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  1. Having sailed over 15 cruises, this was a first with an interior cabin & one so far aft. We needed a way to meet some family in Ensenada for a day there, and budget cruise was our best option only a month before sail date. Plenty of cabin space, storage. Just found so far that covering bathroom floor drain & shower drain has eliminated minor odor in bathroom. We also perked in other cabin types as crew still prepping. IMO Sure wouldn't want pay premium for V2 & nearby cabins as that balcony us near a public outside stairway. I will try and post when have wifi access. P.s curtain just hides a wall
  2. Long Beach inside Carnival terminal “Old Spruce Goose”
  3. Parking photos- turn left at attendant- right lane drop off people or luggage, drive around left into garage.
  4. Parking at Long Beach- easier than anticipated. Follow signs to Queen Mary, then for Carnival right side ticket machines. We arrived at 10:48am. Dropped a suitcase curbside, but can take carry-ons thru if like. Was told parking lot had been open for a long time now (I noted handicap spaces almost full) and Carnival opened the dome embarkation area at 10:30am. We Entered building & directed to priority access, checked in immediately at a raised table. Waited in “Capts lounge” vs nice park area for general. We brought a few empty water bottles to refill water on board. NO bottles are allowed even empty (surprise change). Boarding for priority started at 11:15. Be prepared pull luggage up a few uphill ramps (there are elevators for those needing it). Buffet was just starting but dessert was ready & salad bar. Noted that sugar now in pour containers & no straws has started. Bring your own packets if sweetener particilar. Never having driven to a port before, found this way less hectic than FL port chaos.
  5. Yes, I am not sure Carnival realizd flip flopping, and then swapping Aruba/Curacao days they took into accont arriving in Aruba on a holiday - Labor Day is May 1. All shops would be closed on arrival day. So if some cruisers were focused just on shoppig it was like another sea day. A handful of shop stalls were open in the cruise terminal. Walked into town (can you say hot?) and saw maybe four shops open + Starbucks, Just wish would have left itinerary original itineary and just skipped Amber Cay. Starting trip with almost on ship frm noon Sat - 10am Tues was a bit long, then changing a beach port from all day to 7-2 last day getting up early to tender & enjoy- makes tiring last day.
  6. Agree Sheraton by port is great. However for a very clean, close by hotel we have used Courtyard San Juan Miramar. It is approx $15 taxi to port maybe ten minutes. Easy checkin- often got in room early, plenty of taxis to get to port right in side street that valet whistles up. There was also car parking if needed. Also less than 2-4 blocks last time there was a Subway sandwich shop, a pharmacy next to it, gas station. On sight at time was restaurant with a very reasonable price breakfast. Plenty of local restaurants nearby. There is a pool, just never used it. Room location - request a lower floor, not facing main street. Reason for request: lower floor, easier carry bags down or less time waiting for elevator (that was only downside- slow elevators), and request a room not facing the side street- on a Sat. night my parents could hear club music until late. We in other side facing entrance car loop heard nothing.
  7. Ok last minute Carnival email the night before sailing. There has been itinerary change. Not sure how I feel starting cruise two full days at sea. N a positive note we have gotten HMC vs Amber Cay now. I bet the excursion desk will be quite busy as in, ne still shows old itinerary & cannot ebook until boarding. I forsee a scramble for HMC cabanas. Just an FYI for those sailing. W have cruise insurance, does not cover itinerary changes. Although did read so eones post who bought Nationwide? travel insurance and received $500/person for iti erary change. Now that would have been a nice bonus. Bon Voyage in matter hours. Dear Carnival Conquest Guest,:D We just want to take a moment of your time to provide you with an update on our itinerary. We have been informed that the tenders in Princess Cays will not be in service for our call on Sunday, April 29, due to unexpected and necessary maintenance. We will be replacing our call with a visit to the beautiful port of Half Moon Cay. Additionally, we have modified the days and times of our port visits as follows: DAYPORTARRIVEDEPART Sat Fort Lauderdale, FL4:00 PMSun Fun Day @ SeaMon Fun Day @ SeaTue Aruba10:00 AM11:00 PMWed Curacao8:00 AM4:00 PMThu Fun Day @ SeaFri Grand Turk7:00 AM2:00 PMSat Half Moon Cay, The Bahamas8:00 AM2:00 PMSun Fort Lauderdale, FL8:00 AM Pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions for Princess Cays will be refunded to your onboard Sail & Sign® account. We're confident you will love Half Moon Cay, where you'll fulfill your private island fantasy and sway in the sweet breeze to Calypso. With its turquoise sea and powdery white sand, you'll spend a day in your own slice of paradise. Tours for Half Moon Cay will be available for purchase once on board. Thank you for your understanding. We look forward to welcoming you on board. Sincerely,
  8. Agree with most posts- I tend to get motion sick in backseat of a car just drivng to McDonalds! Depending on weather, found the night out of Seatle was roughest. I usually took a Bonine 3 hours before dinner as the dining area is so far after, felt most motion there, for precaution I took it most nights. I am adding my two cents- book the Carnival cruise excursion to the fjords, ours was the Tracy Arm, but sailed another fjord area due to too many calving risks for ship. It was an amazing scenery of glacier close up to glacier. It was pouring btw for 75% of our excurion but made for lots of calving of glacier. It is worth it.
  9. We sail Conquest this Saturday, and can also research door decorations. Having senior parents who may ge turned around a bit, I went to dollar store and bought for a dollar (haha) a string of hibiscus flat cardboard flowers with twine between them, and if I recall 6 in package. Door decorations must be flame retardant, and use rmoveable adhesive like command strips. I am preparing extras for door in case the flower "nlows away" I do not think a simple flower will, but have heard magnets are attractive souvenirs for some to thnk they are fine fo the taking. I was just at Goodwill today and had for 69cents a cute flat foam chick set from Easter and plan on attaching ng to metal mailbox. BTW the mailbox is a good place to leave notes for each other as noone bothers it vs. a dry erase message board as I have seen too many dry erase boards with profane words & drawings. I will repost after cruise my information. I also heard walls in cabin are magnetic, so bringing magnets is good for posting the FunTimes etc.
  10. If we cannot get deck midship 7, we always try for deck nine - LIDO. We have sailed in that location many times, love convenience to food, that it actually has a door toward lido pool entrance that cuts noise, and not much hallway traffic. Locations to avoid- the few rooms that are on either side of ship across the main elevator/atrium area. We found could hear lido music every time glass sliding doors open could hear it as funnels that way, same with atrium music in all decks avoid that location as music comes straight up. So yes, I would take Lido "upgrade" not too far aft or forward though for motion. And yes precious poster said spa locker room showers are nice to use. We are sailing this Sat the Southern route, and plan on a review upon return. Anything in particular anyone wants me to try and research?
  11. FYI - I cannot verify until our cruise in two weeks, but have read recently that Grand Turk has a policy preventing cruise passengers from taking beach found conch shells as the "grave yard as now area considered part of Turks National Park System" plus part of natural environment protection. Also read cruise security on some ships do not allow bringing conch shells on board, (protect environment and often ends up smelling or had a living animal in it! ) If you purchase one & have a receipt they will let you bring it on ship. This polcy is fairly new as we have been to conch graveyard ages ago and it was ok back then. Will verify and post in my review. Thanks for posting your trip loving it!
  12. Thank you for taking time to write the review, I know the amount of time it takes. We sail in ten days on Conquest - Luv Blue Iguana options too. Did you get a chance eat at BBQ on deck ten at all? How are you getting photos on here? I plan on writing a review with as much info as yours, Thanks.
  13. No, same experience in LAS (vegas) airport, and San Juan when we have cruised from there. Have used United & Southwest Air same policy
  14. thank you for the great embarkation details. Traveling with senior parents and was worried about us being separated as we have platinum & sometimes they keep the keycards in a lounge. When did they make the key cards for you? Gee my passport photo us worse than drivers license! Sent from my iPad using Forums
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