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  1. on the Emerald I was able to get van or chocolate gelato at Cones. It counted as a premium dessert.
  2. Was on the Island Princess for 14 day cruise rt rome. I do not smoke and hate smokey areas. I had no "smoke" problems anywhere on ship, even in the casino.
  3. Let me wrap up this discussion with what I learned from this exprience. 1. Do not take any advise from Princess reps on telephone. 2. Read all fine print sent out by Princess. IE get it in writing. 3. Renew your passport whenever you book a cruise if it is going to expire in less then 6 months after such tour.. Then have fun cruising, and thanks again to all
  4. Victory Victory...Made appointment Saturday, photos taken Sunday. Visited Passport office to apply this morning. In and out in 20 minutes for both of us. Was told to go to lunch or shopping and come back at 2:00. Did so and passports ready and waiting for us thanks to the courtesy and efficiency of the staff at the Passport office in Portsmouth NH. Now I just have to make the changes in the Princess AP to reflect our new status. Again thanks to all who chimed in on this problem which I caused by not reading the full info under Passport requirements.. I assumed valid was valid, not so for some destinations. It was possible to purchase with credit or debit card which may be a new thing because it was stated in a post on this subject that cash or check was needed.
  5. I will report back after my visit to passport office. Thanks again to all who responded.
  6. I have an appointment set for Monday . Thanks to all who let me know how important a renewal ASAP is.
  7. When I contacted Princess, one rep told me no problem, and was going to send me an email to confirm this, It never came so I called again and this rep told me to bring birth certificate for boarding. It is all so confusing, my exp. date was entered on my ap when I reserved cruise' I never had a reason to worry until I got the booking confirmation yesterday that mentioned the 6 month requirement. How do I get a straight answer from princess.
  8. It"s the 15 day solar eclipse sailing. Mexico Costa Rica Panama Canal Columbia and Grand Cayman. Done these excursions on previous cruises and wasn.t even planning on getting off ship. Leaving from Los Angeles
  9. I have reservation for Sailing date of April 5th and passport with expiration date of July 14th. Princess is asking for passport to be valid for 6 months after sail date. I noticed too late to get passport renewal. I have been told to bring original birth certificate with me. Has anyone had this happen to them, or know how this will be handled when we come with green lane clearance but this problem with passport. Hope someone can give me some reassurance that all will be well. Thank you.
  10. Does the credit go to the room or to the individual cruiser?
  11. Has anyone else received a call , supposedly from Princess, offering an "opportunity" to purchase for $7,500.00 a listing of future cruise and or hotel stay benefits. I couldn't see any advantage to the offering even if it was from Princess.
  12. did you try for your favorite beer at any other locations? Might have been only one bar was out. I'm going to be on Island at end of November and have seen some bad reviews as to her condition. What is you opinion on this?
  13. for our 50th anniversary we went on a Tauck tour of Alaska which included 7 days land and 7 day Princess cruise from Whittier to Vancouver. It was not cheap but it included 1 night in Anchorage at capt Cook and two night each in 3 Princess lodges. All meals and tours were included as well as very nice cocktail parties. The Tauck tour leader came on cruise also and sponsored some special meals and gatherings on board. Each day on ship the excursions were also included for the ports. Having everything taken care of for all lodging, transfers and excursions was wonderful. There was even a plane ride over Denali mountain and we actually had one of the days on which it was not covered by clouds.
  14. I have booked with sights of athens , the .blue hoho bus. On their site they map the two routes which do intersect for switching from one to the other. I e-mailed them to make sure it still ran in November, then purchased ticket on viator which allows money back cancellations. I saw someplace that the X80 does not run at end of november and I am finding very mixed reviews of taxi travel to Athens both for price and surly and/or dishonest drivers. Very confused. Thanks for your help.
  15. Hi Lisa, I am also planning one day in Athens from the ship which is in port Nov 26th for the same time frame. I am planning to get HOHO from cruise terminal to Athens Acropolis Museum. Tour that , then walk on pathway to acropolis Hill. ( we will not be climbing the hill to Parthenon but that is where it is.} Then getting on Athens route of HOHO for a round trip back to Acropolis/ acropolis museum area for HO HO back to ship. Hoping to make time to get off and see changing of guard , then back on to get back to acropolis area for next to last HOHO back to ship. If time gets away from us we will taxi back to ship. I will check in on this forum and tell how this worked out. I would also like to see what others have planned or have already done. ( Specially if a good location is suggested.) Gretchen
  16. There is a pretty good map for the Genova hop on hop off bus which shows the Cruise terminal stop # 10 with the aquarium about a third of the way around the Old port on way to next stop #1 which they list for the Aquarium. the hop on hop off does have wheelchair access but I don't know if it is easier to reach on foot from cruise ship rather than from hop on hop off stop #1. To get to cruise terminal stop #10 it was necessary to go through terminal down a short block and the cross a busy highway which did have lights for pedestrians. There was then a long line to get on bus and I needed to wait for the next one. Both routes go from this locatlion to stop 1, so either one would work. I only got on bus and took full circuit rilde. It was not possible to see much of anything from bus. I was cruising alone, but met husband in Rome to start our auto tourling. We did come back to Genova and visit the aquarium. I honestly don't think it is worth the effort to visit it. I use a cane with a seat attached and needed it in this aquarium. Needed timed entry tickets purchased on museum website. There is only one route through the aquarium and it heads 4 stories up on a ramp and then down to exit. There are elevators but I found the signage lacking. We tried to exit after we were all the way up and needed to backtrack and got very lost. There were no guides to question for way out .
  17. thank you all, I did receive an answer from hoho and they do run in Athens in November. Don't want to do much (or any, lol) walking so think just taking bus ride will give us a good overview of city. We may just visit the Acropolis Museum after one circle of city then back to ship.
  18. The credit I received for this same problem was applied to ship account which then lowered my final account balance charged to my card. did have to go to guest services on board.
  19. I traveled from Barcelona to Rome this spring as a solo passenger The only awkward times for me were in the dining rooms. The only single tables were the tables for two in rows allowing them to be pulled together for larger groups. The space between each of these tables made it impossible to avoid hearing the next table's conversation. It was difficult to ignore and I think it put them into feeling they needed to include me in their conversations. I was happy to chat, but think that eating alone by choice should have been better managed. (I think the guests choosing a table for 2 would also like a little more room
  20. only looked for info on site,, which was not clear. i will look for e- mail address there and try. further. thanks for responding
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