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  1. Thank you for that information. We can walk so no problem there. So the terminology isn’t Pier 83? I’m a little confused
  2. Hi. I’m from NJ. Yes there will be me and hubby. Thanks for the tip about the bus. I’ll look into it.
  3. Thank you. I guess I’m going to be in for a little different experience then Fla!
  4. We will be sailing May 3 on the Encore leaving out of NY. We have never sailed from NY and don’t know what to except as far as where to park. Or are there hotels with parking we can use for the day before? Is the NY port very different from Fort Lauderdale ?? Thanks cruisers!
  5. I thought drinks were only taxed when in Miami and not while at sea? That will add up if it’s taxed all days of the cruise
  6. I also had problems with Edocs. First they told me you can’t retrieve them until 40 days out. Next call said 30 days out. Third call said after flight info is completely finialized ( even tho it was). Fourth call said the Edocs have been there all along and to call technical support on Monday because they don’t work weekends any more. Fifth call and technical support reset something in less then a minute and there they were. Frustrating
  7. My flight down to FLL leaves Philadelphia at 6 AM and arrives about 9 AM. A direct flight. Perfect for me. I much rather be there as early as possible. It’s going to be January so weather can always be an issue. I didn’t request either airport. I assumed I was going to Miami but you know what happens when you assume lol. I called twice and no budging. Actually I have had problems with other things as well. I called 4 ( no exaggerating) to get my edocs and every single time I got a different answer. Last time I called they decided it was a technical issue and to call technical support BUT they are no longer working on the weekends so call number five is coming up
  8. Thank you for the great tips. What do I do with my luggage though if I just want to do a beach day? I know I can’t check it in at the airport that early.
  9. This was the first we used the NCL Free Airfare and our return trip to Philadelphia doesn’t leave Florida airport until after 9 PM. Any suggestions as to what to do for a whole day with all our luggage?? I tried to have the flights changed but no luck
  10. First time posting. Been riding with you on this trip. I am on the 1/5 sail date. Looking forward to it even more now!!
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