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  1. Not only rash guard bottoms for Coral Gardens but same on top. We loved it so we did it 3 times 2018. Water shoes are a requirement. We brought neoprene gloves too.
  2. Mine are all independents if that interests you. H2O Bora Bora. Some of the best snorkeling I've ever done in Tahiti. Full or half day- only 4-6 passengers. No lunch but they drop you off in an area where lots of choices to eat. Tohora Bora Bora. Also small group, great snorkeling. You'll see manta rays. Moorea- rent a car and drive the island one day. Mermaid snorkeling. Fabulous. Expensive but small group. Whale and shark tour- Moorea Moana. Loved it. Huahine. Rent a car/drive to Le Mahana 20 miles from dock on Huahine Iti. Spend the day at
  3. The only one we've done was the Intercontinental Le Moana at Matira Beach. It was almost 2 years ago for all day use of beach, their toys, pool and lunch. Lovely facilities, gorgeous beach and location, terrific lunch. It's only 5-10 min from the dock. I'm not familiar with other hotels that offer day passes but I'm sure they exist.
  4. Windstar's Wind Surf still makes the cut, is not ultra luxury, and probably within the budget of most O passengers. I'm with you- it's about time this bit of preservation happened.
  5. Positively exhilarating hearing this! Wish you only good stuff on the best that's yet to come 🙂 Thanks for taking the time to share such joyous news- we'd love to be your table mates!
  6. Not meaning to be political and Host J please delete if you see so. But from an animal lovers point of view, please think twice about doing the donkey run up/down the hill in Santorini. If you look at those poor beasts you see bored, ridden and driven beasts. Equines are intelligent animals and need stimulation besides being ridden up and down the same well trodden horribly steep path hour after hour day after day. From what I’ve read it doesn’t sound like these creatures get much more than that. Donkeys have been work animals for thousands of years but doesn’t mean they can’t be w
  7. Agree with Barrycat. Take a deep breath. COVID is still ravaging India, so our problems here pale. I didn't have a refundable cruise with WS during COVID but 4 cruises with two other cruise lines. Refunds posted to my account about 2-3 months after the cancellation. That sounds pretty typical- mostly closer to 3 months. If WS does the same as the other cruise lines your refund will come in separate sums, excursions, port taxes, cruise fare etc. It's not ideal but the cruise line is dealing with a hell of a lot, and you'll get your money. I've yet to see any poster or any other foru
  8. The kayaks we had were sit on tops but had latching seat backs. I'm also a diver from five years ago. Was advised by a fellow cruiser last Tahiti trip 2 years ago that Discover Scuba might be a bit too slow moving. However if our Tahiti cruise next summer is still WS excursions only I might just do it anyway. Thinking there will be a lot of former divers with the same thought.
  9. In 1993 onboard Windsong Tahiti there were a couple of women who, with the exception of lower half string bikinis, followed clothing optional onboard and land.They were exceptionally fit, young and well endowed. I guess Windstar didn't object nor did my husband.
  10. I'm 6 miles from Tillicum Beach Park and you'll drive right by my home on Coast Hwy 🙂 Jedediah is the ideal place to hang out and be in the redwoods. You're headed for some idyllic places-what a terrific itinerary.
  11. Would rather have something booked and stay hopeful, and fight the good fight rather than give up. Plus save $ if the cruise goes forward and the deluge begins. (Hi good buddy.)
  12. Have enjoyed Lake Pend Oreille too. Should be cooler there than the rest of the NW this weekend. Good gawd- even good ol' Seal Rock is hitting 76* on Sunday, Husband has Rogue's Dead Guy Ale in the fridge for the occasion. Where. are you going to be on the coast- or just traveling about?
  13. That cancellation email is just ugly and so sorry to OP and others who received it. Have seen that email three times in the last year and it's like being sucked into a black hole in your nightshirt. WS doing it's best as with all cruise lines, but this damn COVID is a vile serpent.
  14. A little offbeat. I'm a swimmer and snorkeler and always wear a pareo with my swimsuit. Years back the pareos you bought in FP were from fabric made and sewn in FP. Like most things, no more. I sew and buy locally made fabrics at a fabric store in Arue, 10 min from Papeete, Tahiti Art Maohi. Can get your "Ia orana" shirts there too.
  15. @Mercruiser Have you found an FP cruise that works for you? Fingers crossed.
  16. We had a sit-on-top with backrests.
  17. Zukini, I'm near certain that they'll add an afternoon trip when you're there. When we did the last 18 day Twice the Tahiti two years ago, they added afternoon sessions both times. Our friends were sweating it until a month before the cruise when the extra excursions were added. WS surely knocks themselves out trying to keep us all safe and happy, and doubt that this will be any different. Still blows me away that it's sold out on your cruise so early. And Ravinblue next summer we're doing Twice the Tahiti again and have Coral Gardens booked for both days at Motu Mahaea. It re
  18. Despite damage to coral they are surely worn in FP. I can tell the differences in beds we've returned to over the years. WS and other providers were lending snorkel sets in Nov 2019 but don't know what will be now with COVID.
  19. Mimi- Two sailings. Sept 4, 2021 transpacific and Aug 4 2022 Tahiti the 18 day.
  20. The Windstar Tahiti trips REQUIRE water shoes for the Coral Gardens snorkel- mostly because of having walk over sharp dried coral pieces walking from start to finish for 3 runs. I have snorkeled extensively in Tahiti on WS ship's. But Coral Gardens is the only WS excursion I recommend. You'll get more for your money with independents. But use WS for CG- excellent. Book now as it fills up fast. I can't think of any other snorkel excursions WS offers besides Coral Gardens that would need shoes. Wear your fins and bring your own equipment if possible. The only other independent trip I
  21. Despite the cancellation penalty I'm enough of a control freak to want to have a booking for the same for '22 depending on how much I'd like to do the cruise. Good luck to you!
  22. Good news. Hope you're feeling better too.
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