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  1. I remember reading on one of the Facebook pages that someone had done a class and had been charged £14 which she wasn’t particularly happy about !
  2. We are 3.30 on 18/9. It’s so late, probably be nearer to 6pm by the time all the testing etc is done going by previous weeks. I had a nice lunch in mind and booking speciality dining but looks not to be ! This is deck 5.
  3. I have already installed My Holiday as a short cut on my phone. Unfortunately with a very late boarding time I am resigned to having no chance of a speciality dining reservation let alone a half price one !
  4. That will be why very few cocktails are now part of the drinks package.
  5. It is the one you print or save yourself that has an expiry date. It has month expiration date. It has been done to make it less open to fraud. The paper one you can apply for doesn’t have an expiry date. It not the vaccination status that expires it is just the barcode.
  6. I do agree it is frustrating being on hold for a fairly straight forward enquiry. The information you need though could be found relatively stress free on the website. Some people haven’t been given their cabin number until a couple of days before, restaurants can only be booked once on the ship. Have you checked your junk mail for the confirmation email ? If not maybe give it a few more days. All the information you need about the covid regulations is available on the website. The vaccination details are on the covid 19 app, I will be printing it out but don’t forget the printout only lasts for a month to prevent fraud. I know it isn’t ideal and it is nice to speak to a human being but it’s not worth getting stressed over and most of your enquiries could be resolved online fairly quickly.
  7. Good point. Even if a taxi was needed to another terminal it’s not really a problem.
  8. Is it only those parking with CPS who go to Mayflower first because their test are done in their car ? I was thinking the same as yourself and the thought of having to move from one terminal to another was making me think I had made a mistake booking Triangle. We don’t go until September, I’m hoping it will be made clearer nearer the time ! Most information available seems to relate to CPS parking.
  9. You could take a litre, maybe a full and a half bottle. Allowing a litre bottle is a good deal for spirits drinkers but not for those who drink wine. Out of interest I wonder how they count the cans of alcohol ? They only contain a 2.5 ml single serving but are made up to 250ml with the mixer. I quite often take the cans on trips away because I can take a mixture.
  10. I understand. There wasn’t actually much difference in price. I had a credit with Holiday Extras I needed to use up that’s why I booked triangle. Just have to hope nothing goes wrong.
  11. That’s great thank you. Most people seem to book CPS I was wondering if I had booked the wrong car park !
  12. I have booked parking with Triangle because they are at Ocean and it is walkable to the terminal. Could anyone who has used this car park for a staycation let me know the procedure for testing. Do I park up, walk to the terminal and it is done there ? I know between now and September things can change. Thank you. Apologies if this has been asked before but I couldn’t find it in the forum.
  13. I don’t think this policy has much to do with the environment to be honest ! No doubt some folk will have been replacing the soft drinks with a spot of vodka/ gin. This especially on the cruise lines that don’t allow you to take alcohol on. cans of Fever Tree are fine with me.
  14. Thanks all. I don’t feel quite so bad taking soft drinks and mixers on now ! Husband said I was being a bi of a skinflint.
  15. Is it the norm for people to take their own soft drinks onboard ? If people do this how are they carried on, a holdhall full of mixers and cartons of juice ? I don’t want to feel embarrassed taking soft drinks on if others are not. Would we have to be carrying them far ? I will pack my bottle of gin in my case. Thank you.
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