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  1. I agree with you and this time because of the free/reduced air fare for $99 per person we are going to try it for our flights from Detroit to New York and return to Detroit from Seattle and if I don't like them I just will not use them and our deal is for a 21 night Panama Canal cruise that starts in New York city and ends in Seattle. By the way perk from our TA for this cruise is $800 of on board credit.
  2. Who said I didn't also do my own research? I always look them up first and then contact her to see what her company offers. Maybe I haven't traveled as much as you but after 70 cruises or so I think I have a pretty good idea on how to research cruises. I'm leaving in peace you are obviously more travel experienced than I will ever be.
  3. Coupons who mentioned coupons? Our TA always have the same prices as the cruise line and then throws in the extra perks besides. Leave in peace maybe my hands are empty but my billfold isn't.
  4. One of the benefits I get booking through my travel agent is money. One cruise I got a check from them for $1,000 another one I have booked through them I will have $800 of on board credit. And on every cruise I book with them I either get money back or on board credit. Just back from a cruise Sunday and I will get back $400. Seems worth it to me.
  5. We have not used the free/reduced air yet but we do have it booked next April for a Panama Canal cruise that starts in New York and ends in Seattle. Flight s are from Detroit to New York and Seattle to Detroit. Cost is $99 per person and total of $50 more for deviation to fly into New York two days before cruise and do not have to book hotel with NCL. For a total of $250 worth the gamble. Also in last week had two price drops on cruise totaling $600. Time will tell if a good decision or not.
  6. I always use the same TA for all our cruises probably around 70 of them now. Always get perks but a few that stand out was $1,000 check from them after one cruise and $800 on board credit for a cruise next year and on that same cruise we just had a $200 price drop so she took care of that this morning.
  7. Twice I have done the Platinum Plus dinner with officers. First time was with the Captain on the Sun. Second time was on the Bliss and I think he was Engineer and he showed up late and sat at the far end of the table.
  8. We will be using SPB this July for a 2 day tour in St. Peterburg plus the first evening for a folklore show and we also have booked with them for Berlin,Stockholm, Tallinn and Helsinki. Looked like a good fit for us but there are a lot of good choices it appears.
  9. We were on the Bliss for back to back cruises in December. Cagney's was a disappointment but I don't blame the staff on the Bliss because in my opinion the free dining perk and the dining packages have created a tremendous problem for the servers and the chef's. To me if you had a choice to eat at say Los Lobos where the entree's are about $10 or Cagney's where they are about $25 and not even counting appetizers and desert so to me human nature says go to Cagney's. We ate at Cagney's 3 times first time we both had to send our steaks back and took a long time to get them back. Second time was better but steaks were still not cooked correctly but didn't want the delay to send them back. Third time we ordered the shrimp skewers after an hour without seeing them we got up and left. I am not blaming anyone on the ship but NCL has created in my opinion a problem with the staff to keep up with the demand. We will be on the Bliss again next month for a 15 night cruise and will try Cagney's again and I think because of the length of the cruise Cagney's will be much better. Just my opinion and I do respect the staff on the Bliss.
  10. We did the Bliss for two cruises in December and when we were on both weeks they also had the comedy shows one night in the main theatre and no reservations were necessary. Also they did the Beatles show one night in the main theatre and no reservations were necessary. Maybe it has changed.
  11. We're any of your five examples of your experience in St. Petersburg? Just curious.
  12. Guess I need to lookup a Fredagsrock concert and see what it is. Looking forward to our first trip to Copenhagen. Thanks
  13. We are going to be staying at the Copenhagen Plaza near Tivoli July 10-13 before a cruise and it turns out that will be when the Copenhagen Jazz Festival is going on. So probably won't be quiet but sounds like a great time to be there.
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