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  1. Refund was to Credit Card as was requested. Hope to book the same cruise in the future - but that wouldn't be until 2022; cancelled cruise was for Jan 2021 but included multiple stops in Brazil.
  2. Received our full down-payment back from HAL. It took approx. 60 days. We cancelled & requested refund & were confirmed cancelled on April 18.
  3. Clearly airlines with Corvid patients on-board were allowed to "port"/land because they would crash otherwise. Cruise ship illnesses increased in part because so many ports refused to allow them to do likewise & separate the already sick from those who would later become sick. And passengers are to blame as well. How many boarded knowing they were not feeling well, but did so because they didn't want to loose their money paid.
  4. You are right. I saw several reports where the number of crew members with the virus far outnumbered guests (as they are generally 4 to a cabin) & were primarily those in housekeeping positions.
  5. Re: Age restrictions. I was in Africa recently & there was a "Game Walk". They had an age limit to participate of 55 (better to outrun a lion??) Another guest at the camp was a 65 yr old marathon runner, in better condition than my 40 yr old son. Yet he would not be allowed without a Drs letter of "fitness"... It is an arbitrary limitation. And since cruising is more popular (esp longer, more expensive cruises) among those retired, it seems the cruiselines would be further financially impacted. And regarding people of very advanced ages - perhaps with walkers or wheelchairs - they might simply enjoy being on the ocean. However, if it is ever necessary to board a lifeboat, what then?
  6. VMax - I didn't mean to imply that everyone who coughs or sneezes is ill but rather that some may be and why not check for fever at the least. I actually have coughing attacks, related to nothing I can identify & people think I am close to death as I also may gasp for air! My main point was, if airlines and cruiselines would make it less a financial loss, people who are sick & know it, would hopefully be more likely to cancel & rebook...
  7. I was on Oceania for 31 days - until March 6th. All food in the buffet is served - even yogurt in individual containers. Initially I thought that was a "bit much" - but we were tested (as was the crew) at the last 4 ports for fever. Everyone passed every time. Often when at embarkation, I've heard coughing & sneezing...why do sick people travel? Not to loose their "investment" in the trip. Airlines & cruiselines need new policies that allow anyone to get a Credit for Future use. There also need to be prior notice that if anyone presents sick, they will be denied boarding. I am sure there are others here who could come up with ideas on how to keep the credit idea from being abused - but I know I am not the only one who was well aware that sick people were boarding virtually every flight and cruise I've taken. I forget the Country now, but there was a machine that automatically noted your temperature - if outside the norm - simply as you walked past to disembark for the day.
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