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  1. It does sound like a good policy and good news. Unfortunately I bought my airfare and arriving only 2 days prior to the cruise. It would not make sense to run a test once a ship gets underway. A very good idea, just hoping it's not in effect April 2021. Or should I change my flights now?
  2. @Dd3thomas Nothing wrong with that price! Congrats.
  3. I hope this is on topic. It's for all you COVID affected/deprived grandparents out there who might still be in Phase 1 like me. Here are some games for you and your little ones to enjoy on Zoom or Facetime. We play this stuff for hours and added benefit of giving a break to their folks. Card games- war, gin rummy, Old Maid, Crazy 8's, black jack, 5 card draw. Some of it weird playing with two different decks, but they amuse my 4, 5 and 6 year. We use chips or pennies too. Games- Battleship! The old non-electronic version has two separate screens so it's perfect for you to keep a screen, five ships and pegs, and send one set and the rules to your competitor. One of our favs. Bingo. Get the kind with the closing windows. Send the whole game with spinning wheel to the young ones and order some extra cards for yourself on Amazon. Candyland, and Chutes and Ladders for the 3 and 4 year olds. They have to move your pieces around. Boggle- get two sets. Our favorite. Yahtzee. Twister- two sets. Jacks. Mad-libs Pen and paper games- 20 questions, tic-tac-toe, hangman, made up games like "draw 5 animals in one minute" etc. 5 minutes to scavenge the house for everything that's blue or red or whatever. Arts and crafts projects like cutting up paper and pretending we're ancient Romans making mosaics. Maybe this is off topic but bonding with your environmentally and socially deprived kids is one positive outcome of COVID-19. If you have more ideas please share. Nancy
  4. @Strenz Thanks for the word. Had no idea that it would be possible for them to keep both ships going in FP but makes a lot of sense. Add to that Ponant hasn't won over it's loyal PG fans and lot of mutiny talk on the PG board. Bet there will be a lot of PG faithful who'll be looking for a new home. Your 26 days on Wind Spirit sound heavenly. Can't imagine any cruise being more perfect than that. One last thing. FP is a moneymaker for WS, but what was with the incredible prices this last spring/early summer? Just because they needed a shot in the arm and that was a quick way to get it? If so it really worked as prices zoomed back up in the last few weeks. Know many who waited too long.
  5. Sorry Nigel. My cruise is almost a year away and maybe in 6 months things might be looking a little more glimmery for Britain, USA and the world.
  6. I'm (hopefully) cruising Tahiti in April next year and was shopping very early for airfare when I found something remarkable. $419 roundtrip United SFO to Papeete. Showed for just about an hour on the UAL website. 10 min after I bought it was gone. Fares had been all over the map previously and subsequently. Another wonderful thing about my fare is that it's changeable. Would have been thrilled with something $600-650 range but never expected this. I checked ATN at the same time and it was over $1000 which is what UAL is today for my dates. So to pass it on, start watching carefully. Looking a few times a day can't hurt. Hope that you find something great too. 😃
  7. Thanks Paul. Not counting on it but would be nice. Those "glimmers of hope" as someone else said.
  8. It's not till Apr 2021 and changeable if it needs to change but I got a fare of $419 RT SFO-PPT United coach. Not premium but oh well, the price was too unreal to pass on. Air Tahiti Nui at the time was $1300. The fare was there and 30 min later was gone.
  9. Like you say "if we get to cruise at all in the future". But if we are cruising in Oct/Nov 2021 Star Breeze will sail To Papeete from some port on the west coast. And what cruise that will be. I'm keeping an eye out for that one as already booked on the first sailing of Breeze in Nov 2021. Can't think of a more delicious cruise than a long Pacific crossing followed by 10 or 17 days in FP on the same Breeze. But again it's all pie in the sky as no one has a crystal ball 😞
  10. Wonder why Spirit will be staying in Tahiti? Can't begin to imagine your voyage on Spirit and those sails out! What year was this? Can see being happy doing either southern or northern on an ship. Your cruise must've been fantastic!
  11. @Strenz Can you tell me what port you sailed from? And direct to Papeete, no Hawaii? How many days? I think we're all referring to Breeze sailing transpacific here, but wonder where Wind Spirit will head. Now if Spirit did Papeete-LA, gosh would really love to be on it.
  12. Tillamook County, is home to Nehalem, and doing beautifully with 5.7 cases per 10000 since testing began. 50 miles south is Lincoln County where I live, and it sucks by comparison. 71.7 per 10000 positive cases.. An outbreak at a seafood processing facility in Newport has been painful. I'm a retired RN and the 28 bed hospital is so overwhelmed I was asked to return to work. We're beginning to shun tourism again and considering closing beaches. We are the unclean. Nehalem is lovely and a perfect choice. Mandatory masks, and no seafood processing. 😉 Have fun.
  13. Interesting as my son and daughter-in-law are MDs at UCLA Med Center, and ICU capacity is at 82% as of 7/6. 75% of those cases COVID.
  14. @Georgia_Peaches OT, but the pretty new picture of your smiling face makes me want to smile too 😃
  15. We have Mermaid booked for the 4/29 also with another couple. A suggestion. Your cruise is a long way off but it's high season and the best independent excursions will go quickly. Our cruise is also Twice the Tahiti and of the four days in Bora Bora a few for H2O Bora Bora are already sold out. They are number one in BB on Tripadvisor if your plan includes snorkeling. I booked them for both a full and half day 😃 They don't require any payment till 4-6 months out so no loss if you change your mind. Mrs H2O BB just had a baby so they might not respond as fast as usual. But usually it is the same day. Their half day snorkel is $100 vs the 3hr tour on WS at $119. And full day H2O BB is $200.
  16. Very sorry to hear of your losses with COVID and understandable that you don't want to plan a cruise or any traveling. I feel chastened. Think a lot of us are just taking a chance on COVID being under control when we cruise, and in addition, the prices of a month ago were hard to resist. It's the human condition to remain hopeful I guess. Again so sorry to hear of your losses especially your daughter's condition.
  17. We usually eat so much at the deck dinner (darn it's amazing) that line dancing would be impossible. We go up to the bow and watch the stars if they're out. There's usually an officer pointing out various constellations like the Southern Cross.
  18. Maybe so but if you go out with someone like Dr. Poole who is a marine biologist he's not going to encourage you to get in the water at an inopportune moment. Moorea Ocean Adventures also has a marine biologist directing things. Last spring an extremely rare (has never happened before) oceanic shark attacked a woman in the water with whales. I don't know if it has affected getting in the water now. Contact Moorea Oceanic Adventures.....I've booked my next trip with them. info@moorea-ocean-adventures.com
  19. Motu picnic is at Motu Mahaea/Tahaa. Motu dinner is last evening in Bora Bora. There's still a big on deck (pending weather) dinner but can be any night at least that's what it was last year. (I don't recall line dancing???)
  20. @alwaysonaship Funny, we cruised Windsong too in 1993. I told some of the crew this and they laughed that they weren't even born then! It was 2002 that the fire occurred and Windsong was later put to rest in the waters between Tahiti and Moorea. Star Breeze has an elevator. It's going to be a lovely addition to the waters of FP.
  21. @clo As this article points out COVID-19 can stay on the surface of a mask for up to 7 days. You really don't want to leave it in your car for a few days and expect it to be clean enough to reuse. https://www.businessinsider.com/how-long-covid19-can-last-on-face-masks-research-study-2020-4
  22. Cathy, I'm baffled. The article said nothing about leaving your mask in your car for two or three days and expect it not to be infectious.....the Johns Hopkins article says it's ok to keep your mask in your car and not to forget to bring it inside to be cleaned. I might be wrong but I found nowhere in the article did it say what you claim. "Keep your mask on until you have finished your trip, errand or work shift. You can remove it outside, once you are away from others, or in your car on your way home. Don’t forget to bring your mask inside to be cleaned. If you wait to take your mask off until you have returned home, it may be easier to put it directly into the laundry."
  23. Cathy if you read this article by John Hopkins it explains it pretty well- how to care for your face mask. It sounds like masks should be washed daily but I interpret it is going to four stores in one day and then washing at the end of the day is perfectly fine. It really sounds like everyone needs a "wardrobe" of mask to be safe 🙂 https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/health/conditions-and-diseases/coronavirus/coronavirus-how-to-care-for-your-face-mask
  24. TB, I am heartily sorry that you felt criticized. It was not meant that way. I saw the word yuck and thought of some people I work with who are on the streets and struggle. They don't wash themselves everyday as they have no means to. It's fantastic and generous that your sources donate masks to people like these who can't afford them. Again very sorry. No harm or critique intended. I know how just a simple phrase or word said here can be misinterpreted and pounced on. Again not my intent. Stay well.
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