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  1. Just a suggestion. If you post this question to the full cruise, that Heidi13 listed above, you'll likely get some good responses. People from both starting points are in that group.
  2. I actually have a t-shirt from Maria's Bar. I was stationed in Puerto Rico when I was in the Navy (Roosevelt Roads, 1987-1989). Whenever we went to Old San Juan, we would stop at my namesake bar - Maria's!
  3. The only way for Viking to know how you feel about vaccines, testing and what conditions you would travel under, is to let them know. Many people have emailed them and received follow up phone calls. If you are passionate about something, make your voice heard!
  4. The Octantis and Polaris are Expedition ships that will cruise the Great Lakes, Arctic and Antarctic. I'm sure Andy and Jim can gives us insight on the hull shape.
  5. Thank you. This is very helpful. We've used GenVisa in the past and they've been very helpful. China's process pales in comparison to Russia!
  6. We've used GenVisa for the cruises to China and Russia. We survived the Russia visa experience (they make China look like amateurs); we can survive anything! My husband has to get a new passport, so he has to get photos. I might as well get a couple, too. You really can't beat Costco's price - 4 photos for $6. We'll have to plan around having our passports gone for a while, but we're looking forward to all the new and exciting places to see! Thanks everyone!
  7. Do any of you recall how many photos you needed for visas? We're booked for 2022 LA to Bergen and would like to stock up on photos before the photo counters at Costco close in February!
  8. I'm definitely with you when it comes to thinking positive. But, it's one thing to experience the world and another to watch it go by. The good thing is my in-laws lived into their 90's, so I expect my husband and I have many years of travel adventures to come!
  9. We're booked for 2022 LA to Bergen, after being cancelled for 2021. It's so tempting to push it back another year, especially since the itineraries are identical, with the exception of Dover and Paris being added to 2023. The world should pretty much be in a better place by 2023, but it brings up the discussion of how much quality travelling time do you have? Unfortunately, none of us have a crystal ball that'll give us the answer. My husband is in his late 70's and is still very active and in good health. How long will this last - we don't know. Understandably, he wants to get in as much
  10. We were in 4019 - feet toward the front and a slider!
  11. I just saw your thread and am following it. Our plan, after the 2022 WC, is to use the remainder of our voucher on the Far East & Alaska (Hong Kong to Vancouver). I should be researching more of the WC ports, but is it ever too early to research anywhere you want to travel?
  12. Dee - we are fellow Michiganders, from Novi. I'd love to get together with you for coffee, when life begins to have some semblance of normal. Maria
  13. I just talked to the WC desk and don't have a lot of new info to report. We extended, at no cost, to Bergen. We're keeping our original DV6 room (which can in below the listed price) so we can maximize the amount left over for another cruise. The woman I talked to didn't know why the Star was chosen over the Sun, but refurbishing is a possibility. I mentioned that people would like the extra storage the Sun has and she said she'd pass it along. She thought it would be divided into more segments, but didn't have any info. She also didn't know if they would be limiting the number of passeng
  14. I've got a call in to the World Cruise Desk to switch our 2021 LA to London over to 2022. I hope to hear from them today. While I have them on the phone, I'll ask about the change of ships and segments. We were on the Star in January 2019 and they said it was scheduled for a refurb in 2020 or 2021? I don't recall which. They're also offering everyone the option to sail on to Bergen, at no additional charge.
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