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  1. Bumping this up in the hopes someone has experience of it
  2. Just wondering which glass bottom boat excursion that was.. I’m seeing one listed by NCL which is Glass bottom boat, steel drum band and beach break, is that the one you had ?
  3. I’m currently planning for a cruise next year which includes Aruba, Bonaire and curaçao. I was glad to see your report about the snorkelling in Bonaire, but concerned when I saw your Aruba report of the jellyfish sting. I’m allergic to the fairly harmless jellyfish here in Ireland so I’m thoroughly paranoid about the more exotic varieties found in warmer waters. On the snorkelling excursions I’ve done previously in the Caribbean the crew all said they never saw any jellyfish. Though when I tried Snuba the guide for that was hyper cautious and made sure the shoreside support kept my epi-pen
  4. If that letter says they must be prepared to get vaccinated I’d say NCL have plans to vaccinate crew coming from countries where the roll out has been slow.
  5. I’m usually advised not to get the flu vaccine by my doctor but when swine flu came along he decided the risk from that virus was worse than the risk of my reaction to the vaccine so I got the flu vaccine that year. Same logic partially applies for covid but with the added offset of the mRNA vaccines being less likely to trigger a reaction for me. Unfortunately the vaccine roll out here in Ireland has turned into an unholy mess with the authorities not considering underlying conditions when dictating *which* covid vaccine you’re scheduled for. If you don’t take the one offered you don’
  6. The vaccine roll out in Europe has had fairly significant issues, when it first started it looked like most countries would have vaccinated the large majority of their populations by the end of September but right now it is anyone’s guess. greece will be keen to re-open to tourists as their economy is getting hammered. I know my mum has a sailing holiday in the Greek islands booked for the first week of October but she and the others going with her will definitely be fully vaccinated by then.
  7. I’m not sure that was the Moderna covid-19 specific vaccine, I know there were a few mRNA vaccine bases that went to testing early last year before the Covid-19 specific components were added in the summer. I also remember an Ebola-vaccine candidate being tested for effectiveness against covid, and SARS vaccine candidates as well. The work done developing Ebola and SARS vaccines formed a large part of the basis for the covid-19 vaccines. It was a large part of how the covid-19 vaccines were developed and tested so quickly.
  8. Ireland still in Level 5 lockdown, only change since the turn of the year is that the primary (5-13yr old) school kids returned to class along with the last 2 years of secondary(high school). The kids are all off for Easter break at the moment but when that finishes all the schools classes will return as will child care. From April 12th construction on residential homes and childcare facilities can resume. It looks like late May at the earliest before we can even offer click and collect in our shop. So it’s online shopping for the next month+. vaccines have started rolling out b
  9. If you want something other than Jose Cuervo then no, as it’s a Jose Cuervo tequila tasting class. But I knew next to nothing about tequila beforehand so it was good for me. I suspect anyone that’s already familiar with the higher end products may not be as interested.
  10. Ireland has been under level 5 restriction since the start of the year, all non-essential retail closed except to handle online orders. No travel beyond 5km for non-Essential reasons. essential retail is now food, medicines or diy. we hit a peak of over 8 thousand daily cases a couple of weeks back. Thankfully it’s down to just over a thousand a day now with 1258 cases currently in hospitals , 181 of which are in ICU. Bear in mind our ICU capacity pre covid was 235 beds. At one point last month we had the worst numbers in Europe. The current rumours are that retailers will be allowed to
  11. The closest door into the Studios complex is between cabins 10529 and 10527. The door into cabin 10529 is inside the studios complex not in the area between it and 10447. my first cruise was on Escape in a deck 10 studio.
  12. Ireland returns to level 3 lockdown on December 1st which will allow all retail to reopen along with hair salon’s, barbers, and gyms. Restaurants and gastro-pubs will be allowed to reopen at the end of the week. Level 3 means we’ll be restricted to our own county, but that restriction will lift from December 18 to January 6 to allow people travel to family in other parts of the country for Christmas. There’s also going to be an easing on restrictions for visitors from other countries, they have to show a negative test within 3 days of commencing their travel and show another 5 days after arri
  13. I’m currently booked to sail out of NOLA with NCL on Feb 28th... looks like I may as well cancel that now and re-book for 2022 instead. I’ll keep an eye on a possible European cruise for 2021 as it looks like it’s more likely to be up and running.
  14. Just curious but is there any advertising standards bodies that can whack NCL for false advertising in your countries? on their European site there’s always an asterix alongside the offer which gets them off the hook. It’s standard practise here to for sales terms and conditions issues to get companies off the hook from applying the actual sale headline. btw the t&cs page in Europe says the promo applies to bookings until December 10th. Here’s the last paragraph of the terms & conditions page for the current promo which is their get out clause for the 30% not be
  15. I did the tequila tasting at the discover Mexico park through an excursion from NCL, that tasting is run by Jose Cuervo. We tasted three types of tequila with different foods... the most expensive one with a nib of dark chocolate was the best. We then got a margarita afterwards and time to wander around the park. The discover Mexico park also has a a chocolate workshop and an art workshop.
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