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  1. Just my opinion and I am Diamond Plus on Royal and Platinum Plus on NCL our last 4 cruises have been on NCL and I have six more cruises booked right now five on NCL and one on Royal. Th one on Royal was only booked because I can get off the Royal ship and walk down to get on the Encore. I especially like the entertainment on NCL compared to Royal. Both lines are good but NCL is my choice.
  2. I was lucky first time I did it. It was on the Sun leaving from San Francisco going to Alaska and at our table we did have the captain.
  3. We were on the same cruise. And not the tour companies fault but mine. We booked their 2 day deluxe tour and the first night we had also booked with them for a Russian Folklore show. My mistake the cost was $99 per person and there were 4 of us, As we were on the first day of the tour I knew there was no way we could stay a wake to watch the show and also the next day started around 8:00 so it was to late to cancel and get a refund but I canceled it with them anyhow and lost the $400. Still was the right thing for us to do. Expensive lesson but those are the ones we remember best. Not the tour companies fault. And one other thing the Getaway did bring a Russian dance group onto the ship so we went to that instead. Just my two cents. Also the Million Dollar Quartet is not be missed. My all time favorite cruise show.
  4. We just off the Getaway yesterday in Copenhagen and saw the 20% off Latitudes offer and emailed my TA. She looked up the discount and we got it for three of our future cruises with no loss of perks. Total saving for the three cruises was around $3,000. worked out well for us obviously.
  5. There is a new post with all 9 days posted by KonkyWonky. Called NCL Getaway 2019 Baltic Freestyle Dailies
  6. Just my 2cents you probably can't go wrong on either. We have been on 27 RCCL cruises and 20 NCL cruises. But for us NCL is the one we have cruised on the most recently. Right now we have 7 cruises booked and 6 of those are on NCL. I really like the entertainment on NCL and they have at the moment more perks for us then RCCL so NCL is a better fit for us at the present. Probably not the best fit for everyone.
  7. Thanks for the pictures. We have been on the Getaway 3 or 4 times before and get on it again in 5 weeks. Also just saw the TA cruise in April 2021 and looked like a great 18 night cruise so just booked that one also.
  8. We have not used SPB tours yet but we have them booked for tours in 5 cities on our Baltic cruise in July. From what I have seen and heard for us I am looking forward to using them for the four of us. I was talking with a fellow passenger on the NCL Bliss about cruising at a private party and he said he had used them and was really pleased. In talking with him and seeing how the CD and officers seemed to know him so well I figured if he was pleased with them I probably would be also. The fact that the reviews for them was so good and half the cost of ship tours made the decision pretty easy. Like I say I have not used them yet but not concerned about the posts I have seen.
  9. Even though we are Diamond Plus with Royal we haven't cruised much with them the last few years so when I saw these new to us suites they look great so we have one booked in November on the Explorer and it was pretty close to the same price as a junior suite. Looking forward to it. Looks great.
  10. We are doing the Getaway on July 13 with our oldest grandson (20) and oldest granddaughter (17). We have been on the Getaway probably 3 or 4 times before and we really like the ship especially the entertainment. The Million Dollar Quartet is my favorite show on a cruise ship and Howl at the Moon (dueling piano players) is pretty good in my opinion also. If you do choose a ship that leaves from Copenhagen in July there is a big jazz festival going on for 10 days. I think the fourth through fourteenth but I might be off a day or two in that. Hope this helps.
  11. I agree with you and this time because of the free/reduced air fare for $99 per person we are going to try it for our flights from Detroit to New York and return to Detroit from Seattle and if I don't like them I just will not use them and our deal is for a 21 night Panama Canal cruise that starts in New York city and ends in Seattle. By the way perk from our TA for this cruise is $800 of on board credit.
  12. Who said I didn't also do my own research? I always look them up first and then contact her to see what her company offers. Maybe I haven't traveled as much as you but after 70 cruises or so I think I have a pretty good idea on how to research cruises. I'm leaving in peace you are obviously more travel experienced than I will ever be.
  13. Coupons who mentioned coupons? Our TA always have the same prices as the cruise line and then throws in the extra perks besides. Leave in peace maybe my hands are empty but my billfold isn't.
  14. One of the benefits I get booking through my travel agent is money. One cruise I got a check from them for $1,000 another one I have booked through them I will have $800 of on board credit. And on every cruise I book with them I either get money back or on board credit. Just back from a cruise Sunday and I will get back $400. Seems worth it to me.
  15. We have not used the free/reduced air yet but we do have it booked next April for a Panama Canal cruise that starts in New York and ends in Seattle. Flight s are from Detroit to New York and Seattle to Detroit. Cost is $99 per person and total of $50 more for deviation to fly into New York two days before cruise and do not have to book hotel with NCL. For a total of $250 worth the gamble. Also in last week had two price drops on cruise totaling $600. Time will tell if a good decision or not.
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