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  1. Thanks for the good wishes. Back at home- lots of help from family and friends. The UK nurse who accompanied me home was one of the most fascinating people I've ever met. Has worked in refugee camps everywhere in the world. Where there's a need, there she's been and is.... Friends won't let me give up cruising! Have a buddy joining me on a 32 day-er in December and going to do two 11 day Tahiti's on my own. The legs will heal fast for the big Polynesian dance numbers in Bora Bora. The show must go on........๐Ÿ˜„
  2. @HaveDogWillTravel "This is an amazing saga." LOL!!!!!!! It'll be ok. What a advertisement for travel insurance whewee! All these years of paying for Emergency Evac and not using! Could never have made it myself- would have had to get family to come retrieve me. An RN from the UK is meeting me Tuesday in Sorrento, we spend nite in Naples so she can rest; then out of Naples 6am on Lufthansa to MUC- then nonstop to LAX. She will then accompany me to my door in south Orange County 60-90 min away. I am so impressed! That's the real saga. This stuff comes in very handy. I'm old- 72, but in decent shape and could not have imagined having injuries like this. I will beat my breast extolling travel insurance to anyone who will listen from now on! And @daddioppp !!!!! Holy cow- so sorry not to have written all this time. Have struggled with memories, especially of you Paul being so kind to Bill on that last cruise. It seems like yesterday. I'm really bummed not being able to do these last 9 days of this cruise, Rome to Athens. Have done this itinerary many times and it's a fav. David and Diane are currently in Vietnam and asked me to check out Mar 11 25 Barcelona-Venice. It's been cold and poor weather this early this cruise. Have done this itinerary in May before and it's ideal, but March really potentially too cool. Honestly I'm an old Tahitian at heart- want to go back! It'll be my 8th cruise there. And if I stumble I'm just an 8 hour flight home. It's Brave New World traveling solo! But 6 months from now when I've healed may feel differently. Windstar is heaven everyone.....when things are rosy and not rosy- they're here for us. And you folks have been exceedingly kind and encouraging! Wishing everyone a happy Easter and Ramadan. Nancy
  3. Sure. Tahiti is my love! Don't know if you are doing the Tuamotus but I'll share anyway. This is the best I've got for snorkeling, jet ski etc. You can check reviews and get contact info for all of these on Tripadvisor. Moorea- you're there for whale season ๐Ÿ™‚ I think the best for respecting the whales as well as teaching about and gently positioning you close enough to swim with but not threaten the gorgeous creatures, is Moorea Ocean Adventures. Fabulous! Snorkel tours as well. These folks know their stuff. In recent past however they start their tours earlier than WS arrives. Be sure to verify arrival time before you book. Might be impossible. The most wonderful private tour is Mermaid Private Boat Tours- FABULOUS but quite pricey. If you're going to splurge this is the place to do it. The reviews say it all. Bora Bora- gave the best previously and the best of the rest. Huahine- Huahine Dream Tours. Raiatea- Jet ski/snorkel- perfect for the stunning views/snorkeling on Raiatea and Tahaa! Raiatea Jet https://www.raiateajet.com/en Dolphins try to jump your jet. Motu Mahaea- a MUST is the Coral Gardens tour offered by the ship. Book early. Rash guard at a minimum. Swim shoes. the coral can be sharp and dangerous. Fakarava-the very best in Fakarava was always Ato of Fakrava Divelodge. I'm emailing him as I write this. He had frightful back to back family tragedies almost 2 years ago. His all day tours were continued for awhile by another son who was as amazing as his dad. I'll let you know what I hear. In lieu of that O2 Fakarava did offer a Pufuna snorkel tour, but they are primarily a dive outfit. (Fakarava and Rangiroa are a divers paradise, if you or son are divers and interested.) Book early! Lastly,Pufuna snorkel (ship's tour) is only 90 min but challenging, and amazing snorkeling. Rangiroa- Several companies offer The Aquarium and drift snorkel of the Tiputa pass. Do both, but the drift snorkel requires the tides to be optimal to be safe. The ship offers as separate tours. Cost will be far better with an outside company, but you might still decide to go with ship's tour here. I am terribly long winded, sorry! Hope you and your son have a blast! I've yet to sail on Star Breeze in FP- did Wind Spirit 18 day several times, and Wind Song once before it was lost. My favorite in FP Wind Song Pacific crossing- woo-hoo! Hugs and love from Nancy
  4. Cindy- your words make me teary. Thanks for your compassion and kindness. Wish we WS folks here could all have a sail together! Hugs. Well, this is getting to be a bad habit. My cruise is sunk! Had an accident 2 nites ago. Ended up with a torn right ACL, MCL, LCL, and meniscus, and bilateral patella fractures. Won't belabor the story- just a freak thing. They've very good to me onboard, but I'm pretty pathetic...can't walk. And again since I'm solo, no one to be here for me. Thank goodness for friends onboard that I met here on CC. Getting great encouragement and love from them. I have insurance and they have agreed to transport me with a nurse back home....but because of the holiday they can't find anyone to accompany me. We're docked here in Civitavecchia today, and again tomorrow until 5pm, After that we have all tiny ports all the way to Athens on 4/8. I need surgery apparently so need to get home. The purser said today they may have to put me off the ship tomorrow regardless. When I reminded him that I was all alone, and would be alone in Civitavecchia, unable to walk to speak the language- he got it. So, only choice is tot to roll with it! My kids are beside themselves. "Mom, if you EVER talk about cruising alone again......." (I have pricing for two future cruises!)
  5. @ridethetide and @rjp50 Hope you find this email from Aimee helpful. This is the email I use to reach her, yet you're probably using the same. h2oborabora@gmail.com Also- have another pricey but AMAZING suggestion for private snorkel tour in Moorea. If you're interested let me know. Another for Huahine too. Here's Aimee: "Hello Nancy, Thanks for your reply. The arrival time of the StarBreeze is listed as 9am. She is always here earlier and our excursion for the AM starts at 8h15 with the guests being brought across on the first tender. Our excursion is described as "Eco Snorkeling Sites and Manta Rays Adventure" Hope this helps ๐Ÿ˜Š Many thanks, Aimee"
  6. @rjp50 Reread your post and thinking that whatever 1/2 day snorkel is available with WS for the day you arrive at 9am should hopefully be H2O BB. Fingers crossed that reservations might share that info with you to be sure. I'll email Aimee at H2O BB and see what she has to say about the 9am arrival day and her snorkel offerings. ๐Ÿ™‚
  7. @rjp50 You'll be happy to hear that as of February Windstar is a partner with H2O Bora Bora! The half day snorkel WS offers is H2OBB. A very nice surprise for me too. During COVID I kept encouraging them to pursue WS- took a bit but the pieces came together. A BIG reason to book your snorkel trip early! Very early. There's one other snorkel company that has small groups (like 6), and that's Tohora Bora Bora. Capt Simon has been doing this for almost 25 years and he's a treasure. He also does whale watching in season, but Moorea is really the place for that. (Just be sure you inquire as to the ethical treatment of the whales- that they aren't "hunting " them, encircling with other boats etc.) Sad to see some captains harassing the whales for profit.i Moana Adventure (max 6) also excellent. Can''t go wrong with Reef Discovery and Lagoon Service either, but max 12.
  8. Thanks for your thoughtfulness @Host Jazzbeau and @HaveDogWillTravel It's nearly 2am onboard and my tooth is not real comfortable, but my clothes are getting bigger, lol! Ran around Portofino in the rain, had a sublime massage, and wonderful conversations with new friends onboard. Yes, know it was all wrong to travel immediately after a root canal but I'll share my reasoning with you. Exactly a year before I boarded this cruise my wonderful spouse died by his own hand- and I was his horrified witness. It's been one hell of a ride, and surviving it made me intent on getting here. I got the shocking email, but also a caring surprise next day when I took my the dogs out for a walk. In my rain jacket pocket was the invoice for this cruise- he loved Windstar too and I think he wanted me to continue keeping this my happy place. Boarding this ship was part of healing. Anyhoo- enjoy the heck out of life.....give an extra hug/kiss to your spouse, partner kiddos, grandkids, buddies. Cruises come to us for all kinds of reasons.....mine have always been to expand my mind, gain some peace, and this is one's the same. Pain is pain and joy is joy, and living through whatever comes your way is just living. I'm choosing joy today. Love you guys!
  9. One company I can recommend without question for snorkeling is H2O Bora Bora. https://boraborah2o.com/bora-bora-snorkeling-tours.html Have booked with them consistently for about 10 years. Their devotion to their clients is nonpareil. The focus is entirely about keeping you safe while showing you the very best snorkeling in the lagoon. They, and most other well known providers will pick you up at 8:30 at the dock in Vaitape where Star Breeze tenders. The company has two boats which can take 4 or 6 people so you're getting a virtual private tour compared to other companies which take on as many as 12. They have employed the same 3 amazing captains since inception. You can book 1/2 or full day, but let me tell you in BB it is ALL about being IN the lagoon. Nancy
  10. Hello Windstar CC family. It didn't go very well, but I've decided to buck up and get through this with a smile. Too many nice people on board and wonderful staff. So the dentist in Nice was quite young. He said he didn't see anything on Xray, yet I shot to the ceiling when he tapped on the tooth. Ended up giving me some gargle and floss, lol. But what changed my mind about things was the way the medical staff responded after I made my complaint.....supreme kindness and empathy. And chasing me around fluffing my pillows like mother hens. Dr. Dennis also told me that he had to go 4 months after COVID with a similar bad tooth before the ship was able to make port and he could attend to his it. If he stuck it out so can I. Curiously when I got back from the Nice dentist there was a message on my stateroom phone from endodontist- he'd looked at Xrays and believed indeed he did miss a nerve. I see him when I get back 4/10. Went to dinner for the first time in Amphora tonight, and very pleasant. Not able to eat a lot, and dined by myself contentedly. Have met nice folks, and we've made dinner plans. Dr. Dennis onboard has nicely offered various pain meds when I need them but trying to avoid as much as possible. Know I'll just push through. This big storm we're experiencing isn't allowing us to do a second day in Nice but Genoa instead. Love Portofino, and so will get to sit by the dock of the bay there. Thanks for all the encouragement everyone. Have been through a small nightmare this last year, and this pales.....I appreciate all the words of wisdom. You are all dear friends and I'm inspired and touched by your kindness and love.
  11. Thanks! Off to dentist in an hour.
  12. @new_cruiser Thanks for the good word on pre-existing. Unfortunately I used up all my benefits on my dental plan at home, so hoping that the one given by WS will help even a bit a bit, Like you I never purchase cruiseline insurance, but this happened to be a freebie incentive from WS. It's a pretty mediocre plan that I strongly considered backing up- and should have- but didn't. @Jazzbeau -amazing fix at a time of need for amazing price!
  13. @Strenz And another thanks for your empathy! Gotta say, at 72, finding out cruising solo is iffy now. As an old nurse believe It's crucial to have an advocate available just like at home. Can't just squeeze by because I believe I'm an independent old bat. Jeez, booked a 31 day for the end of this year. Will wait till all this is behind me, but don't know anymore. Thank the universe for TWO banana creme brulee they brought me tonight!
  14. @Strenz Thank you! Have always heard the very same.
  15. Last thing. I really appreciate your input everyone. Traveling solo for the first time.....there's no second opinion to be had! Been in touch with my family and they're divided about heading home, but none of them are regular cruisers and limited experience pleasure international traveling. Susie, you are wise to hold onto a few Vicoden for travel. That's the answer to all of this.
  16. Thanks very much everyone. Last night wrote an email to corporate about the pain management problem with medical doctor on board. This morning the doc did give me ketolorac (non-opiod pain med) injection. Helped greatly. And been resting all day. A storm at sea- missed Marseille, but have an appt in Nice tomorrow, 16 hrs away. Looking at my tomorrow at dental clinic. Examining my mouth- there's a big area- like 3 molars that are now involved. I worry this is going to cost a small fortune! And wondering if I should just fly home. I do have insurance but it's through Windstar and I've been unable to reach them because of the storm. This may be considered "pre-existing". Captain got on a bit ago and advised a second storm coming in now and have to leave Nice early...then next port will be Livorno. If the news is unaffordable or scary from dentist in Nice tomorrow, I'll fly home from Livorno. Funny, I asked the same medical doctor tonight about pain control for a possible flight home if that's what I decide to do. He hemmed and hawed AGAIN! What is this? It's definitely scary. Makes me extremely reluctant to book any further cruises. Who knows when they're going to get a severe toothache? opiod abuse is frightful, but when opioids are obviously necessary- WHAT THE HAY?
  17. Thanks so much. Yes, 5 days this morning. And yes, wondering about possible damage....it's pretty damn painful. About 32 hours until I can be seen in Marseille. I figure I'll see what happens there, and talk to family at home if there's a decision to be made. It seems most likely that the endodontist missed a nerve, so it either needs more drilling or the tooth needs to come out. Neither would be as complicated as what you went through. Yikes that was bad! I can hang in there for another little while. Hadn't considered leaving the ship and rejoining. Easter Saturday and Sunday the ship is in Rome and I could rejoin there. Thanks for the great suggestion. Missing all the wonderful food onboard, dammit!
  18. An RN for 50 years. Grateful to you, but would not write if I'd not tried that already. It's been over 48 hours so still hope for the antibiotic- meanwhile I'll fuss- meekly.
  19. Had the misfortune of having a root canal 2 days before departing for cruise.Post procedure day 3 I flew out of LAX for Barcelona. The doctor gave me 5 Vicoden and a low level antibiotic. Jaw was very painful. Has just gotten worse. Went throught the Vicoden in 1.5 days. Day after boarding Star Legend saw doctor onboard who offered me a visit to endodontist in Barcelona, or to up the antibiotic power. I chose a new antibiotic- the doctor thought a good first line choice too. 36 hours later much worse. It's an 8/10. Jaw swollen. Pain from tooth to ear to eyeball. The medical clinic offered me a visit to another endodontist in Marseille (2 days away) which I'll gladly choose. Meanwhile, my head/jaw feels like it's going to explode. Onboard medical doctor says the clinic has no pain medication to offer.With opiod abuse the way it is, it is understandable. Yet, confusing as I know people in pain do need pain control, and alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen doesn't work for severe tooth pain or broken arms, broken hips, etc. I don't think I would have cruised taking a chance on hurting like this without adequate pain control. Unfortunately too I'm traveling solo, first cruise after losing my spouse- no one to "there, there" me. Anyone else verify- no opiod pain meds on cruise ships unless you bring them yourself?
  20. Did Wind Song Tahiti once, Wind Spirit Tahiti four times. Oceania Regatta Tahiti twice. Won't be doing Breeze till October, Despite having a marvelous time on Regatta, WS will always get the nod for time in port, closeness to the water, size and authenticity. The motu dinner in BB is pretty much unsurpassed too.
  21. Thanks so much everyone. You're replies make me weep. A hello to everyone and a big hug, and especially those dear folks I've cruised with. Bill did not want to be here anymore and decided to leave this world. Some of you helped him through our last cruise- especially one dear soul who even helped him play gin rummy. ๐Ÿ™‚ (I'll write soon.) We did our first WS cruise 35 years ago on one of the first sailings of Windsong to Tahiti. What a privilege it is to be able to continue to be spoiled by WS- the staff, ships and life on board makes all of our hearts sing. Love to you all.
  22. I'm back, and booked for 15 days Med, Barcelona to Athens in late March 2023 on Legend. Have done the Mediterranean in April and the weather was perfection, and will see how things go this time. Eager to get on a ship again so doubt much will disappoint. My dear husband, who I cruised with for 40 years passed away in a tragic way March 2023, and it's taken me a bit to stand up straight again. But moving along with a lot of loving support and very eager to be crui sing on WS again. Such deals for solos in the last several months from the WS Guardian Angel. Have always done independent tours when cruising, but this time guess will stick with WS's own. Extended my trip on both ends. Anyone here have solo experience on WS? It's good to be back. Hello to all the beautiful souls who've helped me enormously in the past. Hope to bend your ears in the upcoming months. Fondly........Nancy
  23. A suggestion? On our last trip there last August we booked H2O BB twice, but we did an 18 day, H2O BB was 10 days apart. Was great, as with the weather it did turn out to be two different experiences. Canโ€™t fully explain why but I donโ€™t think I would have booked 2 consecutive nights- the only variation you might have are 2 different captains. Iโ€™d go with a different operator and that would be Tohora Bora Bora. Again small boat 6-8 passengers with the captain Simon, who is a character and passionate about the lagoon. Weโ€™ve been out with him 3 times and itโ€™s always a treat, and like H2O- kindness, thoughtful care of the lagoon, and lots of fish. You can read about Tohora Bora Bora (and H2O BB) and make reservations too on TripAdvisor. But he books up fast too, so do it soon. ๐Ÿ™‚ Iโ€™m nuts about the lagoon in BB- think itโ€™s heads above even Moorea. If you love snorkeling donโ€™t waste a day and just end up using one of the two days you have booked with H2O. Iโ€™d take my chances, and book both H2O and Tohora and live like kahunas! One last thing if you or anyone else is interested. I have a thing about bringing my own snorkeling equipment and we always have. This way I know the mask fits perfectly. But I lost my mask on a trip out last summer and used one of the ships. It was perfectly fine, and Iโ€™m sure the fins and snorkel would be too. The WS sports deck crew are meticulous and Iโ€™d have no problem using a set if I minded packing.
  24. Whoops....Raiatea Jet is the name of the jet ski operator in Raiatea.
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