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  1. The Restaurants are not being extended. That came from Osman,And he should know.
  2. Just been announced. Not sure how this affects Cunard.
  3. My view is they won't sail till 2022 My reason is the government have said it could take till the autumn 2021 to get all those who want the vaccination done. So that could, be September or October. Then the company need to get all the staff back , and trained up, including all the new staff,to replace those that have left. Then its the Flu season. Then I think back to normal by March 2022. I Want to get back on a ship as soon as I can, but my first concern,is those who are risking their lives everyday, and all those who have lost loved ones. Cruising is seco
  4. They haven't trained like they used to since Qe2 left service. It now seems its learning on the job, and it sometimes shows , unfortunately.
  5. How many cruise staff do we think will come back after a year away from the ships. Surely most, if not all will have now found employment at home. Would take a lot of training to get new staff up to speed, along with the white star training. A good friend of mine who was a senior member of staff has a new job outside of cruising,and has no intention of going back.
  6. We have booked the 27 Night Caribbean round trip on December 15th 2022.
  7. Was driving past ocean terminal the other day, I did see a lot of people going onboard Qm2. Maybe they are doing some of the refit while at sea.
  8. This is part of the email. Booking a new voyage. You may wish to use your FCC towards a new sailing, choosing from any voyage that is on sale at the time of purchase. We will be launching additional 2022 voyages in November to give you more flexibility and choice for your future holiday with us.
  9. Have just had an email from Cunard re a FCC. On the email it states that new 2022 Cruises will be going on sale in November. Hope that helps.
  10. I was asking one of the future cruise guys oboard the Qm2 about the CWC He said they were looking at bringing in another Top tier within the CWC, something like over 30 cruises.
  11. Its about 5 mins from the end of the video.
  12. This years dry dock now pushed back till October or November 2021.
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