures for me because I am cell phone impaired. I just wanted to let anyone concerned that they can do it too if they can afford it.
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