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  1. Having sailed over 15 cruises, this was a first with an interior cabin & one so far aft. We needed a way to meet some family in Ensenada for a day there, and budget cruise was our best option only a month before sail date. Plenty of cabin space, storage. Just found so far that covering bathroom floor drain & shower drain has eliminated minor odor in bathroom. We also perked in other cabin types as crew still prepping. IMO Sure wouldn't want pay premium for V2 & nearby cabins as that balcony us near a public outside stairway. I will try and post when have wifi access. P.s curtain just hides a wall
  2. Long Beach inside Carnival terminal “Old Spruce Goose”
  3. Parking photos- turn left at attendant- right lane drop off people or luggage, drive around left into garage.
  4. Parking at Long Beach- easier than anticipated. Follow signs to Queen Mary, then for Carnival right side ticket machines. We arrived at 10:48am. Dropped a suitcase curbside, but can take carry-ons thru if like. Was told parking lot had been open for a long time now (I noted handicap spaces almost full) and Carnival opened the dome embarkation area at 10:30am. We Entered building & directed to priority access, checked in immediately at a raised table. Waited in “Capts lounge” vs nice park area for general. We brought a few empty water bottles to refill water on board. NO bottles are allowed even empty (surprise change). Boarding for priority started at 11:15. Be prepared pull luggage up a few uphill ramps (there are elevators for those needing it). Buffet was just starting but dessert was ready & salad bar. Noted that sugar now in pour containers & no straws has started. Bring your own packets if sweetener particilar. Never having driven to a port before, found this way less hectic than FL port chaos.
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